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03 Oct 2017 18:14:06
Saw Harry moaning about Wijnaldum and Ox.

Harry, what about Keane, Aquilani, Balotelli, Benteke, Markovic, Lovren, Mignolet, Joe Allen, Borini, Charlie Adam, Downing, Coates, Ilori, Carroll, Dosenna, Ryan Babel and a whole host of others. Go look at the scouting mentioned here. Josemi anyone? Mark Gonzalez? Should I go on? Voronin, Jan Kromkamp, Mauricio Pellegrino, David Ngog etc etc etc. Think I might run out of space posting more player names.

Klopp is at fault for Liverpool struggling for year after year. His signings are the worst in Liverpool history right?

Ox has not even had a proper run out yet, Wijnaldum has not been our worst signing ever either, not even close to it.

You clearly have something against Klopp Harry. Our squad is in a far healthier state than what it was compared to the squad he took over from Rodgers.

Our scouting has been bad for a very, very, very long time now, not just under Klopp.

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03 Oct 2017 19:02:33
Yea you could add these two players also under that list! I don’t give a toss lol! There are many more dross you actually missed! Something against Klopp! Yea kind of! The same what you had in Brendan’s final year! How are you better than me? You abused him and does it on a daily basis.
If Klopp doesn’t win anything by end of this season or next! Then he too will have the same fate as Brendan! Keep aside me there is a good bunch of people outside this site who are not happy with what’s not going on lol and that number is directly proportional to our wins and loss!

03 Oct 2017 19:24:30
What were you expecting Klopp to win in under two years Harry? The Premier League?

We are back in the CL, still in it and 1 point from Chelsea in 4th.

If we were at a point where the season had gone down in flames, had no chance of qualifying for the group stages of the CL and rock bottom of the League then I would be having a fanny wobble.

Liverpool won the League Cup in 11/ 12. Before that the FA Cup in 05/ 06 and you expected how many trophies from Klopp in under two years? He was going to win everything with the squad he took over from Rodgers right?

So let's sack him Harry. Let's bring in Allardyce, Koeman when he gets booted or Martinez. Hell, let take Gareth Southgate. Not long before he will be canned either.

Oh hold on, what about De Boer? They going to win things in under two seasons. Let's do it and have you blaming Klopp because of their failure.

Ha Ha.

03 Oct 2017 19:41:11
His fate is decided by himself. I am no one to decide nor you either. Like every manager his position would also be reviewed at the end of the season and If it is satisfactory he keeps the job else he move on.
Why don’t you write the same letter with questions to the board of directors instead. They might give you a reply!

You should be bothering about FSG / Boards expectations than mine! They are the one who decides!
Personally if he doesn’t get a top 4 then I expect him to get the sack. And if you have an issue try writing a letter to the club!

They would toss that piece of paper into the box I am afraid!

Good luck!

03 Oct 2017 19:57:29
The club will decide appropriately when the situation arrives. Neither me nor you have any say in it. The club appointed Mr Klopp and they know what they expect in return from the manager. If he DOESNT! Then he gets the sack else he keep his job!
And Regarding the replacement. The Club knows what they are doing and why should we worry?
What if we replaces Klopp with Allegri or Leanardo Jardim! Would you stop supporting them?

03 Oct 2017 19:58:09
By the way, I was fully behind Brendan until mid way through 14/ 15.

The man had to go as it was as clear as daylight that we were at a dead end with him. Did you even see our CL performance under Brendan that season?

Start of 15/ 16 we were no better off than when he joined us in 12/ 13 and that is after he pissed away 100 million after 100 million. That was the final nail in his coffin for me and you blame me for wanting him gone?

So let's see Harry, 15/ 16 Klopp came in when the squad was in ruins, not a full season. 16/ 17 qualified for the CL first full season. So Harry, why should I be digging Klopp's eyes out at this point when I was not doing it to Rodgers under two years of his reign?

03 Oct 2017 20:27:11
Klopp is going sooner than later I don't think he will last the season. Nice bloke but will win nothing with him.
The media are loosing interest in his character and there now seems to be a media mini which hunt against him with the rag daily star saying he needs to be sacked.
Obviously I want him to do well just can't see it.

