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16 Oct 2017 14:26:01
Who screamed at the tv when klopp took of couts and salah for ox and sturridge. why didn't he take of gini who has been poor.

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16 Oct 2017 15:55:01
I thought Gini had a good game. Klopp would also have been slaughtered on here for being naive if he changed the midfield 3 and we lost. He instead chose to leave the back 4 well protected and hope that our dominance would pay dividends, it didn't on this occasion however I'm reasonably content with the draw, especially with a cleansheet.

16 Oct 2017 16:19:29
So Klopp keeps it more balanced and keeps clean sheet now he's to conservative! Klopp Has been slaughtered by media and a lot on here, to have more protection for cbks now media and some on here saying should have taken one of the players offering protection incase of counter attack off to put another attacking player on. can't win!

16 Oct 2017 16:29:41
Mourinho actually said in his interview that he was waiting for Klopp to do that which is when he would go for the win. Klopp did the right thing by bringing on fresh legs. The system was working. That’s the benefit of a strong bench in these key (match winning) positions. Side note- AOC looked lively.

16 Oct 2017 16:58:36
OP, you are right. You just broke t=your TV for no reason. Klopp simply can't win with some of you on here. Had he done that an Utd stole a goal like Mou had anticipated, you would be screaming on here that Klopp got schooled. Klopp does not fall for that and you are still mad. Make up your mind, bro.

Did you not see that all 3 of those players were knackered and dead on their feet at that moment when they were subbed off? Also, Klopp was smart enough to make sure that yes, we probe and try to score BUT keep the back 4 protected and secure the point at least, if you can't win.

16 Oct 2017 19:09:46
Good post there bingo. The boys who came off were shattered, they needed to be taken off.

16 Oct 2017 19:36:27
Klopp did the right thing. He got a draw at home and will get another draw at wembley and we will slowly climb the ladder towards CL. He will also get us a draw against Maribor! 33 draws means survival ha ha ha.

16 Oct 2017 19:42:53
Thing is we drew 0-0. No one schooled anyone both teams want to compete for the title. A draw suited Utd more away from home and a draw for us simply means we are now sat in 8th, with 3 wins in 8 league games and 1 win in the last 8. No matter how you try and dress it up it was a bad result for us. I don't care about what it was for Utd or how they play football they are of no concern to me.

16 Oct 2017 21:02:24
The were the opposition Jayden, how they play impacts the game. 2 points off 4th. 1 win isn't good enough but take in the full picture mate.

16 Oct 2017 21:23:37
Andy I understand what you're saying mate but the full picture to me is the other 4 league games we dropped points in previously and the fact we have 1 win in last 8 games. A draw against Utd is not a bad result normally. But due to previous results then it was a must win. Any home game under these current circumstances is a must win regardless of the opposition. They parked the bus and came not to play. We hardly beat their door down trying to win it.

16 Oct 2017 22:19:03
Jayden, this early in the season, it was more of a must-not-lose than a must win and that is how it played out, based on our form going into it. A loss would have been a disaster and we all know that so enough with the "this is a must win game as we were at home" stuff cos that did not apply here cos we are in a sticky patch and confidence is low.

We probed and tried to create chances and we did even tho, we all knew they would not be a lot. We did not take them and that is still a concern. Either way, there are 30 games left and had we won, NOTHING would have been won nor decided to why chase a game all gung-ho and then get scored on off a counter? When Klopp does this type of calculating, they say he should have gone for it more. When he goes for it and we get sucker-punched, you say he should have been more pragmatic. You people need to make up your minds cos the guy can't win.

Also, NOTHING has been decided yet and we are on point from 4th and 4 points from Spurs in 3rd who we play next week and we have a near spotless record against them (unbeaten in the PL since 2012). The one win in 8 thing is of no relevance to me at this point cos at the same time, we have lost just 2 games in 13 this season and Klopp has lost 4 of his last 26 league games. See how I could use stats to paint a rosy picture? We take the point and mocve on to Maribor tmrw. YNWA!

16 Oct 2017 23:05:58
Bingo you're using last seasons stats to fight an argument. And even going back as far as 2012 to predict a result against Spurs 🤦🏻‍♂. That my friend is called clutching at straws.

17 Oct 2017 06:20:58
Last season counts nothing, Next season also counts nothing. What matters is now! People need to stop comparing ourself to last season! It’s pointless and baseless.

{Ed001's Note - but its not, that is how you see whether progress is being made or not.}

17 Oct 2017 08:42:08
Harry, you mean like you keep comparing Klopp's team to Rafa's team of near a decade ago? Nonsense. The past only counts for you when it suits you but when it does not, it should not count nor matter. You've exposed yourself again to the kind of response that your contradictory comments invite but I guess you'll just going to whine about it. How can you measure progress if you don't look at the recent past? Oh, that does not count when it is Klopp but when it is Rafa, you are able to compare even his Valencia days to Klopp's current days at LFC.

Jayden, how can you know where you are or where you are going if you don't refer to the recent past to gather information and learn the lessons therein? The fact is that Spurs is yet to beat us under Poch cos we are a matchup nightmare for his side. Fact. We are the only team that they cannot bully nor overpower and history as recent as last 2 seasons (5 games vs Spurs and 2 wins, 2 draws and NO losses) proves that. Does that mean we will win on Sun? No. Does it mean we have a good chance of winning? Yes as our boys are NOT scared of them.

17 Oct 2017 08:42:28
Thank you, Ed01 for that great response by the way.

17 Oct 2017 10:41:35
Not me. Couts was shot and Salah just couldn't find the net. Ox should've been starting over Wijnaldum and then we can play Coutinho deeper IMO.

17 Oct 2017 13:33:35
The only thing wrong with the subs was the timing, they were needed 10 minutes before.



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