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21 Oct 2017 20:27:19
Great start to the weekend united losing. I shouldn't be so bitter but I am. Great win for Huddersfield! Huge game tomorrow I'm hoping for a win but its going to be very tough. I see a lot of people calling for ox to come in and coutinho drop into the 3 man midfield but I think we should stick with the team that played Maribor except for Gomez to come in for TAA (better defensively) . I know wini hendo and can aren't the most glamorous to watch but against united we looked very solid and restricted them to very few chances. Same again boys except nick a goal or 6 too and make my weekend by finishing in the top 4.

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21 Oct 2017 20:42:17
It just shows you how crazy this league is, Huddersfield beating them is fantastic, utds last 2 league games now have been poor so long may it continue. Tomorrow will be a difficult game for both us and for Spurs, but we'll do it, I'm quite confident about this one. I know we absolutely annihilated Maribor but I think we need to do similar to a big team in the league and show others we mean business, let's do it to Spurs and get cracking on with the rest of the season!

21 Oct 2017 20:49:08
would like to see Milner keep his place tomorrow they looked more balanced with him in C. M but got a feeling Henderson will be back so more sideways and backwards passing from hendo.

21 Oct 2017 20:57:42
Our Record against top 6 teams is very good. So I expect us to win tomorrow. No excuses!

21 Oct 2017 21:21:16
And if we don’t you’ll be on here digging out the usual suspects.

21 Oct 2017 21:55:35
And if we don’t, We ll have one less usual excuse covered lol! “ We are very good against the top 6 teams and only struggle against the bus parking. ”.

21 Oct 2017 22:08:00
Good shout Harry missed you in the week when we won 😉.

21 Oct 2017 22:17:05
Back to business for utd. Title winners? Do me a favour. I don't think they will finish second either although their good start may help see them finish top four although even that is far from guaranteed.

I wish I shared everyone's optimism for tomorrow. We have a good record against them true but we are away and kane is in good form, so is their keeper. I think we need the win.

21 Oct 2017 23:05:53
More sideways and backwards passing. can I just say that a huge part of keeping the ball is to not give the ball away. This funnily enough means that sometimes you pass sideways and sometimes you backwards. You'll also find that you can pass forward doing this as well. Hendo's first thought is and will always be to get the ball forward hence why he always looks up to find a player in a more advanced position. This however isn't always on. Hope this clears up the negativity by a few on our club captain. I hope he returns tomorrow but I also hope Can plays where he plays best as a DM which will allow Hendo to play where further advanced. Either way I'm happy to have him anywhere. Good luck tomorrow reds. This post was by know way. meant as sarcasm. 👀.

21 Oct 2017 23:51:47
everyone has there own opinions on players and i respect yours on Henderson i just think they looked more balanced with Milner even emre can looked better this is just my opinion hopfully we bag 3 points tomorrow.

22 Oct 2017 01:58:09
Hendo does so much more than switch the play. His running off the ball is first class, his ball winning is as good as any midfielder in the league. He is involved in nearly every goal we score. Miner was great midweek and it's great to have these problems.

22 Oct 2017 02:17:00
CJ, please dun mislead people, Hendo first instinctbhas always been to pass back or side way. It's only on rare occasions. When its too convenient and obvious that he pass it forward. that's the problem with him. And he can't even dribble past my grandma for goodness sake.

{Ed001's Note - you are the one misleading people, get off Hendo's back. This nonsense about back passing and sideways passing is just that - nonsense. You are a boo boy who makes up lies to have a dig at a player you don't like.}

22 Oct 2017 03:54:45
You can’t compare Hendo playing in a deeper role with Milner playing in a more advanced role. Hendo’s role by definition is going to involve a lot of switching play and playing the percentages, while Milner’s role was to get forward and create chances knowing there was cover behind him.

First priority against Tottenham away from home should be to keep it solid in midfield and shut down the space for Erikson and to prevent dangerous balls into Kane, then look to use Salah, Firmino and Salah on the counter. I would go for Hendo deep, Can and Gini further forward, the bring Milner on for Gini if he’s not performing away from home.

22 Oct 2017 06:43:35
LOL! Did I Read Hendo always looks up forward for a pass? Hendeson looks up where he see a player which is 95% either Matip or Lovren why he pass backwards. He has no ability to turn the ball from own half and carry it forward something Can does brilliantly!
No one is booing him, it’s observation you ll see next time you watch him.

{Ed001's Note - that is simply not true, he can do it, he just doesn't because that is not his role in the team. He is there to keep it simple. That is what he is instructed to do, which is why he doesn't play the long raking passes unless they are defo on.}

22 Oct 2017 07:19:26
Which is what I explained in my previou post that he is not suited to play deep and his best attributes lies elsewhere. You are shonning him to a role which will see the end of his spell at the club! Instead of buying couple of players to sit deep we signed relatively 3 similar Henderson’s in Milner, Wijnaldum and now AOC ( however you look into it ) . Have you ever thought why we don’t progress as a team? This is the reason! We keep buying the same players over and over again!