{Ed025's Note - the day we start listening to anything from the daily star we are in big trouble walter, hes a very good manager i think and will still be at liverpool next season i would think mate..

03 Oct 2017 20:28:32
Harry, your over the top comments like "Klopp is responsible for signing bad players year after year" is just Trump like hyperbole nonsenseass he's only been here for two full seasons which makes your point baseless. Also, you have been dissing Klopp since he got here and have never had ANYTHING good to say about him so forgive me if I look at your posts with a distinct lack of credit and good faith. You don't like the guy, never have and clearly never will. You spent the whole of last season slating him cos he did not win the league for you in his first season like your idol Conte did. n How's Conte doing now? I mean, he got us CL footie and you're still pissed off.

Also, you talk as if other managers have been successful at winning the PL and Klopp is the odd one out. NO manager has won the league for LFC since freaking 1990. NO ONE. Your god Rafa spent SIX seasons here and did not win it and in fact, he bottled it point blank, with his pathetic signings and tactics. But cos Klopp did not win you the league in his first full season, you throw a stop like a self entitled child (Ed01 used more colorful language to describe you, btw) . BR deserved the sack and was incompetent beyond belief. The fact that Klopp used his own players to get us to a European final and half of them to get us CL footie is a scathing indictment on the abject failure named BR.

Klopp came to us in our worst time and is trying to pick up the pieces and tho he has made mistakes and is struggling, he is STILL in his second full season here and needs our support through this sticky patch. When I say "our" as you already excluded yourself cos you often address him as "your" manager as if you were a rival manc or bitter. Furthermore, Leave FSG out of it cos it was the same FSG that gave Klopp a 3 year extension meaning they have committed to him for the long haul so pls, stop thinking and projecting for them cos you have no clue what will happen in the future nor what they will do with Klopp's future regardless of the season's outcome.

03 Oct 2017 20:31:14
The Brodge nearly won the league for liverpool after over 20 years of wishing. That should have been our trophy but fate and a little slip lost it for us. He should get credit for that instead of being slated all the time he is a good manager. Look what he has done with celtic.

Klopp news to be given time. Wijnaldum sometimes it seems he is not even on the pitch but he is working really hard to intercept, block spaces and get the tackle in. He is also pretty handy at the other end of the pitch. Fantastic player who's near post screamer ensured we finish fourth in the premiership. End of.

I do think the problem is with the midfield and not the defence. Ok lovren and matip have made mistakes but have also made some great tackles and headers. All cbs make mistakes. It is a split second decision. The midfield needs to make sure these through balls and crosses aren't made. They need to break up the play. Klopp knows this, that is why he offered over £60.000.000 for Keita. I really feel that I'd we had got our four targets; Salah, Robertson, VVD and Kieta we would be up there with city and united. (That was horrible to say, "up there with united etc") I think we will get vvd in January. He isn't trying at Southampton and they will get fed up with it. I reckon we should get Keita on loan until June and then buy him. Won't happen but I think VVD might.

{Ed025's Note - calling wiji a "fantastic player" took all the credibility out of what was a good post there for me superred..

03 Oct 2017 20:33:41
Harry, you make the Liverpool job sound easy mentioning Allegri and Jardim.

They will arrive at Liverpool, next week after 7 EPL matches have gone, be champions at the end of the season plus follow that up with another League title the following season as that is what you seem to have expected from Klopp?

Harry, Klopp won titles in a League dominated by Bayern Munich. He has been there done that. I think he deserves a bit more time than what you are giving him CONSIDERING how utterly hopeless Liverpool have been season after season before Klopp arrived.

Get a grip.

03 Oct 2017 20:46:52
Spot on Ed25. Negative, your post is hilarious. You are aware that FSG nor no one with two brain ells to rub together should ever listen to what media and pundits say as they are always looking for a witch hunt and what manager to put pressure on so he can get the sack, right? Se what they did to De Boer after FOUR games?

