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22 May 2017 17:12:44
Hi Ed 001, I believe it was Friday you mentioned about giving a brief update on players liverpool have an interest in. Can I still expect it today or is this a ploy to get me to click into the site every five minutes. If so, it's working a treat let me tell ya.

{Ed001's Note - I will just do this quick, starting with the goalies:

Ward is to be decided, what happens with him will effect what happens with Manninger. The preferred option is to loan Ward out and give Manninger another one year contract as a back up.
Bogdan was surplus anyway but we could not offload him last summer, nothing has changed with regards to him.
Mignolet and Karius are to continue to fight over the number one shirt and the only incoming will be a veteran back up if Manninger decides not to stay.

Centre backs are likely to remain unchanged, with Klavan staying as back up and Gomez to fight for a starting berth. Sakho is likely to complete a permanent move to Palace.

Now to left back, we are very much looking at change here. First let's deal with James Milner. He wants to be a first choice player, he was never particularly keen on full back, but played it without moaning anyway. However he knows he is being replaced at left back and there is not really going to be a place for him in the first choice team. There will be no one pushing him out, but that was the reason he left Citeh, so I can't see him wanting to stay with us, even if he is happy at the club in general.
Moreno is one we are happy to sell, he is available but not much interest other than Sevilla and a couple of other Spanish clubs. Sevilla would love to take him back but money is the issue.
We have had so many left backs looked at, but the plan is to get two in. One young one which is preferably Sessegnon from Fulham to develop for the future and one ready made, which could be anyone from Mendy of Monaco to Robertson of Hull (though he is not first choice). There is also a very serious interest in Tymon from Hull. There is a large list of left backs we have looked at, so I won't list them now, I will put that together later in the week.

A replacement for Clyne is being sought, with TAA set to be the cover. Flanagan, Wisdom and Randall will be allowed to go. Nelson Semedo is one of interest but he looks likelier to end up at Man Utd. Cedric of Saints could follow the usual path, but Pereira does seem to be the favourite right now and is the one we are looking at most strongly.

That is the defence, I will do the midfield and attack now.}

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22 May 2017 19:42:03
Superb stuff. Nice taster to begin with.

Sessegnon and Perreira will do very nicely.

Not too sure about those 2 more senior left backs. Not all that impressed with mendy defensively. Superb going forward though. Think I'd like someone like Hector myself. Decent both ways. But obviously no interest being outside the mendy to robertson alphabetical range.

{Ed001's Note - Midfield:
Stewart is likely to go, Lucas could well be going too, and there is a search on for a central midfielder to come in. A recent look at Bakayoko has come to nothing, but that is the type of player we are looking for. Carvalho is another possibility, as is Paredes of Roma. I was also given the name of Diego Demme, though I know nothing of him or how he plays or even if he is defo for CM.

Right wing is likely to just see Markovic leave and no incomings, as TAA can play there, plus some of the other kids.

Left wing is where most of the movement will be, as Ojo and Woodburn etc are not see as ready. Harry Wilson's future is in the balance. It does seem to be all about Brandt to come in.

Forward is likely to be Luan incoming, then it depends on outs. Sturridge would be sold if the right offer comes in.

Anything else comes down to who gets big enough offers or asks to go. There is interest in a few, such as Coutinho. We are not looking to sell though.

I will sort out the full list of left backs when I get the chance.}

22 May 2017 19:58:59

I'm hopeful that Ward will stay and give Klopp another option to consider but unfortunately that looks unlikely. I think that the best thing for him would be to play regularly and be valued at a club. Huddersfield feels like that club. Would not be surprised if Klopp allows Ward to leave with the knowledge that he would be doing his close friend, Wagner, a favour. A shame because I thought he looked like a capable addition to the team.

Left back - You could tell from the last game that Milner did not seem particularly happy after the final whistle. Not stroppy, the man is an absolute professional, but more like distraught. The man was pushed to play in an unfamiliar position, was not happy about it and after everything he has gone through to help us into the Champions League it is almost a definite that he will be replaced. Milner knows this too. Would not be surprised if he was too leave, much like he did for City.

