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29 Oct 2017 12:45:07
Hi Ed001,

Been a regular visitor here since 2009, seriously great stuff mate from you, all the eds and posters! The articles have been brilliant, keep 'em coming I say ;)

Anyway ed since you are doing the legends profile what do you think of Rui Costa? I (vaguely) remember him dribbling and it was so hard for people to take the ball off him. What's your view mate?

{Ed001's Note - to be honest, I never saw enough of him to judge him, I will add him to the legends list so I can spend some time watching him play. He was always highly rated, but I only got the chance to see him for Portugal and they always flattered to deceive in those days.}

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29 Oct 2017 12:57:42
Absolutely fantastic player good shout, I look forward to that one, I don't know much about his personal life but saw him play plenty and was brilliant. Will be good to read what you research on this fella ed mate.

{Ed001's Note - I am looking forward to researching him as I know little about him to be honest, I can only really remember how he looked.}

29 Oct 2017 13:09:45
Yeah I think you'll enjoy looking him up mate, definitely in the legend category.

{Ed001's Note - it will be a while though!}

29 Oct 2017 13:10:34
Wow that was a super quick reply ed, thanks for that! I agree, I remember watching them at the euros, shame considering the attacking wealth they had. I am guessing that kind of playmakers got phased out with the evolution in tactics? Something you would address in part 3 of the midfielders articles I hope? ;)

{Ed001's Note - ugh don't mention part 3, some idiot forgot to save it before an update made him reboot the comp. Not mentioning any names like, but total divvy move that one as it was pretty much finished at the time....}

29 Oct 2017 13:22:24
Is Luis Figo on the list Ed 01.

{Ed001's Note - yes mate. He is very much on the list.}

29 Oct 2017 13:24:09
I always remember him being the creative one for Fiorentina and laying ball through for batistusta to smash in on many occasions.

29 Oct 2017 13:25:57
Spot on, Corleone. Ed01, Rui Costa was a briljant player, a true legend. Rose from the Benfica acadamy before replacing another Portuguese god in Paulo Futre. Was part of the golden generation that gave us Joao Pinto, Luis Figo, Fernando Couto etc. Loved him a lot growing up.

{Ed001's Note - Paulo Futre, now there is a player that had been missed off the list until now!}

29 Oct 2017 13:48:26
Rui costa is one of my all time favourites. Spent a lot of time watching italian football as a kid and he was one of my idols.

29 Oct 2017 14:04:56
'{Ed001's Note - ugh don't mention part 3, some idiot forgot to save it before an update made him reboot the comp. Not mentioning any names like, but total divvy move that one as it was pretty much finished at the time. }'

Hahaha! I shouldn't laugh but I went through something very similar recently, it was either laughing or putting my PC through the window, got to laugh lol rage mode was engaged to say the least. Wasted around 4 hours of my life put it that way.

{Ed001's Note - I was just glad that I work on paper first or I would have lost a whole host of things, as I tend to work on 6 or 7 things at once. I usually do a little bit here, a little bit there and save it as I go but I wanted to get that one finished so just worked on it alone. I would say lesson learnt, but I tend to do something similar every time I reboot!}

29 Oct 2017 14:07:32
Oh no ed, that is painful. I am sure you would have no trouble recreating it.
Anyway looking forward to your profile on him and the other legends ed. Cheers.

{Ed001's Note - cheers Azk.}

29 Oct 2017 15:13:44
Good call getting the first draft on paper. I always do my essays on paper first. Anything can happen when we rely on machines mate.

Roberto di'Baggio would be an interesting legend. Not sure if you have done him yet.

{Ed001's Note - I write all my notes on paper anyway, that way I can continue to work on the articles when the comp is off or if the lekky goes off, comp breaks etc. Plus I find it makes it stick in my head better when writing rather than typing. What I type I forgot instantly but writing makes it sit there.

