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20 Sep 2017 08:41:40
I get that we are going through a bad patch and it is really upsetting/ frustrating. What i don't get is people being so quick to turn on Klopp/ players/ other fans etc. This happened last January when we lost Mane so i am not sure why people are acting so surprised.

This is why i said we shouldn't drop Salah. Without a proper goal threat, teams just see us off until we make a mistake or get tired. I thought Klopp realised this and that was why he signed Salah. With Mane banned there is no way he should've been dropped. Suicidal decision in my opinion, but clearly he wanted to give Grujic and Woodburn a chance. That game will have been excellent for their development. So although Klopps decision was risky, you have to accept he has done it with a long term vision in mind.

If you people can't accept that young players make mistakes, then maybe you should stop asking for them to get chances, or stop complaining when a player like Suso ends up at AC Milan because we didn't have enough patience. Obviously, Klopp hasn't prioritised this competition.

We will come through this patch just like we came through January. So just chill. Every team has a bad spell in every season. Let's just hope this is ours out the way early!

In my opinion we've only really had one bad game and that was the Burnley one where we've drawn 1-1 having had 35 shots. The 5-0 loss to City was down to a red card, the 2-2 draw with Sevilla was a decent result against a good side, and the defeat yesterday wad clearly down to Klopp not prioritising the competition. Even the Burnley draw, we may look back on as a decent point because so far they are taking point off all the big boys.

We've had a tough 10 days. City away, Sevilla in the CL, a resolute Burnley, and then an away trip to Leicester in a cup Klopp didn't really want to be in.

It will pick back up. Mane is nearly back, Salah will play again this weekend, and Klopp and the kids will have learned a lot from these games. Sometimes you have to lose a few to learn.

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20 Sep 2017 08:57:08
You are delude MK but that's fine under this circumstance. You are yet again drifting away nicely from the actual issue!

20 Sep 2017 09:05:58
Personally i think you are just making excuses. Who said Klopp didn't want to be in this competition? Is he that arrogant that he doesn't want to be in a competition when he hasn't won a trophy in ages or have LFC?
I could flip your theory on its head and say we have had 1 good result all season (against Arsenal) . Now that we are out of this cup, where do all the fringe players get their game time now? Wait until January and hope we get an easy draw in the FA Cup, nearly 4 months away? Anyway, we are out of the easiest chance we have this season of winning a trophy, it was good enough for Man Utd, semmingly not good enough for Klopp tho.

20 Sep 2017 09:14:19
I am in love with Irish rover 😎😎😎 posta these days ha ha.

20 Sep 2017 09:28:13
What is deluded about MK's post? You may disagree and I know perspective is now extinct among our fans BUT MK diagnosed the situation perfectly. The only thing I would add is that we should have crushed Sevilla and beaten Burnley had we taken our chances BUT at least, the chances are being created. Our issues at the back are obvious so no need relitigating that BUT to me, there is positivity to be taken from this situation even tho the frustration is clearly palpable.

Irish, no one knows if he prioritized the EFL Cup or not so we can't say. Also, you saying we've had one good result all season is patently false. Did the Hoff bashing no longer count? How are we in the CL proper w/ o that victory? Did the CP win (a team who has won at Anfield 3 times in a row) no longer count? Look, you are free to have your opinion BUT you are not free to have your own facts.

20 Sep 2017 09:30:09
Have to agree with the Irish Rover mainly here, sorry.
But all is far from lost, we'll come good again.
It has already been a bit of a roller-coaster and not even xmas yet.

20 Sep 2017 09:38:00
Bingo who said it was a fact, learn to read the posts man. MK argued that we have only really one bad result (against Burnley), so rolling over against City, drawing with Watford, getting beat by Leicester are ok results? So by the same analogy Arsenal is our only good result this season. Its nonsense.

20 Sep 2017 09:41:09
Harry I'm not deluded. I'm a realist. I'm also able to see the wood through the trees unlike most on here who have tunnel vision and memories like goldfish.

