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21 Sep 2017 02:42:59
Just to put Liverpool's poor form into context Real Madrid lost 1-0 to Real Betis tonight, Madrid had 27 shots and 60% possession. They have now failed to win all 3 of their league home games and are 7th in the league, 7 points off the top, Sevilla by the way are second.
Now I'm not trying to compare this Liverpool team to Real's or Klopp to Zidane but it does go to show that even the best team in the world can have a poor patch.
It was only a few weeks ago that we were thrashing Hoffenheim and Arsenal, now is the time to get behind the manager and players, there may be a time in the future to press the panic button but this isn't it. If you can't support them when they are losing don't support them when they are winning!

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21 Sep 2017 06:02:48
Means nothing mate. Real will still walk to the 2nd position in la Liga.
But in epl we have 6 genuine teams fighting for top 4. So two will have to miss out and that is where dropping points at home to lesser opposition is going to hurt us. It is still very early in the season but early season problems show that we haven't learnt from past and are carrying on with same old story.
Last year we fought very hard for that 4th spot when we were on top till December.
We loose critical players and the team can't get an result. That is the biggest issue.

21 Sep 2017 06:57:06
It's a fair point Smeg Head, every single team in the world loses.
It's not what some are pointing out though is it?
Everyone who thinks normally understands that you're going to lose some games each season, I think many are just fed up of it being the same old story for us though.
Endless numbers of possession and long range, pointless, wasteful shots over the bar game after game from the same 3 or 4 players.
I'm not moaning personally at all by the way, just pointing out what I have read between the lines from the readable moans on here.
I myself want us to try to work our way in instead of shooting so much.
Long range shots 20 plus times each game is getting ridiculous.
It's statistically proven that far more goals are scored from inside the box, so get the ball into a player or players in there and we might score 1 out of 20 times for example, shooting from 30 yards might get you a goal every 50 times or maybe more (judging by our long range shooting recently) .

21 Sep 2017 07:05:55
I don't know why people bring " Support " into the context every time we loose or draw a game or someone points out a glaring mistake that has been happening week in week out! Who does not support the team here? You don't even understand the intention when a fan points out a mistake! Do you?

21 Sep 2017 08:01:33
Ak, you are right. But if you look at the table we are actually level with or ahead of Arsenal, Spurs and Everton.

So unless you are concerned that Newcastle are going to maintain their form, we are still well in the race. Chelsea in 3rd a 2 points ahead of us. We're only 5 points behind City and United. In 5 weeks time when everyone has played 10 games you'll have a better idea, but even then you can't accurately predict anything until about March next year.

No point losing sleep over 2 defeats.

21 Sep 2017 08:09:18
Why do you think players shoot from distance Mr Olish? It's very difficult to get into the 6 yard box when you have a China Wall infront of you. We play narrow. hardly uses width and the only one capable against Leicester was Robertson. Both Flanagan and AOX on the right were piss poor! How many crosse did they put in individually or combined?
Width becomes crusical when it is near difficult to penetrate through the middle. That's why Klopp wanted Mendy / Sessengon in the summer! There was hardly any threat from right side against Leicester!

I agree with the points you raised but then this is the reality and why Pep spend enormous money on full backs which is his biggest weapon against teams who cretes a china wall!

There is also another issue that comes with offensive full backs as they leaves acres of spaces behind them for someone to exploit which again cause us dearly!

21 Sep 2017 08:29:25
When was our last long range goal WCD?
Are most of our goals long range?
What percentage of our goals come from 25 to 30 yards out?
I'm talking about the 18 yard box not 6 yard.
We don't have target men, so we should work our way in with quick passes, not too many crosses imo.
Have you actually watched City's full backs in the last 18 months mate?
The practically play as extra centrally based midfielders so that their actual midfielders can push forward and get numbers into the box when attacking, unless this tactic has changed recently.
This is one of Pep's principles of their attack.
Look at their second goal against us, they far outnumbered us in the box, why was that?
They overwhelmed us on a number of occasions in attack, we were chasing shadows at times and we can't blame the red card for all of it much as we'd probably like to.

21 Sep 2017 08:18:03
Harry pointing it out and offering up a constructive solution is fine.

It isn't constructive outside of the transfer window to bleat on and on about how Klopp should've signed a centre back, or how all our defenders are apparently useless, or that Klopp should throw his system out the window and start over. Another 3 years of transition would please you and the rest of the boo boys maybe?

Point out mistakes, sure. Ed001 does that after every game in his review. But that is it. That is the end of it. You don't see him banging on repeatedly about things without at least offering a solution or without it being justified.

You just slag all our players off and should your brown nose up the backside of other teams players.