Baggio is on the list mate.}

29 Oct 2017 15:19:16
Wow Ed01, you do know your football, not that I ever doubted you. Futre is a protuguese football monument, near in the same breathe as the unrivaled Eusebio. I watched Futre play at the 1986 WC as well as his time at ATLETICO along with BERND Schuster and they totally destroyed RM in the 1992 Cup final with Futre scoring a blinder. I remember reading about how the Benfica fans were sad to see Futre go but he said an I quote, "Do not worry about me leaving. You have Rui Costa now". Boy, was he right.

{Ed001's Note - Schuster is a good shout for the list too. Added him to the list too. I vaguely remember him being a bit special. Mists of time looking back at these though to be honest, I was only a kid so it is just vague recollections.}

29 Oct 2017 15:36:02
Eusébio on that list Ed?

{Ed001's Note - defo mate.}

29 Oct 2017 15:36:24
Speaking of legends of Italian football is Totti on your list yet Ed001?

{Ed001's Note - yes mate he is on there. Me ma would never forgive me if he wasn't as she loved him. Only because she could wear a shirt with his name on the back admittedly.}

29 Oct 2017 15:39:53
Juan Valeron was a great player.

{Ed001's Note - I have added him to the list, I know nothing about him to be honest.}

29 Oct 2017 15:49:53
Are Johan Neeskens or Ruud Krol on your list? Krol especially. Very good attacking fullback.

{Ed001's Note - Neeskens is, another writer I know suggested him when we were discussing them and then went off and wrote his own article on him. If I could remember the link I would post it up so you could read it.
I have added Krol now, he was not on there.}

29 Oct 2017 16:02:05
Is Hagi on the list.

{Ed001's Note - yes mate. Do you think it is better if I post up the list for people to see who is on it?}

29 Oct 2017 16:12:42
That would be wicked plus save you a lot of hassle replying to multiple posts like mine.

{Ed001's Note - ok will do that now.}

29 Oct 2017 16:15:13
I asked about Pirlo and it never came through.

Here we were used to see and praise the Gerard’s and Lampards but Pirlo was on a different level.


{Ed001's Note - I was never the biggest fan of Pirlo, fantastic on the ball but so lazy off it. I don't mind a player not killing himself chasing back when he is as good on the ball as him, but he would actively avoid even getting his body in the way of an attacking run. Not a patch on Alonso, who was at least his equal on the ball. However I will put my personal feelings aside when I do the legends article for him.}

29 Oct 2017 17:05:17
One from left field, Johnny Haynes. England Captain up to the 66 World Cup and many thought he was still England’s best player when he retired from ain’t football and Charlton took over, would be very interested to know more about him. Possibly England’s best forgotten player.

{Ed001's Note - good shout that one.}

29 Oct 2017 17:20:25
Pirlo won Italy a World Cup mate . Cannavaro is secondary . Or do I say materazzi won them a cup!

29 Oct 2017 17:16:46
Is Jimmy traore on that list.

{Ed001's Note - ah somehow he seems to have been overlooked. Shocking no one has put his name forward before. Obviously his mother doesn't read the site....

By the way, the list is on the others page now.}

29 Oct 2017 18:29:14
thanks Ed01.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate.}

29 Oct 2017 18:48:47
Have to ask ed is Enzo Fransecoli on there? Uruguayan midfielder such a classy player.

{Ed001's Note - he is now mate.}

30 Oct 2017 02:04:56
Also ed if you don't mind doing one of fernando redondo one of my favourite players.

{Ed001's Note - added him to the list, shocked he wasn't already on there as his name keeps popping up in research for other articles.}

30 Oct 2017 02:36:34
wheres the list? I remember ruben sosa scoring free kicks almost every week- amazing player, Enzo Scifo was such a cultured footballer and dragon stoikovich being great but I think injuries hampered him. one other that I think should have been a great was Redondo, played in the centre for Madrid but didn't get as much recognition for argentina as the coach wouldn't pick players with long hair!

{Ed001's Note - the list is on the others page though I am going to have to repost it with all the additions soon!}

30 Oct 2017 07:29:02
Mornin Ed!
Can you add Fabrizio Ravanelli-The silver Ghost.

{Ed001's Note - added.}

30 Oct 2017 08:21:24
Thank you sir! :)

{Ed001's Note - very welcome.}



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