This is the same media protected Wenger (last season) and Mou (at Chelsea) from getting the sack by making every excuse under the sun to keep them (Mou eventually got what he deserved) . This is the same media offered every excuse in the book for LFC to keep BR even tho after 18 months, we all knew he was out of his depth and completely incompetent.

That's the media you are paying attention to? I propose you focus on the real issues at hand and not waste your time with media hacks who have been out to get Klopp since last season cos he beat out their darlings Wenger and Mou to get CL footie. Let's focus on our team and support them in the hope that things will change for the better.

03 Oct 2017 20:52:30
Take help from MK and put those stats nicely into a decent letter and post it to FSG! They might get impressed with those figures and hindsight! Get into an argument / Debate with FSG and try win them! They would decide who stays and who not! Brendan did not win anything hence he got the boots. If Klopp doesn’t win anything then he too has the similar fate!

This is a result oriented business and every penny you invest has it’s value and the values comes in revenues and incomes which is directly proportional to success in terms of accolades and CL places and If a manager is unsuccessful in keeping this cycle moving then HE GETS THE BOOTS!

Players and Mangers are transient employees, they come and go. The club moves on. You me and everyone will cheer for the next man! It’s normal!

Klopp has had time and money and I expect him to stay full season but he has to ACHCIVE HIS TARGETS! If not he goes and the next man comes in!
Bayern sacked Anchelotti inspite of winning league last season! Everton might sack Koeman if the results doesn’t improve!

So every point dropped here and there would add up in his resume at the end of th season!

03 Oct 2017 20:53:54
Credit where credit is due Supperred but look at what other managers did at Celtic? I mean it is a one horse race League.

Rodgers is absolutely lost in Europe and that is pretty much that. Bring him back to the EPL and it will be same old same old.

He has polished up his CV a bit at Celtic so good for him. He has always wanted to manage in Spain.

My word, I just wonder how much better we would be with a partnership like Vertonghen and Alderweireld. I even reckon Mignolet's blushed would be spared most of the time with these two players in our defence.

I think we need to look elsewhere before deciding to go with VVD. If he is purposely trying to make a meal of things in order to still force his way out for a January move when getting a start for Southampton last weekend then I suggest we stay clear of this player. At least Coutinho has stopped throwing his toys.

03 Oct 2017 20:58:15
Superred, BR could have been a very good manager and a legend for us BUT his arrogance, delusions of grandeur, tactical dithering and outright disdain for his own players is what cost us the PL and ultimately, got him the boot. The Celtic thing for me is a red herring cos even Neil Lennon won a shed load over there. Do you want him at LFC now? The day he does what Klopp has done in a real league and in Europe then we can talk. Either way, apart from Wiji being a fantastic player, I respect your opinion.

Max, your post on expectations is spot on. City were touted as PL champs immediately Pep arrived and the media love-in began and after they won their first 5 games, we all thought they would walk the PL. How did that work out? He got his head beat up by LC and Everton conceding 4 goals each time and got his bell rung with the physicality of the PL.

Some on here thing footie is an exact science so if say, Allegri came, he should just walk the PL and if he does not after two seasons, he should be sacked. Sorry, the real world does not work that way and if you believe in such unicorns then you will forever be a moaner.

03 Oct 2017 21:02:15
Totally agree with ed025. Klopp is a great manager he has built our defence for next to nothing, compared to the other top teams who have spent hundreds of millions on defenders. I know they haven't been fantastic this season but we have seen them play very well in the past, we know they can do it. Don't listen to tabloid rubbish. Why should he b sacked? He has lost 1"game in the premiership! We are within touching distance of the top four. Our squad is much bigger than last year. Ï look at our bench and see Can, AOC, Robertson, Sturridge, TAA, Milner and Karius. They are all players who could walk into nearly any team.

We are in a good position to turn it all around. A couple of wins and we are back in the mix. I know it hascbecome a comical cliché but next year, when we have vvd and keita and a new striker to replace coutinio I think we will be right up there. Everyone says " liverpool are a player or two away from being title winners we have totally dominated every team we have played. With henderson spreading the ball out wide and keeping calm under pressure we have been millimetres away from winning these games, hitting the post and the bar. We will come good, I thought we looked really static with sturridge playing. He is a good striker to have against teams that park the bus as he can score from anywhere. Lob the keeper from 25 yards out! But we distance seem as fluid as we do when firmino is playing. I think firmino may be the most underrated player in the league. We all love him I know but others don't.

