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11 Nov 2017 10:35:37
If Coutinho is sold in January, will a replacement also be brought in, in January? Hypothetically speaking.

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11 Nov 2017 11:08:54
I hope we don't. I don't think we need to replace him right now, we've proved this season he isn't 100% needed, we have coped without him. Id rather us wait till the summer, give woodburn a chance and prioritise a CB in Jan.

11 Nov 2017 11:16:28
I get what your saying corleone but if replacing him properly means a top 4 finish and not replacing him means we miss out. I'd like to definitely replace him and build on last seasons finish.

11 Nov 2017 11:16:56
Hopefully strengthen the defence, maybe a defensive midfielder aswell.

11 Nov 2017 11:21:34
Only if the right player can be bought. No point bloating the squad by buying for the sake of it. I'm sure klopp has an idea of who he wants to replace coutinho. I think a deal for coutinho might be struck in Jan but he won't leave till the summer. Vvd a must in Jan for me though selling coutinho or not.

11 Nov 2017 11:37:23
If the player targeted to replace him can't be bought in January, shouldn't we wait and sell him in the summer? It seems apparent that he wants out asap, but by not bringing a replacement when he does leave I believe would weaken the side quite abit.

11 Nov 2017 12:47:00
We brought in Salah which effectively replaces where he used to play on the wing, and Ox who can cover at wing or midfield, and Keita who will be coming next season to start in the box-to-box role.

I think if he leaves in January, it would be a shame, but I see no point in bringing in someone else just for 6 months until Keita joins. just let Gini / Lallana start and then use Can as backup, and Milner / Grujic if necessary.

The biggest problems we have are still at CB, and once Can leaves we will be short in deep midfield. We should focus on bringing in a CB in January and then a defensive midfield in the summer and I'm fairly happy. Quality over Quantity please!

11 Nov 2017 12:56:32
I’d look at bringing a player like Max Meyer. For me it’s the perfect time to bring in someone like Meyer who’s younger and not have too much pressure on him as we don’t need coutinho at the moment to win games. He can come in start games or be eased into the midfield three. Though that being said I’d Lemar right away. From the games I’ve watched him in he’d fit way we play really well, technically good and full of energy.

11 Nov 2017 13:31:25
Jordz. Max Meyer is not the replacement for me. Coutinho is in a different league to him. Max meyer is a decent player but he is like 21/ 22 and to be honest woodurn at 18 looks just as good. Not saying woodburn to replace coutinho right now but I believe we have a really special talent that should be getting easily 10-15 mins of premier league footie every week. Let's not forget keita is to come in, Lallana is to come back from injury and we wini hendo can (gone in the summer) milner grujic ox if needed there also. Lemar is an excellent shout tho. Fantastic player from what I've seen but for me if we sold coutinho for x amount a top centre back is top of that list as it is a priority in my eyes. Gk too if klopp doesn't rate ward or karius as eds said he clearly doesn't rate mignolet but that's a whole different debate.

11 Nov 2017 13:54:54
Steph. I think the way coutinho is playing at the min well was playing he is injured now apparently but will see on Tuesday how injured he is anyway the way coutinho was playing for himself not the team really weakens us. I agree his head or heart isn't here anymore. I would of got rid in the summer to be honest but respected the decision by the club and klopp to keep him. Was hoping he was going to do a Suarez and up his game to the next level get us into the champions league again and then leave for Barcelona then everyone would be happy. If he wants to leave the best club in the world to go play for a team of pensioners/ criminals leave him too it. We have lost better players than coutinho we will be fine. YNWA.

11 Nov 2017 14:38:53
I agree, IR89. Jordz, everyone seems to be all in with Max Meyer. I disagree, totally. I have seen him play for Schalke, and for Germany for the U-21's and in the last Olympics and sorry, he is not not anywhere close to Cou's league. He is 2/ 3 years younger than Cou and is still trying to get to Cou's level of 2 seasons ago. He is simply not good enough. I would rathersaign Brandt for his replacement even tho he's a diff. player and even if I think we will be fine w/ o a replacement till the summer if he indeed goes in Jan.

11 Nov 2017 15:53:20
The last thing we need is to sell our most influential player which might cost us a CL finish. What if Salah’s gets injured?
Brandt is a good player, someone klopp wanted last summer. I ll signs him next summer.

11 Nov 2017 16:09:30
Tbh IR89 I would be more than happy to see woodburn get more game time and spending on the defence. Just don't see that happening as he is not even getting a chance on the first team bench at the moment.

Loris I agree Meyer is not as good as Coutinho currently. But do think it is early to right him off, debruyne and coutinho only just coming in to there prime now at 25/ 26. I don't see a need for a replacement just someone that we can look to be there in a year or two. Whether that be woodburn or a younger player from Europe.

11 Nov 2017 17:18:04
Sideways Henderson. Salah our most influential player isn't going nowhere so don't lose any sleep over that. Joking aside coutinho is a fantastic player one when in top form would grace any team in world football. BUT I can see why klopp was willing to sell him in the summer as he is becoming a bit of a nuisance/ distraction to the team. I know you mentioned stats there played 4 scored 2 and 2 assist but be honest, as good as that stat looks it doesn't tell the full story. Coutinho has been a shadow of the player he is and we all love. His head and heart is not with us anymore. You say selling him would be a risk of getting top 4 but its not a dead cert if he stays also. We have lost better players than coutinho down the years but I'm sure klopp has in his head who he wants/ needs which is all that matters. Keep the faith man YNWA.

11 Nov 2017 17:21:05
We have the replacement for Coutinho already. Firminio, what we need is a quality striker to replace Sturridge and Origi and to bring Solanke into things more.

11 Nov 2017 17:31:11
Couldn't agree more Loris, Max Meyer is nowhere close to being good enough to replace Coutinho. He'll come sit on the bench for 2 seasons and leave for a loss on what we pay for him.

11 Nov 2017 17:35:07
Obviously. Can you imagine letting our best player go and not bring anyone in the fans would have a meltdown.

11 Nov 2017 19:24:07
You are wrong, Harry. What is wrong would be if we tried to keep a player who is clearly no longer with us against his will. That is what would be wrong. Also, Cou WAS our most influential player. He no longer is. That would be Salah, followed very closely by Firmino and Mane who are going nowhere and w/ o Cou we are 5th 4 points off 2nd so CL is definitely on. Even tho he has scored some goals for us, you simply cannot compare his output this season with that of last season. He was in the running for the PL Player of the year at this time last season. Clearly, that is not happening now as he was dreadful vs Spurs cos he did not even bother the whole game.

I know you love the guy and so do I BUT sorry, you are defending the indefensible and just throwing up excuses for his disgraceful behavior. I would like for you to show the same kind of support you show Cou, to our captain Hendo who actually, is dedicated to LFC and gives his all every time he plays even through pain and injury BUT I won't be holding my breathe for that to happen.

11 Nov 2017 23:39:28
Don't think replacing or not makes top 4 finish. Sorting out GK and defending (not just defenders) is more likley to decide it.

11 Nov 2017 23:59:44
If Coutinho goes, I won't look for a like replacement. I'll go for Leon Goreztka.
But then, even if Coutinho stays, I'll still go for Goreztka.

12 Nov 2017 09:03:26
Realtofel if Goretzka is to come, someone has to go and since Can is leaving, Goretzka will not be needed as his replacement is already on his way: Naby Keita.



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