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21 Oct 2017 16:49:51
Here Ed001 good call about Mykitarian he really isn't all that at all. I think we dodged a bullet mate.

{Ed001's Note - I am a bit surprised how bad he has been though.}

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21 Oct 2017 16:57:39
I thought he'd be brilliant to be fair, he's far from it, glad we didn't get him.

21 Oct 2017 17:53:38
Obviously you don't become a bad player over night Ed but he really is terrible at the moment.

{Ed025's Note - hes the second worst player in the prem barry...your ox is out on his own at No 1 mate..

21 Oct 2017 17:59:30
Ah hello Ed025!How is life in Southern Comfort land?

{Ed025's Note - its good thanks barry, weather is crap though and im sure you know that quite well living in louth though mate..

21 Oct 2017 18:08:16
Ed25 😂. Im pretty sure a few Everton players will be pushing Ox for that title. When is Sigurdsson due to make his footballing debut for you anyway after his big money move 😉.

{Ed025's Note - i dont count any of our mob it was about footballers mate..

21 Oct 2017 18:17:08
Ahh tell me about it. I made sure I was well stocked up with a pallet or two of Jim Beam just in case mate.

{Ed025's Note - being wet inside sure beats the hell of being wet outside barry.. enjoy mate..

21 Oct 2017 18:31:15
Cheers Ed.

21 Oct 2017 18:39:22
Ed25 😂 Great response. looking at the table though it's not all that doom and gloom for you. A couple of wins and you could find yourself in the top half of the table.

{Ed025's Note - its getting them couple of wins though jayden, we dont actually look like scoring never mind winning at the moment mate, its a very difficult time for the boys in blue at the moment..

21 Oct 2017 20:16:46

Never expected you will say this say.

Micky has been Armenian player of the year and shined at Dortmund before.

His form may be off but comparing him against Ox and saying 2nd worst playet in PL is going over board.

And our fans celebrating for not getting him is silly.

This is the same fans going ga ga over Can, Moreno etc.


{Ed025's Note - i may have been a bit over the top sami but he has been awful mate, he has talent thats for sure, but he has to start producing week in week out or he will just go down as a wasted talent who never cut it in the prem..

21 Oct 2017 19:52:13
Ed what's your take on the VVD situation? Surely JK will/ should have a plan B if VVD doesn't happen.

{Ed001's Note - should and I would hope will, but I am not so sure he does.}

21 Oct 2017 20:49:35
samikewell hows it silly us been happy not getting a player who obviously can't handle the premier league? I don't think that's silly mate it's sense is it not? He was a good player but he isn't in this league, so I think we can count our blessings he's at Utd.

As for VVD Barry mate, personally I don't think we'll get him so I hope he has other players in mind otherwise it's a problem lol but trying not to let my brain go into overdrive about the CB situation right now, we need reinforcements, good ones, biggest problem here is there aren't that many free/ good ones about these days but I'm no scout, let's hope they find a couple of gems in Jan/ summer :)

21 Oct 2017 21:59:23
Corleone that is something that I can't get my head around why did he not have a back up CB to sign in case the VVD deal fell through which lol it bloody did mate.

21 Oct 2017 22:22:04
Yes me too mate, no matter what position needs strengthening there surely should always be a second or even third options ready to fall back on.

22 Oct 2017 00:32:46
I think he will get better, the man u player who's name I can't spell.

22 Oct 2017 03:59:22
You mean Shaw? Haha.

I know it would be hard but I would love to see us offer up big time for either one of the Tottenham CBs. surely they’d be tempted with a big move and salary.

22 Oct 2017 06:40:49
Mkhitaryan is world class on his day. Unfortunately for him, those days come very few times in a season. On his off days, he would be lucky to make the Everton match day squad, he can be that bad.
Also, Im not sure Jose is the right manager for him. He needs someone to back him up all the time and coax the best out of him, more of a motivator.

22 Oct 2017 07:33:58
Maybe the passengers don't agree with the driver of the bus about the direction he is taking them,

22 Oct 2017 10:48:31
I've even seen the arguement of 'miki' over Coutinho put forward by some Manchester United fans. Always raises a chuckle.

22 Oct 2017 13:35:43
Sure I heard somewhere that he can't be bothered if he's not up to it, but if he feels like it, he can be a master. Alas I think it's intrinsic in many modern day footballers.



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