03 Oct 2017 21:07:47
"Players and Mangers are transient employees, they come and go. The club moves on. You me and everyone will cheer for the next man! It’s normal! "

Harry, please please please. We have a manager who has won titles so you are willing to let go of that and suggest Allegri and that other guy who I have never heard of managing Monaco?

On 10 June 2014, Jardim was appointed at AS Monaco FC for two seasons plus the option for another. He led the team to the third place in Ligue 1 in his first year, repeating the feat in 2015–16;in between, on 12 May 2015, he signed a contract extension until 2019.

Well done to the man for winning Ligue 1 last season. Take note of his first two seasons Harry. let's sack Klopp now, bring in Jardim straight away and he will win us the League, right?

Oh Harry, you are such a good laugh mate.

03 Oct 2017 21:12:52
I have nothing to add onto what max has said, I agree with everything you've said there mate. Harry you need to try been patient mate, Klopp doesn't have a magic wand.

03 Oct 2017 21:29:33
Am I really reading people saying Klopp should be sacked?! My god what is the world coming to? Ridiculous, just ridiculous.
With that logic every manager from 2nd place down should be sacked! Why are these fools not winning every game?! It's totally unacceptable for a manager to allow his team to draw or lose. Sack them all!
You people really are ibeciles.

03 Oct 2017 21:34:21
Harry, Ancelloti was brought in to win the CL and not just the league as Bayern always do that just like Celtic do in Scotland. He actually succeeded in making them actually worse in the CL and miraculously, made them a laughing stock in the German league so again, another fake misnomer. Btw, no one is saying that Klopp does not have to achieve his targets sor not held accountable for not reaching them so saying that is another misnomer.

Also, Klopp has had time to do what exactly? He's been here for two seasons altogether BUT to you that is enough time? Did you have the same standards for BR when he was here for 3 years plus blowing 300m plus on mostly dross players like Allen, Aspas, Borini, Alberto, Balotelli, Lambert, Markovic and so on? If the answer is no then your hypocrisy is deafening. You are literally making stuff up to make Klopp look bad and frankly, it is disappointing and dishonest. You can easily make an argument w/ o making stuff up or using hyperbole to describe your points.

03 Oct 2017 21:37:44
Lol I don’t know why people are arguing with me over something that is not in my control. If FSG sacks him then that is it! Try a protest then!

03 Oct 2017 21:39:53
Spot on, Max. Had Monaco sacked Jardim after two seasons cos (he did not reach the tarhgets", would he have won the league in his 3rd season? That question is for Harry as he seems to know everything about when a manager needs to be sacked as 2 seasons is now the new standard for LFC managers according to him even tho his idol Rafa, spent SIX years at LFC and won NO PL titles.

03 Oct 2017 21:40:56
Ohk! I am so sorry for having an opinion about a manger and his position come end of the season! I can change my opinion to suit the requirements of people.
Klopp’s job is safe as long as he wishes for and this has no relevance to any trophies / titles / demands set by the board / Club.

Max and Bingo kindly take a note and spare me!

03 Oct 2017 21:54:40
Oh sorry Bingo / Max, I didn’t knew it. I apologize for having a dumb opinion. Kindly let’s put this into the bed! Ignore my posts in future as I ll do the same! There are hundreds of posters so try and indulge with them!

03 Oct 2017 21:59:48
Harry don't spit your dummy out mate, we're all entitled to opinions, this occasion a lot of disagree with you, it happens to us all lol.

03 Oct 2017 22:04:58
Harry, I did not suggest you are not untitled to an opinion. This happens to be an open forum for members to discuss Liverpool FC.

What I do not understand about your arguments is that you have nothing positive to say about Klopp or Liverpool, irrespective of the topic and is maybe why you get shot down the way you do.

