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23 Sep 2017 08:14:29
Wouldnt it be great to have a liverpool-runours meet up.
Ed002 (dont hold your breath RTFP)
Ken a
And a load of u other scallys
Would be a good laugh i think.

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23 Sep 2017 09:06:07
We could all meet up at the Sandon 😂 hell of a drive for me but i will argue till i die that it's the best pub I've been too!

{Ed001's Note - lot more of a drive for me these days!}

23 Sep 2017 09:25:09
The teams are decided. Myself and Ed025 as one pair while MK and Ed01 as a team. Waro being ten neutral and Ed02 the referee. The topic for the day is Jordan Henderson the Central Midfielder!

23 Sep 2017 09:19:36
Me and Waro seriously? Btw it would be awesome to meet everyone especially Ed025 my darling.

{Ed025's Note - it will happen one day harry, and the sandon is a good choice as it has a smoking area second to none, its a bit near the theatre of nightmares for me but im sure i can handle it mate..

23 Sep 2017 09:58:27
Or the Lutine Bell on Breck Road
£1.80 a pint, that's my pre match watering hole 😎.

{Ed025's Note - used to be a great area drogi and that was one of my old haunts, i dont know if i could make that one though i cant find my bullet proof vest anywhere.. :)

23 Sep 2017 10:11:29
£1.80 a pint, is that for cola? Down here in the south east it around 5 quid a pint.

23 Sep 2017 10:40:19
I wish pints were as cheap a a fiver! More like £6.50 where i am.

Absolute con artists. Harry, let's mot open up the Hendo debate if we ever meet 😂 i want to remember the day i met you as a good one 😉.

23 Sep 2017 09:22:40
Just use your Stargate Ed001.

{Ed001's Note - never again, that was how Harry found the site!}

23 Sep 2017 11:10:59
1.75 a pint here. that's lager, bitter AND cider. let's have the meet here 😀.

23 Sep 2017 11:46:12
Also I want Negative in the list! I am dying to meet him. Myself, Negative and Ed025! What a team son! What a team!

23 Sep 2017 11:51:12
I wonder if Harry will bring all his alter egos?

23 Sep 2017 12:25:36
What about Slaters £2.50 a pint and they have personal shoppers kiddermate.

23 Sep 2017 12:19:41
6.50 a pint? What is it liquid gold?

23 Sep 2017 12:51:41
I ll bring a big poster of Kovacic Mikey ☺️☺️☺️.

23 Sep 2017 12:53:49
Not liquid gold, it's pubs run by inbred village idiots mate.

23 Sep 2017 12:06:43
Couldn't ed2 simply fly a load of us out on his private A380 and put us up in one of his several mansions on the west coast of the states? If we bring our own booze surely that'd make us quits.

23 Sep 2017 13:30:57
So is that it then Harry, have you dumped me already 😔.

{Ed001's Note - you are last week's Kovacic now Ron.}

23 Sep 2017 14:02:25
Don't take it personally Ron. He does the same thing with all his Hamsters as well; Mateo, Luka, Lorenzo, Nemanja, Miralem, Marek and Naby. None of them lasted longer than a month except Mateo who sleeps in Harrys pocket.

He's got a rat called Luis as well.

23 Sep 2017 15:19:28
£1.80 for a pint feck me got to be something wrong with that surely? Spit shine glass cleaning or out of date ale? Maybe everyone's that scared to go so got to get them in some how 😂 Love out the area now but it always used to be a right laugh in these gaffs.

23 Sep 2017 15:26:59
Oh Ron! Never mate! You are 100% in the list! ☺️☺️.

23 Sep 2017 11:49:03
Ed25, it sure is rough lol.
When I drive, I always park my car on Richmond Terrace, 10 min walk to the ground.

It would be brilliant to meet up with the Eds.

Company I work for has an office in Manchester and London so I do see those expensive prices I'm down quite a lot.

Parson's Green, the White Horse ( Sloany Pony ) had Ken of my favourite beers, Harvey's Sussex, also Dark Star!

Great little pub called the Harp just up from Charing Cross, again, a brilliant selection of beers.



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