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07 Oct 2017 09:16:54
Klopp this season

All competitions: P12, W5, D5, L2

Lets break it up

CL: P4. W2, D2

EPL: P7, W3, D3, L1

LC: P1, L1

Obviously a win vs Newcastle would have been a massive boost but it is the situation really that bad to start calling for Klopp's head?

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07 Oct 2017 09:44:05
Exactly mate, good post, I don't understand people calling for his head all the time, its quite ridiculous really, it's not as if we're Everton. If we was then I'd be calling for the managers head but we're not. I'm not too concerned, I am hopeful of a win against utd but would take a draw, we'll be fine, Klopp will do a good job here, he has his flaws but what manager doesn't?

07 Oct 2017 10:55:31
Max, how dare you post such common sense proven by statistics and facts on this board? Don't you know that the sky is falling and Klopp is a complete failure and needs to be sacked and Moyes needs to take the job, based on the facts you just demonstrated? The nerve of you.

Corleone, are you drinking the same kool-aid, mate? Don't you know that the rules are different when judging Klopp? Don't you know that to some on here and they know who they are, Klopp should have won the PL by now (whatever the heck that means) and is not allowed to make mistakes, learn from them and improve? You guys are just Klopp apologists and need to sit down and be quiet and stop making excuses for the "failure" of a manager.

07 Oct 2017 12:10:59
No-one should be calling for his head IMO but let's be honest, that's a poor start to the season whichever way you fudge it.

07 Oct 2017 13:07:29
I disagree, Ron. It is not as poor a start to the season as many think and the numbers prove that. Could it have been better? Absolutely and that is the frustration. We've taken 7 points from 9 at home. 5 points from 12 on the road (could definitely have been more and I agree on that) . Qualified for CL at a canter, smashing the team many thought was the hardest draw and have recorded 2 losses in 13 in all comps.

Again, many may have expected more and I agree with that and this is why people think it is a poor start BUT the numbers do not support that. I do agree with you that it could definitely have been better as the opportunities were there to improve on these returns BUT that's football with all the frustrations that come with it. Just my opinion.

07 Oct 2017 13:54:44
we need to start winning games. Do a breakdown since the previous International Break, disaster.

07 Oct 2017 14:09:19
Agree with Ron. Nobody should be calling for his head yes he makes mistakes but name me a manager that doesn't. It has been an okay start of the season. The 2 draws against Watford and in particular burnely at home were very disappointing. There is still plenty of time to turn things around and a transfer window also to hopefully get a few key players in key areas to get us through to the summer. For me top 4 is a must this season or season has been a failure and unfortunately then whether we like it or not klopp will be under serious pressure.

07 Oct 2017 14:14:24
Less than 50% win rate with our ambition and the opposition we've faced is a bad start, no two ways about it.

07 Oct 2017 17:35:39
Both Burnley and Watford have put in some great performances already this season and have earned their points, should we have done better against them with all the chances we created _ yes probably, but the EPL average standard is going up every yr, this isn't top trumps.
There are 3 teams too close to call for favourite to win the league, and three outsiders (ourselves included ) with a outside chance, how many leagues are so competitive, buckle up and enjoy the ride.
To anyone who thinks there's a manager / owner who can wave a magic money wand and we'll break into the top level just look at the fortunes of what we're up against, we're doing ok, keeper, cbs next upgrades and maybe next season it'll be 4 teams too close to call, that's our best hope.

07 Oct 2017 21:05:46
We started the season with 1 draw and 4 wins on the trot in all competitions until the loss vs City. We have Europe to contend with too this season so not going to be as simple as last season.

Biggest thing for me is Klopp has to now settle on his strongest starting eleven. Chopping and changing like he has not going to make things easier.

07 Oct 2017 21:34:38
We've shipped 20 goals in all competitions and it's only early October.

I love Klopp but we will win nothing unless we sort out the defence.

08 Oct 2017 00:02:05
Our expectations were high this summer and we haven't lived up to that expectation yet. It hasn't been a great start but it hasn't been poor either. We have played well at times.

08 Oct 2017 00:41:09
True Drogie, we all know the defence is the biggest problem. That's what I'm waiting for to get solved, if Klopp gets the defence sorted I think we'll be a real threat to ANY team. The way we do our transfer business though, I don't find it as simple as it sounds, see to us all, the perfect scenario would be for us to bring in a couple of good CB's but will we do that? I can't see it I really can't - they are hard to come by these days, our defending is terrible but it's not just ours and that's what people need to understand more of, what team has incredible defending these days? I can't think of one.

There's a lot better then ours but not exactly unbelievable, every teams defence needs improvement no matter what team you look at. We need reinforcements that's for sure but it won't solve the problem overnight.

We're in the toughest league in Europe, with top quality teams spending money left right and center, to me it's not about money it's about quality look at Mane, Salah, Coutinho to mention just a few, all of which was bargains. If only we can get a few good bargains on some defenders we'd be laughing. Matter of time in my opinion, but Klopp deserves respect/ patience. He isn't a magician, we need to get behind him and the team no matter what happens this season and give them the time to get things sorted out.

Apart from our attacking midfielders we have a very average squad with such a defence, until that is sorted we aren't going anywhere but we're used to this so it's no big deal in my opinion, onwards and upwards? I don't feel like we're going backwards, I feel Klopp is taking us forward, if I'm wrong then fair enough but I think he has his plans and I fully believe in him.

08 Oct 2017 07:46:35
Klopp is taking us forward, no doubt as the numbers prove that. Could we be further ahead of the curve now? Of course BUT this is the real world where things are not black and white and magic wands cannot be used to just make what you want happen. We don't have City, Utd and Chelsea money to spend at will, Fact. What we do have is a manager who is a builder and who the owners have backed completely. If we wanna win the PL, we will have to actually build from the ground up and show improvement every season under Klopp with CL footie and then, mount a real challenge.

That is exactly what Poch is doing at Spurs and has still won nothing in his 4th season. Why aren't the Spurs fans calling for his head? Cos they are not stupid and they know where they were when he got there with mess AVB and Dim Sherwood left there before Poch came to them. BUT after two years, some of our fans want Klopp gone cos he did not win the PL fast enough for them. Yeah, these are the people we have to deal with.

Bottom line is that we are going to have to learn how to walk before we run and that is what Klopp is trying to do and that may be poison for some fans BUT we've waited for 27 years for the PL so what will another few years of waiting change? Up the Pool!

08 Oct 2017 07:47:01
On another note, Great posts on this thread. I just love it, with people posting some really sensible stuff laced with objectivity, perspective and offering real solutions to real problems. Bravo, lads.

08 Oct 2017 08:35:51
Well said Bingo, couldn't agree more mate.

08 Oct 2017 13:18:11
10 league games, then you assess how the season is looking.



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