Your be loved Modric, Casemeiro, Isco and Kroos are getting battered right now by the way. Zidane out? Or maybe they should replace the best midfield in Europe because they've had a few bad games.

21 Sep 2017 08:58:31
Unless we score early against teams that come to Anfield, sit deep and soak up the pressure, we struggle and end up playing one dimensional football, leading to shots outside the box when we run out of ideas.

Some times I feel we need to mix it up a bit, far to often players cut inside when there could be a better option wide, Burnley was the perfect example. Robertson found himself in acres of space at times but was ignored and the play was channelled through the middle. Far too often we end up running into a brick wall. If we can get the ball wide every now and then it stretches the opposition's back line creating space. You could see the problems Robertson caused Leicester in the first half with those balls whipped in, we really should have scored, do this more often from both flanks and we might just convert a few.

I'd like to see more incisive and forward passing as apposed to moving the ball from side to side, defenders hate players runnng at them. We've got the players to do it and I think when Lallana is back it will gives us an extra edge.

We've got to start making our chances count though.

21 Sep 2017 09:17:19
Hey Drogie,
I agree with your post mate.
I'm not totally opposed to crosses so long as it's not every single time we go forward as what's currently happening with long range shots (as you yourself mentioned mixing it up) .
And whipping them in is definitely the only way to go mostly, as we don't compete so well in the air as we know.

21 Sep 2017 09:23:35
You might be right Olish but I don't know any other way to break the china wall other than using the width with full back hitting the byline on regular basis or usage or Corners and Set pieces to nick one in again where we are Pisa poor.
Coutinho tries as much as he could but he is quickly tackled / marked out by players in numbers. It was his vision that picked Robertson on regular basis against Leicester in the first half.

I agree with Drogie, We got to score that first goal quickly to take the pressure out and out that to the opposition.

21 Sep 2017 09:33:54

You are so wrong. Posters have been pointing out on our defsne ever since the window opened and you along with the super aliens quickly dismissed it with " Window hasn't opened yet " claims. Now they want the audience to wait till Jan or summer. LOL! The point is your team doesn't want to hear anything that is different to their views. And you put all of them into negative supporter bin.

FYI, Ron is also asking the same questions, I see none having an issue there 😄😄 He wants the system to be tweaked.

21 Sep 2017 09:35:45
Quick passing, interchanging and quick movement.
Nothing wrong with some whipped crosses and even some long range shots when it's called for, just not every single time lol.

21 Sep 2017 09:47:56
Spot on, Smeg and Mk. Real have had a pathetic start to the season so is Zidane on the brink as well? At RM, coming second is failure so those saying that RM will stroll to the 2nd position in the Liga is one thing BUT managers have been fired for that at RM before. But he's not getting fired any time soon.

People may have a right to be frustrated about our situation and that is fair BUT the constant moaning, false arguments and pathetic support for our rivals teams and their players as a way of trashing ours, is unacceptable and unproductive. The season is 5 games old in the PL. FIVE GAMES! Yet guys on here are losing their minds over our form which tho worrisome, is nothing more than a sticky patch that comes during every season. Now, the doom and gloomers are out projecting that "we will not make top 4", "Klopp out", "Klopp will win nothing", blah, blah, blah. It is tiring and boring and the usual suspects need to calm down and stop polluting these boards with such unproductive drivel.

Constructive criticism, solutions, calm minds, and perspective is what we need right now. The TW is also over and we all know that Klopp wanted VVD and would not settle on a stop gap as he did that with Matip already so doing that again would be dumb, like it or not. We need to stick together and stay positive cos we can only come out of this if we always remembers what unites us, the success of LFC. That is the bottom line. Keep the faith, lads!

21 Sep 2017 09:51:44
Ron has suggested that we need a dedicated defensive midfielder. He doesn't constantly bag his own players and brown nose players at other clubs. He doesn't have a negative rhetoric about Klopp or anyone associated with the club. He doesn't repeat himself every 15 minutes in some sort of smear campaign like you do.

He has an opinion. He offers a solution. He only beings it up in relevant discussion.

That is where you need to change the way you talk if you ever want people to take your posts seriously. You don't even come across as a Liverpool fan at times. I personally believe your heart is in the right place and you are misunderstood. It's gone on far too long to be trolling. But some of your posts are genuinely at that level mate.

21 Sep 2017 09:58:48
Quick passing is the backbone of this system but it is not possible everytime. Hendeson takes an hour to bring the ball out from the back as he has no confidence or ability to spray some forward pass. His first pass is to CB and Full back and by then the opposition has already shaped themselves nicely! If anything it is Coutinho who tries to bring people into the game with his vision picking players and switching flanks.

