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23 Oct 2017 11:46:49
Does anyone know if Klopp had a period like this at BVB? And if and how he sorted it, it’ll be interesting to find out. Thanks.

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23 Oct 2017 12:27:20
There's a reason he had to leave he's beloved BVB.

23 Oct 2017 12:46:39
Contrary to common belief, Klopps first few seasons at Dortmund were all like this. He is a slow burner who builds a team, rather than a quick collector of individuals.

His final season at Dortmund went south as kopite7 alluded to, but there were a lot of factors behind that. Not least the fact that Bayern kept taking his best players off him every year, and his ridiculous injury list. They did recover and finish 7th that season anyway, but Klopp chose to resign. The board and the fans wanted him to stay because they are a well run club with decent supporters who appreciated what they had, rather than complained about what they didn't.

Klopp may never get it right here, but we all knew when he came in that he wasn't a quick fix so we need to at least give him the chance. Why people are going into melt down because just 2 years after he signed on, we have lost only our 3rd game in 15 matches this season, i don't know. Our record is 6 wins, 6 draws and 3 defeats despite a brutally harsh fixture list, Coutinho being absent in mind for most of it, Mane being physically absent for most of it, Henderson carrying an injury etc. How many teams in world football can honestly say they aren't weaker when their two best players and their captain aren't at the races? Madrid maybe? City possibly?

We really need everyone to be pulling in the same direction. You don't have to be oblivious to problems, mind you. Our goalkeeping situation is a mess because Mignolet is poor and Klopp won't act. Our defence is shambolic and littered with individual errors. Our midfield lacks balance largely due to injuries. Our forwards had a 7 game baron spell, again largely due to injury. If you don't like the rollercoaster, get off and give someone else your seat. We all signed up for this. I don't remember anyone except Ed002 being against Klopp signing. Clearly some people expected him to bring his Dortmund success without first going through his Dortmund building process 🙄 all will be forgotten when we win again so people just need to buckle up and enjoy the ride. I was so upset yesterday evening my missus told me i was being pathetic, so don't think i accept mediocrity. Sometimes, you just have to try and be a part of the development though, instead of willing it to fail so you can say "i told you so".

23 Oct 2017 12:59:33
Well said lad.

23 Oct 2017 13:14:30
Good read and we'll thought through post MK. The fast money and success clubs if the last decade or so and amount of media coverage and scrutiny has made it very difficult for clubs/ managers now. Time is not a thing that is given easily now. On saying that I feel Klopp needs to get tough with players who are continuing to underperform as his trust in them will ultimately be his downfall. I really like Klopp but want to see change in gk and some quality bought in to bolster the back4 and give it protection.

23 Oct 2017 13:45:11
Mk you again twisted all the stats to suit your case. 3 losses in 15 games?

23 Oct 2017 14:23:13
Crazy that isn't twisted. It's fact. We've played 15? Yes. We've lost 3? Yes.

Don't get upset because it doesn't fit your rhetoric. We've lost to the two best teams in the league, and we've lost a cup game nobody wants to be in. Cry me a river mate. The draws are frustrating, but not worth calling for Klopps head, or saying the season is over etc. Last i checked we are top of our CL group, not even kicked off in the FA cup, and 3 points off 4th place.

You need to give your head a wobble if you are throwing in the towel already. 2 years. That is all Klopp has had so far. He's made some shocking mistakes, but we're also back in the CL actually competing and have already had two cup finals. That hasn't been the case for the last 8 years.

Klopp does need to make some big calls or this time next year he could be facing serious pressure. But for now, patience is key and perspective is needed. Our so called awful start hasn't exactly cut us adrift in our League and CL groups.

23 Oct 2017 14:24:34
Mk lots of excuses there bud.

Injuries weren't only the reason he had to resign.

I posted couple of moths back when we had a bad patch last year a lot of BVB fans were asked for their opinions on klopp and surprisingly most of them were negatives.

23 Oct 2017 14:58:11
Excellent post, MK. At the time, I actually wanted Ancelotti to be appointed. Not because I didn't rate Klopp but I thought that he would be a riskier choice, given that he hadn't worked in England before, whereas CA had and we desperately needed to stabilise things. Overall I am satisfied with what Klopp has achieved during his brief time here and I believe that he is taking us in the right direction. Might be wishful thinking but I believe that we would do better to focus upon winning European trophies than winning the Premier League, given the squad depths and financial clout that the likes of City, Chelsea and United have. At this stage, I am okay with us just qualifying for the Champions League, given the competition out there in the Premier League.

23 Oct 2017 15:36:07
Seems a lot of problems still there from when Klopp came in, you didn't mention the lack of a goal scorer or the fact we have about 8 midfielders all cut from the same cloth, he deff needs more time but developing a Wenger stubborn streak isn't going to help him, Migs and Lovren need dropping for a prolonged period, possibly that should be their last game, I mentioned we had gone backwards the other month and got slaughtered for it but last year we were more than equal (apart from a bad couple months at xmas), now we are miles behind, not strengthening weak areas that have been obvious for years is my biggest problem with Klopp, he needs more time for sure.

23 Oct 2017 16:05:08
Great points MK, well said!

23 Oct 2017 16:05:16
Well said mk. The guy is talking sense and he states the truth. Because it doesn't fit with your rhetoric you call him a liar. If we won every game, every single game I for one would soon get bored. We all would actually. Sounds crazy but it's true. We love football because of the unknown, the possibilities. On match day one even stoke fans are optimistic.

I am no way calling for klopps head but I'm not happy with the GK situation. I think klopp is a good guy, he needs to be more ruthless, especially with migs. The guy has had chance after chance while the other gks keep clean sheet and get dropped, migs always looks hard done by on camera these days. It's doing my head in. I don't think it would be a bad idea to simply terminate his contract and eliminate the problem. Sorry migs but you have been letting us down all season mate.

23 Oct 2017 16:17:22
It feels a bit like all the top teams around us have moved on and are leaving us behind. Can and pc should have been sold. This year felt like a year of stop gaps before it even started. Knowing he's off in the summer can't be good for morale.

23 Oct 2017 17:59:42
Nothing wrong with klopp, decent manager that needs the right tools. Keita is a good start, overhaul the backline and bring im a reliable scorer and we are cool.

23 Oct 2017 20:44:58
Fair play it's a coming. No nonsense post and you're right. I would say we have a prolific goal scorer in salah but I get your point. I think we are cool for fbs Robertson moreno taa and Clyne with miner and gomes as cover. Keita is a sensational signing, shame he will be playing Europa league next year. Joke, still think we can get top four but we are going to have to play extremely well to make it now. I'm talking league winning form from now til end of season. Chelsea arsenal and us going for spot four and they both have head starts and are well capable of going the rest of the season unbeaten.



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