Rover that is your own prerogative mate. If you want to dramatize everything because you don't want to view things with any perspective, then sure. Do it. Arsenal was our best result, agreed.

We drew 3-3 with Watford and two of their goals get disallowed on another day. Still came away with a point away from home. We the smashed Hoffenheim 6-3 home and away; this is a team who hadn't lost at home in over a year. We've ground out a result against Palace who parked the bus. Something we struggle against historically. Then we demolished Arsenal in the best performance from a Premier league team all season, only for the media to spin it all on a bad Arsenal performance. We were all over City before a sucker punch goal and a red card turned the game on it's head. We were all over Sevilla but they nicked a couple of goals and we missed a penalty. We were all over Burnley but we were let down by a combination of a defensive error from an 18 year old, a penalty not given, and a collective brain fart in front of goal. Then we have gone away to Leicester with basically Henderson, Wijnaldum, plus people returning from injury, kids, and squad players. Even still we were the better team for an hour until Okazaki came on and changed the game.

If you want to put a negative gloss on everything, cool. You do that. But be sure to come and admit you were wrong when Klopp gets it all to click and we go on a decent run of form.

We haven't played a single game yet with Mane, Firmino, Coutinho, Salah and Lallana on the pitch together. When we get that front 5 out there all fit and on form, i don't see any reason why we can't go 10-15 games unbeaten and take some good teams to the cleaners in the process.

It's all over reaction and doom/ gloom on here right now and you all just look silly. We've only lost twice and both defeats had reasons. One a red card (so sell Mane yeah? ), and one us playing a team with no cohesion to give people game time (so sell Solanke, Gomez, Woodburn and Grujic? ) . That isn't excuses, it's a fact. So you are all pretty much crying over a draw against Sevilla and a draw against Burnley, where we easily played well enough to win had a few penalties gone our way and been scored.

I'm not an optimist or a pessimist. I'm a realist who would rather look at things constructively, instead of just smiling or crying. The glass isn't half full or half empty. The glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

Get over it, princess.

20 Sep 2017 09:50:14
The premier league is our target and should always be our main priority.
All the teams playing in the cup compitition play weakened teams.
Our style of play will always give teams chances or half chances against us.
I can see why he played that team, the fact that some of them will not see a full game till January is down to themselves and the luck of the draw.
We do have a soft belly at this moment, but i do believe we will soon get back on track.

20 Sep 2017 09:51:19
I actually said bad game, not bad result. Anything less than a win i consider a bad result.

I'm not going to judge us on results only after 6 weeks with lots of strenuating circumstances ie. Coutinho sulk, Lallana injury, Mane suspension, Arnold/ Gomez (god forbid) daring to be young players trying to break through.

You have no patience so you whinge. Go support Man United, Chelsea or Real Madrid if you want everything handed to you on a plate which cost £700-£900m.

20 Sep 2017 10:18:50
We used this cup competitions as an excuse to recruit infinite players over the summer. We need squad depth! We need squad depth was the main slogan on this page. If you don't give a duck about the FA and league why Buy?

The reality is we would love to win any trophy atm! Now since we are out we need to find some ways to defend it! That is what you are doing my friend!
The last trophy we won was a league cup under Kenny!

Nothing wrong in trying to drift away from the actual issue that's caused our exit but let's be real and understand why are loosing games rather than everything is a glitch and we will be fine in 72 hours!
There is a definite reason for our poor form and if you are aware of it kindly pass to other who aren't!

20 Sep 2017 10:37:08
Oh dear me. We are a few games in and we are using the "if we had a few penalties gone our way" excuse? Really? We are 9 games in and failed to win more than half, you at clutching at straws sugar pie. Out of 1 of the 3 trophies we could have won and the easiest one at that. So you just keep beating your optimistic drum sweet cheeks. I think i am the one who is a realist. What is you ambition for this season then? let's put a wager on it, £100 to the charity of Ed001's choice and a grovelling apology? Put your money where you mouth is honey bunch.