Moreno - Not much too say. Never given a look in because, despite how hard he worked in training, the man was rash and often times stupid. Decent going forward but that means very little when you have so many defensive weaknesses that have not been dealt with since coming from Spain. Best of luck to him, seems like he genuinely cares, but he does not have the mentality for a big club, in my opinion.

Mendy, that is a left back I rate very highly. Has been a force for Monaco down the left side, offensively speaking, and seems adept defensively too. Have not seen him play often, so am unsure about his concentration and consistency, but he would be a definitely upgrade, fingers crossed.

Sessegnon, would be the best youth signing at left back that the club could make. Young, English and from what I have seen has pace to burn and the energy and willingness to go up and down that line for the full 90. He also sprints back as fast as he sprints forward which is a good sign, lots of young full backs tend to trot back but he does not such thing. Still believe he needs a year or two to develop in the Championship. Perhaps a loan back at Fulham and then a decent prem side the next season could do the lad some good.

Robertson, I really hope we avoid him. He has worried me with his horrendous positioning every time I have watched him. Good going forward, especially his crossing and final ball, but he can often be caught out of position far up the field. Maybe Klopp can improve this, if he does then Robertson could be a useful option but still, in my opinion, far from a starter.

Tymon, have never seen him play, young player from Hull. I watched the Hull match last night and he was clearly out of his depth. The quality and laziness of his team mates did not help matters but he was responsible for 2 or 3 goals in their drumming by Man City.

Right back, Trent Alexander Arnold, for me, has the makings of a great option for us next season. Still unsure of his position but this for is a positive, young players often can only play in one position but Trent is not bogged down like that. He could be an excellent right back in the future, he's quick, defensively seems sound and has a very good delivery from crosses. The thing about Trent is that he doesn't just kick it into the box in hope, he puts the ball in an area for someone to run onto. The cross always swings towards the offensive player as well, a good technique for someone so young. Great back up, year or two and he could potentially be our starting right back.

Nelson Semedo, is a very, very good full back. A shame that United are likely to sign him because, when I have seen him, he has been something else. His pace is actually terrifying, there is quick and then there are players like Semedo. Has had a good season for Sporting and the next step for him would be to push himself into a top club. Unfortunately, looks like that top club will be United and not us. A real, damn shame.

Cedric, never been too impressed. I know he has been linked with top clubs, Barcelona, etc, but he has never really shown much to put him in that bracket. Good offensively, dependable defensively, decent balance for a full back but he would not really complement us, in my opinion. Offensively, at times, he struggles to make a decision when a simple one is open to him. Has had games where he plays brilliantly and others where he is rarely even seen. Not sure about this one.

Pereira, never seen him but have heard some positives about his performances this season. Guess we will wait and see. Versatility will also be an added bonus, can play both full back position. Decent cover but many say he would be our starting right back, if signed, fingers crossed that, if he signs, they are right.

Outs: It is a shame about Flanagan, if not for injuries I think he would be the kind of player Klopp loves; full of fight, hard working and defensively sound. However, injuries have robbed him of what could have been a really promising career. Not much was expected of him but he burst into the first team and made the right back position his. What could have been.

Other two, never progressed. Best of luck and hope they have decent careers.

Interesting defensive selections by Klopp and the recruitment team, quality in my opinion is clearly being sought this time. More importantly, these are players Klopp clearly wants which is a huge bonus. Klopp knows how to create a team, let him do it.

Looking forward to the midfield, wingers and strikers. Thanks once again for the update, this has been very informative.

22 May 2017 20:03:00
Thanks for the update ed001, highly appreciated. Personally I'd be stunned if we didn't sign a centre back, been told by numerous people who regularly have info that a centre back will definitely be arriving.

22 May 2017 20:14:53
Ed1 didn't you once say we had some interest in kieta? Has that now passed.

{Ed001's Note - sorry I forgot to put him in, I thought I had. That was just an oversight on my behalf. It has been a long day sorry.}

22 May 2017 20:59:53
Hi Ed, Diego Demme is very similar to Mascherano. Holding midfielder who can also play across the defence.

Not tall, but very strong. Like a little terrier. Strangely enough I caught glimpses of him trying to find footage of Keita and Werner. Looks a good little player.