{Ed001's Note - you said he can't do more and that he never looks up. The problem he has is the same one Lucas did in the deeper position, and almost every other player playing there. The options are limited as they are restricted from moving forward with the ball themselves. They are wholly reliant on movement ahead of them to give them an option to pass. The usual option, and mostly the best, is to go wider to create better angles and to drag the opposition around. The problem is that every time a midfielder in that role goes wide he gets stick for passing sideways when it is the right thing to do. You go to one side to draw the opponents over and create a gap on the opposite flank. It is not like a midfielder like that can do what Boufal did yesterday, so the options available are limited.}

22 Oct 2017 07:59:31
I also doubt his ability to play in the deep Ed01. He for me has none to play there! Lucas was a good stopper, read the game well and did the job what was asked out from him ( pre injury ) which is to stop any attack. Lucas was also a better passer and always liked to spread it forward.
Henderson has none of these qualities to play deep. Hence I would have never played him there! He is a compete misfit as a stopper of a deep playmaker.
Henderson for me is a like a scared kid on the pitch who pass it another guy and be safe! You got to take risk at times which he doesn’t.
Cam tries, at times he looses the ball but his intentions are always to start an attack by himself. Neither are good passer of the ball.

Now for a moment take out the passing stats, does he protect the defense enough? Absolutely NOT another task which he is asked to do in that role!

Henderson is one of those players who is good in quick one two with another player. But we have enough players to do that anyways!

He doesn’t have the confidence / ability in spraying passes when he is given time and space! Hence why our midfield struggles when opposition sit deep.

Just my view.

{Ed001's Note - he has the qualities though, the issue is not that, it is that it stifles his best qualities, the forward runs and the movement he has are useless in the role he plays.}

22 Oct 2017 09:09:13
Genuine question as I don't watch the England games. What role does Henderson play in them? If a different role does everyone see a different Hendo then who displays all these other qualities?

{Ed025's Note - he does exactly the same thing for them jayden imo "busy doing nothing" i describe it as, he touches the ball a lot and runs like the wind but never really achieves anything, im sure lots will disagree with me mate but i can only say what i see..

22 Oct 2017 10:16:42
He Plays alongside Dier and basically does nothing other than running around which was so boring that the midfield lacked creativity and the manger dropped him favor of Winks. I am 100% with Ed025 on Henderon. Absolutely limited player who wouldn’t get into any team above us.
7 years at the club and stil don’t know what his true position is. Just had one good season in which he was neither a deep creator or a playmaker.
I like him he is very passionate about the club and genuinely nice lad. But ubforntunately the bus stops there.

22 Oct 2017 10:47:39
I don't understand the dier hype either though! Redknapps joint 11 had dier in which baffled me I would rather have gini/ Henderson/ can/ Coutinho/ Ali/ dembele/ erikson dier is probably the worst midfielder either of us have.

{Ed001's Note - this is the problem, all of you only see attacking play and none of you understand the defensive side. It is because of that you all want Alli etc over the ones that defend. Dier is excellent at shielding a defence and is very good on the ball. His role is not about doing any more than having a good touch and protecting the back four.}

22 Oct 2017 13:28:16
When Henderson got that red against city, we lost the league. That should be evidence enough of the value of a fit and fighting Henderson. I think if he gets fit and played alongside keita next season, we might see the same player. And to be honest, I'd prefer an out of form Henderson to Milner against any other premier league team.

{Ed025's Note - an in form hendo is not worth a carrot aoe so what the hell an out of form one is i dread to think mate..

22 Oct 2017 13:37:59
You don’t understand the hype on Dier, Coz you clearly don’t understand the midfiled or the midfielders
You realize Ed01, why I insisted you to write that article 😎😎😎.

{Ed001's Note - and yet you criticised Hendo for sideways passing, despite knowing his role is to just move the ball quickly! People just only care about attacking, that is why the best player awards always go to forwards, they see a last ditch tackle as a great piece of defending, but only because they have not realised that the same player could have just positioned himself well and never needed to make the tackle at all.}

22 Oct 2017 13:55:48
Would Stevie G not have slipped then if Hendo had not been suspended.

22 Oct 2017 14:11:51
I criticize hendeson coz he doesn’t shield the defend enough. Henderson is not great on the ball either. I have seen the pair of Dier and Hendo it was schoking as well. He is no holding mid Hendo and I have said he should never play there. I also don’t rate his partner Wijnaldum either. In fact I don’t rate any of our midfielders.
They are all misfit hard core runners lacks quality on the role they should possess.

22 Oct 2017 15:18:12
I feel for you Ed1. There are opinions and then there are people who have no clue.

{Ed001's Note - sometimes it is just not worth bothering.}

22 Oct 2017 15:53:25
I think stevie g slipping cost us a goal in the first half of a game. Over the years I think gerrard has been guilty of quite a few things but losing us the league is not one of them. I think Henderson this season is a Henderson out of form. I think a Henderson in form - is our best midfielder regardless of what way he passes the ball. I rarely disagree with you ed 25 but I really do think he is invaluable to us and hopefully he gets 100% fit and proves himself (yet again) . As I've said before, my only issue is his composure in front of goal. I think he is well capable of getting more goals a season than he does.

{Ed025's Note - we will have to agree to disagree on this one aoe mate..

22 Oct 2017 18:18:02
So many times I’ve read on this forum people, so called Liverpool fans, referring to Gerrard’s slip against Chelsea costing us the title.

Is there a common illness that some suffer. short memory loss?

Did we not lose 2-nil?

Does no one recall the abysmal team performance when we lost 3-1 at Hull?

What about Kolo Toure’s inexplicable pass across the box to Victor “Barn Door” Anichebe in the last 10 mins away at West Brom when we threw away a 1-nil lead?

And let’s not forget the 3-3 draw at Palace after being 3-nil up!

All those games we dropped points in. We didn’t win the league when we beat City 3-2, so how can we have lost it against Chelsea?

I think there are those who can only repeat what dumbdits (pundits) and opposition fans say!

Rant over!



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