You could also score goals through corners and set pieces!

21 Sep 2017 10:03:07
Also, i get the impression that you think i believe our defence is good enough?

I don't. Mignolet is a terrible keeper. We've given him 5 years to prove us wrong. But I'm not going to constantly bring that up on every thread. I want Ward as number 1. I suggested that 2 years ago before we even signed Karius.

I don't think Arnold and Gomez are good enough yet as right back options for a title winning team either. However they are both exceptional for their age and i am prepared to permit them the odd error if it means we end up with a better player in the future.

Lovren, Klavan and Matip all have issues. Be it lack of pace, laziness, lack of focus, lack of communication etc. But they are what we have until January so what is the point in constantly bringing it up that we should have signed a centre back? We tried. There is also no need to go overboard on the criticism and turn it personal. Klopp wanted Van Dijk, so he clearly is planning on making a change here. Just need to have patience.

Moreno and Robertson i am actually happy with. I think it is a decent little competition for first team football.

On defensive midfield, Henderson was first tried there at the start of last season and was excellent. Then this heel injury showed up and he missed half the season. This year his heel injury looks a bit better, but still seems to be niggling. I am prepared to give him a chance to get fit and learn the role which he technically only has half a season of experience in, before i jump on his back and start with the "not LFC standard" crap. If his heel doesn't clear up and he doesn't master the position, then i will expect a replacement or Gini Wijnaldum to get a chance to stake a claim there.

You are mad if you think i can't see we have issues at the back. I just think a lot of peoples arguments are too harsh, have absolutely no recommended solutions, and are simply just abusive. You see what i did? I made my point without coming across as a whinging child. And i won't post the same thing again in half an hour.

21 Sep 2017 10:06:12
MK, if that post was for Harry then you are spot on, my friend. If an LFC fan addresses our manager as "your" manager and "your" players, what other evidence do you need?

21 Sep 2017 10:08:28
Superb post Bingo.

21 Sep 2017 10:17:45
Fair play MK! You win the round 👍👍👍keep up! I will try not reply or post under your thread! That's a word!

21 Sep 2017 10:31:34
WCD - I'm not a fan of Henderson myself at the moment but I'll support him while he's in our red.
He reminds me of Sturridge at the moment and Matip, cruising through matches and not playing to his strengths nor does it seem to bother him as he just keeps on being picked.
I agree with your points about both Henderson and Coutinho.
My simple point is, we need to mix it up in attack.
We're too easy to read tactically - pack your defence and watch long range shots sail over the bar every 3 or 4 minutes.
Quick passing is a part of our game absolutely, but I rarely see it happen within the 18 yard box as all our players are spread outside of it (which was why I cried out for an out and out Striker the other day to stay in there - say no more on that one) .

21 Sep 2017 10:32:01
It was meant for Harry. I loved your reply.

By the way Harry, i do love a debate so by all means continue to post replies to me. I don't want you to stop. Just want you to be less polarised and extreme.

21 Sep 2017 10:44:10
There is serious textual tension going here between you lads, get a room or maybe a camper van I dunno?!

21 Sep 2017 11:08:47

There is a big difference between having an opinion and support. Waro supports the club ( never a doubt ) But he has a poor opinion on FSG!
If you ask me an opinion on a player / Perfromance / Games, I could be as honest as I am.
For Ex! My opinion on AOC before we signed him and after we signed him till today is the SAME! It doesn't change on the color of the shirt! I am sorry I am not that kind of model supporter.

I am sorry Adam, I will have nothing new for you.

21 Sep 2017 12:04:24
Not sure if I'm taking you up wrong.
Is it fair to say then that you won't support players you don't rate even if they're playing for Liverpool?
Like I always say, I have no issues with criticism or being angry with certain players/ performances/ tactics etc.
My only issue is when a poster constantly has a go at these things but offers no ideas themselves on how they'd handle it/ fix it.
Of course some people just come here to rant and let off steam, that's fine as I'll skip the post unless it addresses me personally (bugs me if it's a rant while addressing me and offering no antidote though - what is the point of these types of posts unless you're 11 years old? ) .
That doesn't allow discussion/ debate or for anyone to offer their side of it ya know?!
That's what I want to see personally (people offering opinions/ rants/ antidotes etc. ) as I love talking footy, when I win the argument I enjoy getting their apology (joking) .
By the way, none of that is targeting you or anyone in particular, it's just a general thing mate as you're just as entitled to your opinion as the next person.
I do however hope that you'd at least support your own team's players regardless of what you think of them as a player.
If they try for Liverpool, no matter how terrible they can be, they'll always have my support.
If I see them slacking on a regular basis (Balotelli), I want them gone.



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