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04 Oct 2017 12:53:58
There was a long thread yesterday between those that have started to question Klopp and those that have not. This debate needs to be framed, those that are questioning Klopp, in the vast majority of cases, are not in the ‘Klopp Out Brigade’, they are people who are concerned that our early season performances are reflective of where we are as a team and, if that is so, then we have taken a step backward from last season. In that light Klopp is under pressure, he doesn’t need to win the title this year but we should be looking for progress and if he is not delivering that then his position may come under threat.

However, it is recognised that we may simply be in a bad run of form and Klopp may yet deliver a successful season. If this happens we will all be delighted and this run will be forgotten. Personally, I may question Klopp over the next few months but there are very few circumstances where I would consider his position before the end of the season. I like Klopp a lot, I believe he has built a good squad and that he is capable of delivering the football and results we crave, but he has an objective, to challenge for, if not win, the title and his position must be considered against that objective. If it starts to look like he is incapable of achieving his objective then his position must be considered but we’re still a long way off reaching that point.

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04 Oct 2017 16:12:16
Spot on PutneyRed nicely put 👏👏

It's too early to judge klopp atm no doubt.

A lot of fans including me are frustrated to see same problems occurring since klopp was announced our manager and still he's yet to fix it which is coasting us dearly week in week out : (.

04 Oct 2017 17:20:30
Well posted PutneyRed, a couple of points worth noting here, these current problems existed before Klopp was our manager and even with different set of players, I remember complaining about missed chances when Kenny was in charge, this making me wonder if the problem is not the manager but else where in the coaching or back office . As for Klopp future, its not down to us fans, here on this forum or in the KOP . Its down to the board, the minimum this year is top 4 or champions league qualification via a different route if it had to be, failure to achieve that may prove costly for Klopp. I don't want another manager change, but I really can't see us being up there come end of season, we simply did n't do enough in the transfer window.

04 Oct 2017 19:14:02
Putney, you have summed up that thread (which I guess I was on) brilliantly. I am as frustrated as everyone else about our form cos it seems like we are so close to being a great team YET so far off, all at the same time. Klopp's made mistakes and I bet he is more frustrated than all of us combined. But those implicitly campaigning for his dismissal by placing unnecessary, overnight-success type expectations on him after TWO years in charge, is just dishonest and unfair as BR, KK or Woy were never saddled with such expectations.

Ed01 has told us what Klopp is trying to do and the things he's trying to do and tho it is frustrating as it seems not to work, the right intentions are there BUT people ignore all this solid info and keep moaning like said info does not exist and don't consider it at all in forming their opinions cos clearly, moaning is much easier.

However as Roy said, what will become of Klopp is not down to any one of us here and that was and is my problem cos many on here are projecting that if Klopp does not do this or that within x amount of time, he will be fired by FSG or bla, bla, bla. Such people should stop projecting opinions as facts and quit speaking for FSG. News Flash: FSG are all in w/ Klopp right now as they gave him an extension after 8 months on the job. That much we do know so people should let the season play out and then evaluate afterwards instead of spooking everyone out with their "will he or won't he" stuff.

04 Oct 2017 20:04:08
I don’t know how could you stop people from SPEAKING on a public forum! Now we need to have an advance permission what to talk and what not to talk in this site? What is this site after all! This is a public formun with close to 50 different pages and 50k people visiting!
Sacking a manger is the easiest thing to do in football! What does it take after all? A compensation package and thanks giving post lol!
If a manger doesn’t get the job done for what he is asked to do then he gets the sack! What is so special in it! Normal!

04 Oct 2017 21:01:23
Again, Harry. You are preaching to the choir. Of course if a manager does not get the desired results, his position is in peril. That is not the discussion and never has been. What IS the discussion is people like you saying that Klopp's position is in jeopardy cos he did not win the PL in his first full season and cos we are having a sticky patch (mind you, 2 losses in 15 games in all comps. this season) and things are not working right now.

That is the discussion and it has been litigated on the afore-mentioned thread already. For the upteenth time, No one is stopping other people's opinions from being heard nor is anyone stopping other people from speaking. That is a non issue. You are only saying that cos you simply can't stand people disagreeing with your opinions.

That is what the issue is with you and frankly, many think your opinion is ridiculous as there is no substantive reasoning behind it APART from the fact that you hate Klopp and have always wanted him gone even tho, he has improved us over the two years he's been here overall so you just throw crap on the wall to see what sticks and call it facts. And you wonder why many disagree with you.

04 Oct 2017 21:39:47
All any manager can do with LFC, right now, is get the best out of the personnel at the club.
That's what Klopp needs to focus on. Mistakes have been made with player recruitment, they can't be rectified before January and possibly even July. So there's no point in raking over that ground. We just have to hope he does better in subsequent transfer windows.

There is plenty to play for this season. This time last season Chelsea had 13 points from 7 games and Conte was being pressurised. We have 12 from 7. They were about to win their next 12 games after their manager made a tactical change and storm the league title.
I'm not saying that's likely, I'm saying it's not impossible.

04 Oct 2017 21:39:20
I have absolutely no interest in having any kind of conservation with you anymore! My post was regarding the freedom to express on the page. People post what they want to talk and not what others want to hear! If anyone has an issue they should skip the post and move to another thread or start their own thread! You have absolute freedom to talk on anything related to FOOTBALL on this page and that includes KLOPP aa well!

05 Oct 2017 08:27:11
Do you actually not see it Harry? That's exactly what they do! They Give their view, or they start a new thread, then you jump into it with the same tired old drivel and then start banging on about being stopped from speaking! You're the one who is putting yourself into every conversation, and then you're the only one who is complaining about the fact that people have a different opinion rather than just leaving it at your alternative view! The only person here who doesn't want everyone to be free to express their own view is you!

05 Oct 2017 08:35:39
Spot on, Ron. That is my take as well.



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