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12 Jul 2017 11:34:00
Latest random name I've seen is us being linked with de vrij and now Wallace of lazio. Do the eds expect any news breaking on lfc anytime soon, bit dull so far this window.
On a side note the blow people's mind transfer being worked on worries me after the Rodgers announcing that fans will love a player he's going to sign who can beat a man etc etc it was borini!?!

{Ed002's Note - Lazio are still trying to get agreement with De Vrij over a new contract but they have increased their offer. Mendes has tried to get clubs interested in Wallace and has been pushing Real Madrid. Lazio is seen as a stepping stone after the mess with his ownership and the shell move to Braga.}

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12 Jul 2017 11:49:09
Blow people's minds transfer? Have I missed something? Who said That?

12 Jul 2017 12:30:00
Just be patient. You lot get more excited and nervous over the transfer window than you do actual matches. If we sign someone great, if we don't that's fine as well.

12 Jul 2017 12:30:26
no one. But if Mbappe is meeting with arsene wenger for 3 hours I can't help but think Klopp needs to get in there. If there is even the remotest chance that he will go to England we should make ourselves his first choice as we are the only club in champions league that can guarantee him first choice CF spot.

12 Jul 2017 12:50:30
He wouldn't have a guarantee first choice CF spot That's Firmino, and we have no idea how the lad will perform in his season he is better of staying at Monaco to get as much game time as he can.

12 Jul 2017 13:25:38
Firminho is not a natural cf and regardless. you would pick him over mbappe!? that is absolute crazy talk. I do however agree that he should stay at Monaco but we should do all to sign him when he is available.

12 Jul 2017 13:42:50
Yes I would pick him over Mbappe for Liverpool and how Klopp plays Firmino is the best choice for the CF role since his game brings so much more to the table and complements Mane and co so much better Mbappe is an unknown entity at the moment yes he scored some cracking goals in the champions league but you can't gauge him off one season don't get me wrong he is seriously talented and I would expect him to become a world beater but right now the money been touted for him is what 100mil +? no thank you Firmino is the better option for Liverpool.

12 Jul 2017 13:43:45
Too right there Yankee Red.

Transfer windows now assumed same importance as matches themselves. for the fans that is.

Some HBP meds be needed for some on here.

Everyone jus need to take a chill pill and let clube get on with its business.
To get so wrapped emotionally invested in this. Crazy. It's only a transfer window. not some UCL final or BPL title decider.

You get the feeling that folks' actual health be shot were Klopp not to sign another player this window.

Just relax will ya! Gon cause yourselves stroke.

12 Jul 2017 13:49:04
Who's Wallace?

What about his mate Grommet?

12 Jul 2017 15:33:56
True. Like I said yesterday, we need to get our skates on or we are going to miss out on our top targets. Kieta could join man city if we're not quick. Arsenal are talking to mbappe? I thought finishing above them was supposed to put us in prime position? SPEND THE MONEY. OR WE WILL END UP WITH SCRAPS.

12 Jul 2017 15:49:18
Sure I'll get a load of thumbs down for comment above. ....................

{Ed002's Note - This is just nonsense - you have to stop with it.}

12 Jul 2017 15:59:05
Yeah Yankee it's alright if all our rivals sign multiple world class players and we just sign Salah, for a team that struggled defensively all year. Why are so many happy to accept second best? We are in the CL (most likely) now and have a real opportunity to push on with quality in the right areas.

12 Jul 2017 16:08:16
Totally baffled why people are going hysterical when we aren't even half way through the window. We'll be fine guys. I'm not usually super optimistic but I have a gut feeling we will sign Keita very soon and VVD towards the end of the window. But if not, I still trust Klopp to do somehthing positive.

12 Jul 2017 16:13:13
Sorry ed but I'm getting worried. Remember klopp saying he wanted new signings completed early to give them a chance to settle. Sorry for getting carried away. We have a team that is already good enough to challenge for the title. If no one else joined I would still think we had a decent window as I think salah is going to light up the premiership.

{Ed002's Note - And now Klopp has switched his position as he can't get the players hge wants and says the fans have to wait.}

12 Jul 2017 16:20:09
Sorry everyone. Got carried away. Y. N. W. A.

12 Jul 2017 16:22:47
I tell you what, some of you lads must have the craziest lives. You all seem to read something on Twitter or on some of the dirt sheets and take it as gospel. If you want to come on the site and find out some of the rumours, then it is a perfect forum. However, if you want to come on here and slag off the club without a real understanding of what is going on, please don't bother. Transfers can come to fruition or collapse very quickly.

12 Jul 2017 16:42:04
Would never slag off the club. I love LFC. Again I apologise for getting carried away.

Think klopp is best manager we have had in a long time.

12 Jul 2017 18:15:50
Who really cares. Signings will happen when they happen. I'd like to focus on the players we have and have already signed. We have a great squad who can all improve. We have returning players. What's all the fuss. If Klopp wants to change what he says and does then good for him. He is the manager right. Everyone always speculates about what's going on but no one knows really. Looking forward to tonight.

13 Jul 2017 06:24:21
Everyone needs to take a chill pill. For the guys getting extremely excited or flapping then who cares. Their not causing anyone any harm. They're just enjoying the ride. There's far too many killjoys on here that love jumping on people's comments. Not sure how some people come to the assumption that their a better fan than the next person or they know more. We're all in it for the same thing. And after all aren't we meant to be the self proclaimed best fans in the world. Sometimes it's like loose women on here with all the bickering. Anyway I'll stop moaning and bickering now 😂.

13 Jul 2017 09:40:37
Superred91 stop apologizing bud you don't need to you where only have a debate with me about the pros and cons of Mbappe and firmino, nothing nasty was said! this is what this sight is about rumors and civil debates other players Liverpool and potentially interested in I think others have just jumped on the thread and picked out bits you moaning about not signing anyone Don't worry about it to much.

Anyway the windows just opened I'd be very happy if we just signed a LB and a CB now to help the defensive side of things we don't need anymore midfielders or strikers.

13 Jul 2017 13:12:25
Yes josh1568 I would pick firmino over mbappe anytime. firmino offers more in terms of his counter pressing abilities and his ability to play in certain midfield positions.

{Ed025's Note - but mbappe knows where the net is mate, bobby couldn,t hit a bulls arse with a banjo..



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