22 May 2017 21:05:55
As a side note I just googled Semedo and he looks like Patrice Evra. On that alone he is a bad signing! Haha

I know it is another Saints players, but Soares would be a great alternative to Pereira. Weird that all of our right back targets are Portuguese!

22 May 2017 21:20:18
MK I'm fairly sure that Cedric is Cedric Soares.

22 May 2017 21:36:02
Love all the info from the eds. Genius. Sod the lottery numbers, could you next tell me when I'm going to get a bit off me missus?

{Ed025's Note - next sunday roller, bank holiday on the monday and i expect your morning glory to impress her and after your bit of DIY she will be like a bill posters bucket mate, plus venus is in line with something or other so the signs are positive.. :)

22 May 2017 22:51:11
Thanks for the updates, Ed.

Two left backs, one young and another more ready-made, sounds like a solid plan. Mendy's name has been mentioned a few times here in the last few days and from what I've seen of him this season, he's a very good player. Thing is, his attitude problems are quite well documented and I'm wondering whether this could prove to be a stumbling block.?

23 May 2017 00:33:00
Thanks Ed, brilliant wrap

Few thoughts

- happy with most of the thought process in our targets but frankly a bit shocked we are still not thinking about a CB. Lovren and Matip is just about OK as a CB partnership but hardly stellar, yet our backups are someone who's young and talented but been injured a whole season, and Klavan who's reasonable enough but panics when exposed to pace.

Think we are at great risk of being exposed if anyone is injured for any length of time. why not bring in one more and revisit in Jan?

- Any reason why we don't consider Milner at RB and just bring in Pereira plus a youngster at LB? Pretty sure Milner will be very effective on the right, and can let TAA develop under him. Pereira and Milner can also play both sides in case of injuries, and then bring through Sessegnon for the future.

I really think with Hendos injuries we need a stable experienced professional in the dressing room and Milner is it for me. I don't want to see him at LB or in midfield but RB seems made for him.

- with Can stepping up in deep midfield in Hendos absence, not sure we need another CM. Hendo and Can to cover deeper positions, Gini, Llalana, Coutinho and Grujic to cover further forward, do we really need another? Keita could be very effective but feels a luxury to me.

- upfront would love to see a top LW and clearly a priority to add some pace out wide as it was so obvious we lacked width without Mane or proper attacking FBs to get in behind. a fantastic LW could really set us up going forward.

- I'm on the fence about Sturridge. the man clearly has enormous talent and ability. I'm verging towards giving him another shot but if someone as strong as Lacazette comes along then I'd be tempted to go for the safer option and get someone with a better track record of getting on the pitch.

In short, four signings from
CB - Tah or VVD
2 x LB - Pereira and Sessegnon
LW - Brandt
And I'd be a very happy man

Keita and Luan would be bonus but neither a crucial piece of business IMO

Thanks for all the hard work on the site and another brilliant season. Good luck for the transfer window.

22 May 2017 23:02:06
Nothing on Ox either ed? Non starter?

{Ed007's Note - I think that's been covered by Ed002 somewhere, try the search function buddy.}

23 May 2017 00:12:33
Carvalho is one of the players Klopp is looking to bring in. There is every possibility it could be him this summer.

23 May 2017 00:25:02
Shame about Stewart, was given a real opportunity by Klopp last season but, for whatever reason, Klopp did not look to him this season at all. Seems like Klopp decided he wasn't of the quality required and ignored him. I can see him joining one of the promoted sides, in fact, I seem to remember rumours of Brighton. Might be wrong.

Lucas, great servant to the club and deserves a testimonial for sure. but this season advertised the need to move him on. He really struggled at times, Burnley especially, and showed his age by making some very rash and questionable tackles. Great player, in my opinion, for Liverpool but it is time to finally part and say our farewells.

We definitely need a more defensive midfielder now that Lucas has gone and all the options you provided are a definite upgrade. Paredes in particular would be my choice. The man is hard working, defensively sound, a fantastic passer of the ball and has the vision too match. He could add an extra dimension, spot Mane's forward runs and play it over for him to run onto. Would be a brilliant signing in my opinion, will have my fingers crossed.

