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02 May 2017 23:17:46
The Ox is a done deal.

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02 May 2017 23:43:31
Said this a couple of weeks ago. He's been spotted in Merseyside looking for a house too.

03 May 2017 00:20:04
Seen him buying the Echo.

{Ed007's Note - I seen John Revolting in Merseyside looking for a house....

03 May 2017 08:42:39
Any truth to this ed?


{Ed001's Note - no, there is no 'done deal' for the Ox with anyone.}

03 May 2017 08:54:15
Cheers ed,

Do you think we'll try too bring him in this summer?

{Ed001's Note - I don't honestly know, Klopp likes him but not many others at the club think signing him is a good idea. I really hope we are not going to go down that route, but it is too early to say right now as there are lots of options on the table that have yet to be whittled down and won't be until we know whether or not we have Champions League next season.}

03 May 2017 09:14:23
Cheers for update ed. So there is at least some level of interest there. Not sure were he would play tbh though.

{Ed001's Note - Klopp likes his versatility, he could cover midfield and wide forward position.}

03 May 2017 09:15:34
Cheers ed.

I think if we win against Southampton this Sunday, and Arsenal and United draw, I think it's pretty much a certainty that we'll qualify for the CL.

{Ed001's Note - nothing is ever certain in football, other than Barca and Real Madrid get all the decisions their way.....}

03 May 2017 09:16:28
If Koop likes him then that's good enough. Maybe he thinks he can turn his potential into actual ability. I think he would be a good signing.

03 May 2017 09:23:08
Indeed. I shouldn't jinx it, but this weekends results was huge for us.

{Ed001's Note - it was still only three points.}

03 May 2017 09:28:01
It was indeed, but The Mancs drawing put it all in our own hands.

{Ed001's Note - means nothing if we drop the ball....}

03 May 2017 09:41:43
At least we have the ball to drop again!

03 May 2017 09:48:36
I know a number of people don't like or understand this signing but I think it adds up. A few years back he was really highly rated and I remember watching him be Englands best player in a couple of games prior to the World Cup. Since then he has stagnated but then so have a number of the Arsenal players.

I also think that maybe Klopp is thinking about converting him to a full back position much in the same way that Man Utd have done with Valencia because as strong as Clyde is defensively he tends to get a lot of ball against the teams that pack out their defence.

03 May 2017 09:50:32
James Milner version 2.0. Another jack of all trades and spade of none!

03 May 2017 10:03:01

That's a disaster. He played a wing back against Spurs and both Davies and Son tore in a new trouser! Y don't we buy a full back instead. What's the pleasure you find playing someone out of their position? What would he add up to the team? How is he any better than Can or Grujic?
He possess 0 skills to play in the midfield ofcourse he RUNS like Horse or Sissokho!

03 May 2017 10:27:48
Ed, if the Ox did arrive, do you think he would be a good signing and do you think Klopp can improve him like he has done with others mate?

{Ed001's Note - not really. He has far too many injury problems for me to see him as anything other than a massive risk, especially as he is on a large wage, and is looking for a pay rise. Personally I expect him to stay at Arsenal and get a new contract and all the talk is just his agent trying to ensure they get the best deal by talking up the interest, as there has been no signs of us actually acting on it.}

03 May 2017 11:18:26
We should put an ox in goal.
It would definitely not get BULLY'd on crosses.

{Ed001's Note - groan.}

03 May 2017 12:41:21
what brand were the trousers they tore him harry?

03 May 2017 16:36:51
other than being available during the ANC (providing not injured) not entirely sure what he solves that a better player, e. g. Brandt wouldn't solve to a higher standard.

03 May 2017 20:42:47
UefaLona - I get no pleasure out of playing him full back. my point is when we play against some of the teams that park the bus i feel that we could do with full backs who can beat a man get to the byline and cross from a position much further up the pitch. We don't struggle against the top teams and have no problem with Clyne in those games.

04 May 2017 00:12:11

Correct. In that case let's buy an actual full back who can beat his man!

03 May 2017 23:37:52
Ed001, not criticising but curious as to your comment regarding the ox's injury record being a massive risk in signing him. By that logic Don't you think this is maybe why we should let Sturridge move on this summer? Don't get me wrong I don't want us to sign the ox and I still think Danny is our best striker and would love nothing more than to see him have an injury free run in the team but I just can't see it ever happening. if their not fit then what's the point right?

{Ed001's Note - we do not need to spend millions of pounds to sign Sturridge. Hardly the same thing.}

04 May 2017 08:47:05
People said this about Studge and Couts prior to us signing them and they have become two of our most important players of the last few years (injuries aside) . I think Ox would be a good signing and it would be nice to sign liverpool fans who actually want to play for us for a change. people forget his age and forget he is probably one of the best english prospects right now besides kane and alli who was also a liverpool fan that nobody wanted to sign because he was in the championship and most here wanted Will Hughes instead. my rule of thumb is if nobody here wants us to sign him they will probably turn out a worldy. if everyone here does want them they will probably be a flop.

04 May 2017 14:47:59
"Another jack of all trades and spade of none".
That's a new one on me, what does it mean?

04 May 2017 19:06:38
Where has the thing of him being a Liverpool fan come from? I know Walcott is but is Ox or are people just getting confused?



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