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01 Oct 2017 21:07:10
is anyone else getting sick of hearing klopp say in every interview after a match in witch there's been defencsive errors WERE WORKING ON IT if they are i don't see much improvment. how mignolet and Moreno are still in the team is beyond me.

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01 Oct 2017 21:25:42
Redsteve, your ire should go to the forwards who are hitting the ball with their shins in front of an open goal instead of moaning about the defence which bar the goal (I know, another individual error), did well today even tho, Newcastle did not really come out to play. We know where our defensive issues lie so no need preaching to the choir about it as we cannot sign anyone right now.

Our main issue is up front cos today AGAIN, they let us down as we should have scored 3 today without breaking a sweat as we all know we can't keep a clean sheet. right now.

01 Oct 2017 21:30:43
Thought moreno was good today. Would you rather klopp say they're not working on it?

01 Oct 2017 23:03:41
Moreno good! He was constantly out of position, gave the ball away on numerous occasions and flying into tackles giving frees away to Newcastle. Which gave them chances to whip it into our box and with our defence that's a recipe for disaster.

01 Oct 2017 23:18:44
gave the ball away on numerous occasions and flying into tackles giving frees away to Newcastle

I think you referring to Gomez not Moreno, watch the game again without the blinkered our kids are the best glasses on . It become so easy to blame Mingo, Moreno and Henderson . We conceded one silly goal but I think our defence was decent over all . we should be scoring more than one goal against this Newcastle team . that's one we dropped points.

02 Oct 2017 00:04:26
After 7 prem. games we have earned 12 points from a possible 21,

Scoring 13 goals but conceding 12.

Oh, and we were knocked out of the league cup to Leicester City.

And 2 draws in C L.

Will do better for sure.

02 Oct 2017 00:23:35
moreno gave away one foul. like actually, just one foul. this is what happens when you allow one stain to ruin how you see things. ok, he wasn't exactly roberto carlos and mancini rolled into one, but he was far from the worse player on the pitch.

02 Oct 2017 00:25:25
I remember when a bad start to the premier league meant at this point being stuck around 10th place, 5 or 6 points off from the top 4.

02 Oct 2017 07:22:46
Robertson must be seriously tossing it off in training because he is twice the player Moreno is and can't get picked. Come on Klopp, give the lad the same chance Moreno has had.

02 Oct 2017 08:17:18
Those blaming Moreno and Hendo should go watch the game again with their eyes open and get back to the rest of the world. Moreno played well and so did Hendo as he was the only one in midfield doing the job as Wiji AGAIN, went absent all game bar his shot that hit the post. Blaming Moreno or Hendo every time we don't win is becoming tedious and boring now so I suggest those doing that should change the record cos it is getting scratched, big time.

Ron, Klopp disagrees with you and so do I as Moreno is playing well right now (I know, the only way is up with him, right now) and he has played well of late. If Robbo wants to play, he has to unseat him, end of. This is the big leagues where you earn your kepp and Moreno has definitely earned his. If Robbo wanted to play every week, he should have gone to Burnley or stayed at Hull.

02 Oct 2017 09:54:02
Robertson did well enough to keep his place when he played,

Easily as good as Morwno.

02 Oct 2017 12:04:06
The evident problems were not fixed in the summer.
Teams will continue to exploit our poor defence.
Coutinho saw the light.

Masterclass from Rafa today on defending.

No comment on Klopp.

02 Oct 2017 12:55:51
What masterclass in defending, Yuri? Parking the bus and hoping for a break? Pls, he's late to the party cos Mou made a whole career out of doing that. Had our boys taken our chances, you would not be saying that. Rafa literally gave up and decided not to go toe to toe with Klopp cos he knew if he did like LC did, he would get a hammering and concede 3 goals. It was these same tactics that lost us the PL in '09 so Rafa is still the same negative tactics and has not changed and why no big cub will touch him again. He's at Newcastle for a reason. Klopp? He could get the Bayern job if he left us today if they were interested while we will be getting Big Sam. Happy with that?

03 Oct 2017 15:12:43
I know bingo. People say klopp should go because we have drawn a few games, but who could replace him? Wait until we sign VVD and Keita. You will all be saying "I'm glad we waited"



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