There is nothing wrong with criticism but when it gets to a point where you just keep on having verbal diarrhea 100% of the time then really, why not rather study to become a journalist? Not that you will have much studying to do :-)

That way the papers can sell even more sh*te courtesy of Harry.

Might be a good career move for you mate and that will lead to even more Liverpool fans will 'loving' you.

03 Oct 2017 22:26:03
Simple question then. Who would replace Klopp? I’m not going to pretend he’s not made mistakes and hasn’t rectified certain issues but it can’t be denied he has made progress. If he goes then who comes in that would do any better? The problems at our club run far deeper than the manager in my opinion.

03 Oct 2017 22:33:03
Oh, don't be a snowflake, Harry and stop playing the victim. We are all having a very good debate here and our opinions are being aired. We disagree with your opinion and that is that and nothing more. No one is picking on you, no one called your opinion dumb neither did anyone say Klopp's job is safe w/ o winning trophies or anything like that. Grow a pair and stand up for hat you believe in, will ya?

03 Oct 2017 22:51:03
Westwood666, I have been asking the same question for days and nobody who wants Klopp gone can come up with answers. Finally Harry gave up two names, Allegri and Jardim. Do any of them even speak English or understand it?

Klopp almost made me kick the tele to pieces this weekend, that is for sure.

But to call for his head? Beyond logic.

03 Oct 2017 22:52:38
Can't believe someone admitted to reading the daily star. Lol
Can't even use the excuse its because of the crossword, I've heard it's got a dot to dot. 😂.

03 Oct 2017 23:03:21

"Can, Ox, Robertson, TAA, Milner, Karius, all players that could walk into nearly any side"

What have you been smoking pal? Jesus.

03 Oct 2017 23:10:32
To add some perspective:
Without fully knowing what the exact expectations to Klopp are from the board, he did put some of this pressure upon himself by literally promising them (and thereby us) the premier league title come the end of this season.

Again, I don't know if this is actually what is expected from him from the board. I definitely don't think that should be the case, neither from the board or from us. I'd be very pleased with European football for the next few seasons and to see Klopp build up a stronger and stronger side over the next years. Time is definitely on his side.

It all comes down to the Klopp-effect (or something else clever sounding) - he came and wanted to conquer right away! And against all odds he did get us to two finals and into Champions League. Add to that his spirit and charisma, a lot of supporters have been "fooled" into believing that we are a title challenging side and has been since his arrival. The expectations are simply too high and I can kind of see why. Although I myself don't buy into it all. At times I almost did though.

03 Oct 2017 23:18:56
I'm inclined to agree with Ed025, I think regardless of what happens this season Klopp will get another summer to put things right and will be in charge next season.

03 Oct 2017 23:30:28
Stand clear stand, Harry's being Harry and everyone with a brain is braining him, go figure.

04 Oct 2017 00:22:49
Dude we have been terrible in defence so far but we beat utd and spuds and we will be in top 4 having already played 4 of the 5 we will rival for top 4 this season.
Win 2 easily winnable CL games coming up and Seville will take points of spartak. and we are one home performance away from last 16.
Wow what a hole we are in.
Football is all about spells of form and if you stay in it when your form is poor (as we are still in it) then your doing ok.

04 Oct 2017 06:16:51
I have absolutely no interest in replying to you both and I should have closed the discussion from the first reply! People are not entitled to any opinion here. They are only entitled to something which others want to hear! No one knows what will happen in future. If Liverpool don’t get a place in CL next summer then I expect the club to sack Klopp. Who should replace him is something the club has to think if they do take an action.

Did anyone had an insight Thomas Lemar was tipped to replace Coutinho until it broke into the press? Who is just a hindsight and pure guess! Why is the after effects of the points you drop through out the season. If Klopp is not feeling any pressure of his job and has a free run for another X years then he is a very lucky man compared to other managers.

Playing the victim! Oh yes! Now pick someone else and be the boss!

