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12 Sep 2017 09:39:21
Hello fellow Reds and Eds!

Hello fellow reds and Eds and hope all is well with you all.

I would like to comment on a certain talking point regarding the GK's that is doing my head in. When Migs is playing and making mistakes (see City's second and 4th goals, to see why) or being shaky, many of us and esp. those in the media say, "He is not good enough and is scaring the life out of his back line". Then, when Klopp takes him out and puts Karius in like he did vs Arsenal after Migs had flapped at two high balls vs Hoffenhiem or punished for some other reason as Ed01 said earlier, the same people say, "Why is he getting hooked? He has done nothing wrong to warrant it". Sorry but that is utter BS. Why? Simple. Both of those things cannot be true at the same time. It simply can't.

If he was was good enough and was not making mistakes, why is he getting benched then? I think Klopp is slowly but surely, phasing Migs out cos everyone can see that after a brief renaissance last season (at the last 2 months of it), he has gone back to becoming the crap GK that he always has been. But the reason he is often given the benefit of the doubt is cos people prefer the devil they know rather than the angel they don't know. I'm sorry BUT that is nonsense. In football, you want to have as many facts as you can so you can act on them. We know as a fact that Migs is crap. So why do we keep playing him, then? We don't know if Karius or Ward are the long term answer until they are given a full run of games like Pep did with Bravo at City, to know if they can do the job. Pep binned Hart cos he knew he was crap as a fact. He signed Bravo who got a full season to prove he was crap and he now has Ederson. You don't see anyone giving Pep grief for acting on the facts on the ground as they stand now, do you? This is what Klopp must do now. he must act on what he knows.

We cannot keep accepting a crap GK just cos we are afraid to give the younger BUT talented ones a chance as neither of these two could actually be any worse, IMO. Hence since, we know Migs is crap, he should be canned so we can focus on coaching and improving the young GK's we currently have who have IMO, an ability to improve as we know Migs after 4 seasons, has not improved and in fact, is getting worse. Thoughts?

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12 Sep 2017 09:51:22
So i am getting the impression you don't rate Mignolet 😉.

12 Sep 2017 10:10:04
Mingolet should have been moved on ages ago.

12 Sep 2017 10:10:59
klopp needs to borrow a pair of Rafa's balls and stop playing players who are not good enough. It's quite simple. Isn't it! Mignolet doesn't automatically picks himself, the manager picks the team and well the tactics.
I don't know on what eveidence do you feel Karius would come good? Ward at least has a one full year at Huddersfield to show.

12 Sep 2017 10:14:06
I agree mate I have said it before when Klopp bought Karius and told everyone he was first choice he should have backed him for the season instead of taking him out before he could get a run of games. The lad was voted the second best Keeper in the Bundesliga behind Neuer. Yes he has lapses of concentration but I can't help think that's down to being thrown in and thrown out without a run of games. Mignolet fair play to him he did well towards the back of last season but how many years has he been here to show what he can do but shown he is not at the level we need. I think you will all be very surprised with Karius this season if Klopp gives him the champions league games.

12 Sep 2017 10:20:27
Rafa bought and played crap players on a scale tenfold to klopp OR brendan.

12 Sep 2017 11:27:48
If our GKs were girlfriends.

Migs would be current girlfriend, good but not great. You find yourself wondering why you're together sometimes, but then when you split up you can't help but remember the good times and give it a try one more time. Deep down you know it's not going to work but she's there until something better comes along.

Karius is the hot girl in the red dress you hooked up one night when out with your mates. The sex wasn't great though and you clashed teeth when kissing for the first time, but there was definitely excitement and a spark, and you can't stop thinking about her when you're sitting watching yet another series of the Great British Bake Off with your current GF.

Ward is like at sexy young 20yr old that's just joined your office - you know you probably shouldn't go there but it's still tempting.

None are marriage material at the moment but why settle for something that's just not working.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool have a fourt goalkeeper registered in the first team squad as well.}

12 Sep 2017 11:50:34
I've never been happy with mignolet. Was very surprised when we announced him back in the day.

Riena was a hard act to follow and I really think karius will come good.

12 Sep 2017 11:40:11
That may be true Ed002, but nobody dates a bird called Bogdan.

In SGreds universe, Bogdan is the chunky munter who would make you steak dinner every night, forgive you for cheating on her with her sister, and even let you down the dirt track when the river runs red. But your mates will still laugh at you for trying to make a wife out of a pig.

12 Sep 2017 12:05:18
Lol SG that was world class comparison😄😄😄 ROFL.

12 Sep 2017 12:13:42
That's the jailbait.

12 Sep 2017 12:32:30
Good posts, boys and appreciate the responses as this is a debate that I have no clue why it is so hard to figure out.

Harry, I understand that Migs does not pick himself so Klopp must know something else that we don't. I will say that Klopp never rated Migs hence, why Karius was brought in as no. 1 and rightfully so cos Migs has been and is still costing us till this very day. He has definitely sent Migs a message thru his benching vs Arsenal that his place is under threat.

As for whether Karius will come good or not, I never said that he will come good BUT we have to give him a run of games to prove us right or wrong. We all want TAA, Woodburn and Gomez to get games so they can learn from whatever mistakes they make cos we believe in them. Should that not be the same for Karius or Ward or do the same rules no longer apply?

Now, I do believe that several areas of his game like his ability to be a sweeper-keeper, his distribution, his speed off his line are MUCH better than Migs. He just needs more experience and a long run in the team to see if he can get it done. Same for Ward. Surely, they can't be worse than Migs who has had 4 seasons to prove he is crap, right?

12 Sep 2017 12:36:31
Love your analogy, SG. Priceless! Are you speaking from experience, by any chance, LOL?

12 Sep 2017 13:15:44
Best post ever SGRED! Love the metaphor!

I'll try to add to it. Migs is the ex who you keep meeting up with for bunk ups even though ghe relationship is gone.

Karius is the new bird who your family hate. They keep talking about your ex (migs) in front of her.

Ward is the young page three girl who blows you away. until she opens her mouth and keeps yapping on about eastenders!

Not as good as your post SGRED but a bit of fun.

12 Sep 2017 13:44:47
I totally agree bingo. Our defence looks more organised with karius involved too.



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