Bakayoko, I've seen him play a few times this season and, despite all the hype, I wasn't exactly overawed by his performance. Maybe I was just unlucky to see him on an off day but I struggled to see why so many top clubs are interested in him. Then again, only seen him a handful of times.

Carvalho, I thought this player would go on to bigger things a year two ago but things have stagnated. I'm not too sure he would be a worthy addition, reminds me of Wanyama at times, all over the place and no discipline, and at others he is quality. I don't think he would be the right signing, had potential but it has suffered.

Diego Dimme, no idea who that is. Plays in the German league for RB Leipzig as a defensive mid but I have never noticed him when watching them. Usually spend my time watching Keita and Werner, who we had previous interest in, and Duje Caleta-Car when he plays. Must have missed something that the scouts saw because I honestly cannot recall him doing anything worthy of our attention.

Right wing, fair enough on this ins and outs. Markovic, I think we really ****ed up his career. A promising and entertaining right winger in his youth, Chelsea were interested too, but with a more reserved (and better) option offered, but Benfica wanted our higher offer. But we took this young promising winger and forced him to play right back, in an unfamiliar league and with a manager who clearly had no idea who he was or what his strengths were. Unfortunate, hope he fulfills the potential he had in his youth.

Left wing, Ojo and Woodburn are clearly not ready yet. One, too young (Woodburn) and the other has suffered because of recurring and potentially harmful injuries (Ojo) . Harry Wilson, how he has not recieved an opportunity after the performances he put in for the U23's I will never know. Decent player, Klopp does not see it though.

Brandt, seems like the only option Klopp has considered at left wing. I will have to trust his judgement, however, because I am not too sure about this player. Seen him once, not enough to form an opinion on, against England and he was woeful. Hopefully it was just a bad day, Klopp clearly sees something and the man has proven he can spot an eye for talent. We need a left winger and it looks like, if we can give him assurances of playing time, that he will be our man.

Forward, interesting. You say Luan is likely to be joining us, has anything been agreed, like certain papers were saying, or have negotiations just started?

Never seen Luan play before, except in the Olympic team for Brazil, where I think he had a pretty good tournament. Gabriel Jesus has proven his qualities in England and made many people take notice, especially Aguero, fingers crossed Luan will do the same. If the 30 million figure is real then I really hope he is the real deal, not seen him much so cannot speculate either way.

Hopefully Sturridge stays, but, honestly, I can see West Ham paying up whatever we want. Will be a shame to see him leave, on his day Sturridge is one of the best strikers in the prem, but injuries have cost him, big time.

Hopefully Coutinho stays too, we will not go far with selling our best players. I don't want Liverpool to turn into a feeding club for the big boys, it happened with Alonso, Suarez and Sterling. Refuses any attempts, and keeping Coutinho happy, will be a big step forward, in my opinion. It will shows players abroad and at the club that the board are behind the team and that they want us to go places. Fingers crossed he stays, the man has improved season by season. Who says he can't do that again?

Thanks for the updates, Ed. This puts certain things into perspective. It is obvious where the club is looking (Left back, in particular) and the players seem to be of a decent quality. Fingers crossed everything works out and we get the players that can push Liverpool into title contention.

22 May 2017 20:36:50
No worries ed thanks for the update.

22 May 2017 20:43:37
Hi Ed1,

really great post thanks. Does this mean though that we are happy with the CB we have?

{Ed001's Note - no, it means Gomez will be given a year to develop as we can't buy everything we need in one go.}

22 May 2017 20:44:28
And who would you personally sign ed (not necessarily someone we've looked at)?
For me (based on the list above) :

{Ed001's Note - pretty much the same.}

22 May 2017 21:06:40
Thanks Ed1. Is Luan first choice now then. Is he any good ed?

{Ed001's Note - difficult to say first choice. He is currently the one we are targeting though. I have never seen him play.}

22 May 2017 21:18:08
Great update as usual ed. Spot on mate. Will be happy with all of them tbh especially Peirea Brandt and Luan. With you saying Luan is likely is it fair to say there has been a development there as it was said Milan ( I think ) were trying to work things out for his transfer and we had not made any advances?