04 Oct 2017 06:26:05
The only people worse at recruitment than "Liverpool FC" are FSG.
Man do they employ some "football morons" to run our glorious club. They employ people who may be good at corporate game playing but are totally lacking in any sort of football nouse. These people come across like they couldn't run a bath let alone one of the world's biggest football clubs. Like I say, I'm sure they're very capable in their chosen field, just not the world of football.

{Ed001's Note - I have to agree there, Ayre, for instance, might well be excellent in his chosen field, but he was utterly hopeless in the position they placed him in at LFC. Let's just hope the new guy turns out to know his stuff.}

04 Oct 2017 08:53:50
Harry - the flip side of everyone being entitled to an opinion is that when you're opinion is ridiculous, people have the right to ridicule you. That's the way it is. It's like being a flat earth conspiracy theorist - if you make that decision you're entitled to that, but don't expect anything but laughter and eye rolling from the people on the round the world flight!

04 Oct 2017 09:20:35

Like what? The flip side of every opinion? The flip side of opinion which is against Klopp to be precise! Is there a flip side of opinion on Mignolet? Alberto Moreno? Emre Can. Daniel Sturridge, Klavan, Lovren, Matip? You want me to name the list of players that get abused here on daily basis. I see a complete unity among posters when it comes to players!

The fact is you don’t want to hear anything against Klopp for THE TIME BEING! This will change if we continue to drop points! I’ll note your opinion in May 2018 if the club finishes outside top 4. Star this thread and I ll see the number of posters backing a manger who wouldn’t improve on last years finish / performances.

04 Oct 2017 09:58:28
'The fact is you don’t want to hear anything against Klopp for THE TIME BEING! This will change if we continue to drop points! I’ll note your opinion in May 2018 if the club finishes outside top 4. Star this thread and I ll see the number of posters backing a manger who wouldn’t improve on last years finish / performances. '

I must admit I can't argue with this.

04 Oct 2017 09:58:37
Wrong Harry. You are the king of abusing LFC players on here so stop that stuff about the LFC players getting abuse. The issue is not that we are not interested in hearing anything bad about Klopp. His flaws and mistakes are well documented. The problem is that you of all people, are inherently and relentlessly biased towards Klopp. You hate him and want him gone, period and this, for a long time. You give him no credit for what he does right and give him all the blame for all that goes wrong.

If that is where you are coming from then sorry, people who are not like that will disagree with you on that. You spent last season putting all types of pressure on Klopp saying that he'd better win the PL whereas, you and I both knew we would never do that due to the inherent problems and injuries the team suffered last season. So now, that that did not happen, you are here throwing a strop and implicitly campaigning for his dismissal cos we drew a couple of games in the PL and CL (not lost, btw), drawing FSG and all types of crap into it.

News Flash: FSG don't need you to speak for them on what they will or will not do or when they will do or not do it so keep them out of the debate. You want Klopp gone, we get it so stick to that point and stop drawing FSG, players other teams and their managers into this debate. They are irrelevant. We will see where we will finish and go from there and so we do not need you to remind us or FSG of the obvious.

04 Oct 2017 11:51:10
No Harry, the flip side to anyone stating their opinion on anything. You are right to. You are free to. We are happy for you to do it. But don't expect immunity from judgement for it - if you want to put your opinion out there, everyone else has the right to judge you and it on it's basis. Especially when you put the same opinion out there over and over again.

04 Oct 2017 11:55:06
And to be frank Harry, arguing that if we continue to drop lots of points people will eventually turn on the manager is ridiculous. Of course if we drop out of all contention, take a massive step backward and have an awful season with Klopp there will be discontent. That doesn't make it any more sensible now. Would Chelsea fans have been sensible to be discontent with JM when he won them the title? He was fired about 10 games later, doesn't make a judgement in May sensible.

The only person demanding that anyone stops having an opinion is you Harry - everyone else just finds your opinion on the subject (and many others) somewhere on the scale of hilarious to offensive. You seem the only one who doesn't want to be told that.

04 Oct 2017 12:00:22
Preach, Hijkle.

04 Oct 2017 12:18:12
Fair enough hijkle. Good move on! I am not stopping anyone having an opinio! You had two and I read it in full! Good and thanks!



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