{Ed001's Note - what if he doesn't have a £100? Or, like me, he just doesn't gamble?}

20 Sep 2017 10:37:08
Sorry, but the results and performances against Watford, Burnley, Man City, Sevilla and Leicester were simply not good enough. I honestly cannot see where our next points will come from in the league? Next two games are away and then a home game against a Man United team who are clearly better and more well organised. I can see us losing all three games on current form.

20 Sep 2017 10:38:38
Great Post MK, I can also see what Klopp is trying to do mate. When it all comes together we will be the ones enjoying watching our team winning games consistently, playing free flowing attacking football. Non of this playing 6 at the back hoping to get a breakthrough with a deflected corner or free kick.
Klopp is trying to develop players but the pressure to do so against teams who can go out and buy finished articles for every position is enormous.
I believe in supporting our team, Manager and players. I just do not expect every player in the squad to be world class.

20 Sep 2017 10:48:46
Harry the reason for our poor form (in terms of results) is down to individual errors. From the attackers in front of goal, from the midfielders in passing the ball, the defenders and keeper making mistakes, all compounded by some poor substitutions from Klopp. Of course there are reasons to our bad form. But losing your minds and slagging everyone off does nothing.

You cannot legislate for individual errors. You just have to support the team. If you all get on their backs, the pressure will just create more errors.

If you screwed up at work and somebody broadcast it all over the world and called for you to be sacked, you wouldn't like it would you?

When did we all become fans and not supporters?

20 Sep 2017 11:02:21
I have a 9 month old son mate so forgive me for putting food on the table instead of trying to prove anything to you. I don't need to get out my manhood in some sort of manliness contest with you to prove anything.

I've never gambled more than a tenner because my priorities are in the right place, thank you very much. Although fair play to you for suggesting it goes to a charity. Credit where it's due and all that.

20 Sep 2017 11:06:25
To answer your question, my ambition is a title challenge and a trophy.

My expectations is top 4 and a decent run in the Champions league, such as last 16 or last 8.

If we don't finish top 4 and qualify from our CL group I'll send you a grovelling apology.

20 Sep 2017 11:11:16
Harry are you trying to suggest the reason we bought players for squad depth was so we could have a good crack at fa and league cup? You make some random points a lot of the time. Did you forget the champions league buddy?

20 Sep 2017 11:16:14
More to the relaity there MK. This individual errors has become a routine from some time MK and supported are getting sick of watching it weekly. It's not me alone who is frustrated! Have you stepped outside this page lately.
No one is calling for his head but he is replaponsibke dkr a large part of the issue and he should be held accountable for it.
Everyone wants the team to progress and win trophies even the most negative supporters. That's why they are supporters. We are all like the same bunch of children's on match day. Make no mistake the support is true and the support is always there for the team but repeating the same mistakes over and over again will have serious consequences mate!

We need to change something, we can't let this go on and on and on!

20 Sep 2017 11:23:15
Thats fair enough MK and Ed001 (although i find it hard to believe Ed001 hasn't got £100, maybe nothing smaller than £100😉) . Money is hard to come by, i understand.

So apart from that, what are youe expectations for the season MK. 15 game unbeaten run and all that?

{Ed001's Note - I wish mate, not all advertisers pay their dues though mate.}

20 Sep 2017 11:23:19
We aren't good enough to compete in Europe. The humping by City showed that. We can't beat top sides and struggle against Leicester, Watford and Burnley, it doesn't exactly bode well for the rest of the season does it?

20 Sep 2017 19:14:21
Dennis, the City loss proves none of what you said esp. with a red card to boot. Enough with the constant projections as they have no basis in fact and the City result proves absolutely nothing. What happens afterwards over time, does. Also, had we smashed Seville like we ought to have done, would you be saying that? NO! Even if we did beat City and Seville, it would not have proved a thing other than we won a home CL game and beat City again at the Emptyhad, as if we've never done that before.



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