{Ed001's Note - does it not say most likely rather than just likely? It should do. Milan are having a similar problem to us, the 3rd party ownership. If it wasn't for that issue it is likely he would already have moved.}

22 May 2017 22:16:04
Thanks Ed001.

I would have thought Sakho would be sold. I think he needs replacing. 4 centre backs with one a kid who is coming back from serious injury and one who is very roost (Klavan) . It might be ok for a club with domestic competition only but it will be stretched if we go into CL knockouts.
I'd love to see Paredes come in but that might limit Can/ Grujic opportunities. I think Paredes would make a big difference to our team.
I'm not fussed about Brandt or any of the strikers. I think our strikers are fine, we just need to develop a way of getting them in the game against teams which park the bus. Brandt looks like a player but I'm not bowled over by him.
I like the diamond formation we played in our last 2 games. That worked well and saw good fluid movement.

23 May 2017 05:45:42
Thanks so much Ed!

For me it would be.

Mendy, Sessegnon, Pereira, Keita and Brandt (or Malcom if Brandt doesn't want to come to us)

MORENO, Clyne, Flano, Randall, Markovic, Stewart, Bogdan

Grujic, Wilson, Ojo, Ward (hopefully to Huddersfield for PL experience)

Personally, I would like to see Milner, Lucas and Studge stay, or 1 or 2 of them. I just think that with so many young players, and more coming in, it would be good to keep some senior players. I imagine Lucas would've been instrumental in helping Coutinho, Firmino and even Suarez adapt to life in England. and Studge s great with the youngsters I hear.

My 2 cents.


{Ed001's Note - Grujic would lose his work permit if he went out on loan I believe.}

23 May 2017 02:02:32
A bill posters bucket! Thanks for that ed mate 😂.

{Ed025's Note - your welcome mikey.. :)

23 May 2017 07:14:22
Oh I didn't know. Thanks for clarifying that Ed1. would be interesting to see who goes and how we line up if a CM like Keita comes in. I still dream of Gary Medel in that holding role and i know you're a fan too, Ed1 lol. Thanks again! :)

{Ed001's Note - I love Medel but the time for him has gone now, we need to find the next Pit Bull/Kante etc for the midfield, rather than keep hankering after the old one.}

23 May 2017 07:58:46
Agree Ed1. I like the fact that Keita can play holding, box-to-box and attacking. He'd be great but seems like a really tough one to get because of his club refusing to sell. Super excited to see new signings! Have a good one, Ed!

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate.}

23 May 2017 10:12:30
Ed I will be more than happy with something like -


But the only one I can't see room for or even needed is one of the CM players? Carvalho, Peredes, Kieta etc all good players but we seem stacked in that area unless one is leaving.

23 May 2017 12:52:35
Thanks for these great updates Ed, is there any interest in Milner from outside the club? I love the guy, but we do need a better LB for the team, but somehow hope he stays on, even as a squad player.

{Ed001's Note - there would be a fair few Prem clubs who would take him if he does ask to leave. Pulis would break the bank for him, if he keeps his job. Allardyce loves him too. Bournemouth, West Ham and Stoke would all happily take him too.}

23 May 2017 13:19:13
And what about Clyney, ed? He'll be off then? Any idea who's interested in him?
Thanks as always for the fascinating insight.

{Ed001's Note - to be honest I think he might return to Palace. They have funds, they are looking for a right back and he is still well liked there.}

23 May 2017 13:58:24
Thanks for the swift response, Ed01 mate. And is it simply because he isn't deemed effective enough in attack? Because I'd agree with that assessment. Or is there any other issue you're aware of?

{Ed001's Note - he is not deemed good enough full stop mate. He is weak defensively, positionally poor, dreadful in the air (which is why we see him no longer back for corners) and is not good enough on the ball.}

23 May 2017 14:30:30
haha, yeah fair enough mate. I won't shed too many tears. We should be looking for better than a 7/ 10 player, anyway. Although I will miss his big pineapple shaped head.

23 May 2017 21:54:44
Well for those like myself and the Ed's who have yet to see Diego Demme play, he is the the German squad for the Confed Cup this summer so hopefully, he will get a game.



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