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02 Aug 2017 11:27:36
Hi Eds, do you think we'll reconsider our asking prices for the players who are up for sale? No one seems to be willing to match the 12m for Moreno/ Markovic and 30m for Sakho and I just can't see them being sold at those prices.
Moreno seems to be doing his best to get back into the team but the other two are certainly as good as gone.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool want to sell and will need to listen to any offers. They turned dow Stoke for Sakho expecting them to up their offer and they went elsewhere.}

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02 Aug 2017 18:25:58
After last night performance I would like us to keep moreno. He looked a different player from the guy who let seville walk through him. After europa league final moreno took a lot of stick and quite right (hugging ex teammates in tunnel! ) After that final he was very wobbly and I think that was coz the lad had taken the loss very hard and was carrying it's weight on his shoulders. Before the final he wasn't that bad and actually had some very good games. Last night he reminded me of a young John arne risse. He was awesome. It was like a new signing. Now he knows he has to fight for his place I think we will see him improve a lot, he is a young lad, getting better. After last night's performance 10 mil would be an absolute bargain for some. Don't think we could get 20 mil for him but that's what I would value him at. At least. Kent and TAA were brilliant and hope they get chances this season. taa is thought of as future midfielder and he should have stamped his claim on a place by season after next.

Can't understand why markovic and sahko haven't been snapped up yet. Both very good player who, for whatever reason, can't get a game for liverpool. Thought they both showed their class on loan last season. Some of the results palace got were crazy. Beating chelsea etc sahko did a lot towards those wins.

02 Aug 2017 18:37:22
You would keep him based on a pre-season friendly against a clearly unfit opposition? Mental.
He's not been good enough the whole time he's been here, he needs to be shipped out.

02 Aug 2017 18:41:38
Wouldn't it be better to judge him over last seasons league performances rather than a preseason friendly?

02 Aug 2017 18:47:45
Fickle city.

02 Aug 2017 18:48:06
That's very subjective. he's been inconsistent, but had some brilliant games too. Unfortunately for him inconsistency is punished more at left back than other positions.

02 Aug 2017 18:52:43
I'm with Superred on Moreno. He looks a different player. Who cares if it's pre-season? It's what the manager uses to assess players, so why not the fans. His delivery from the left was top notch and not too bad in defence either. I'd rather keep him than accept 10m for him.

02 Aug 2017 18:56:55
Out of Markovic, Sahko and Moreno it does seem Moreno gets way more playing time so Klopp does regard him higher than the other two.

02 Aug 2017 19:21:27
Judge him on his most recent performances. Good to see reds fans playing down last night's win. The must be unfit for us to beat them. Or they weren't trying. Could it just be the case that klopp has moulded a very good side who where just too good for Munich. They have won that little pre season tournament for the last six years or something. They wanted to win and had a whole squad to choose from. Can't all be unfit with season start days away.

If moreno can play at that level consistently then we should keep him. Consistency is something that can be taught. It's a psychological thing. If anything he is a good option from the bench if we are losing or just need a goal.

02 Aug 2017 20:48:05
Moreno is our 3rd best left back. behind a cm.

02 Aug 2017 21:19:47
He can't play at that level consistently that's the point superred, your making out as if we beat Munich in a champs league final, we beat them in a friendly that's little more than a fitness test, the result is completely irrelevant, Munich were really slow and sluggish, moreno had a great game because his fitness was up and he's a quick player anyway playing against a team that looked like it was playing in treacle.
I like the lad, I've met him a few times and I appreciate he tries his best but he's not good enough.

02 Aug 2017 22:46:46
Superred, you can't sell him for £10m, yet you want to ask for £20m min?

03 Aug 2017 00:39:45
Keep Moreno. why, friends with Phil. A happy Phil stays :)

03 Aug 2017 02:18:23
Moreno does have a heck of a left boot but Robertson has done well in his time on the pitch and our first choice has been injured for a chunk of preseason. Still think selling Moreno for less than a profit is bad business as he has improved since he got here and is still pretty young. It may be worth to him to move on if he feels he is third choice.

03 Aug 2017 07:09:30
Milner is caught out continuously at LB. No one says a word about it. Commentators just shut off their brains and talk about how reliable he is.

If Moreno put in the same performances as Milner last year he'd have been slaughtered.

03 Aug 2017 08:01:55
In this inflated transfer market let's see how many teams come in for him and how much they're prepared to pay.

03 Aug 2017 09:26:17
Moreno is a difficult one because what he showed against Bayern is exactly what we've been missing. My worry as others have said is can he do it consistently? Also when we are under pressure is he reliable enough defensively. History would suggest not.

03 Aug 2017 09:43:06
One game does not maketh a left back!

03 Aug 2017 12:42:10
Could it be that Klopp sees Milner as a CM next year? Seen as we've missed out on keita, so then have Robertson and Moreno battling for LB? Just a thought which could be true.

03 Aug 2017 13:03:29
Sakhos not fit I thought? If he can't pass a medical who's going to buy him. A load of two faced people on here. This page use to be full of how great he was, I always said he looked like Bambi on ice and a mistake waiting to happen. Where all you sakho lovers now apparently he's not worth what we want?

03 Aug 2017 13:08:09
Whilst I'm on the sakho rant, as the window shortens and clubs need players and they can't get other options bids will get made. If he's not fit and klopp won't play him it's hard to put him in the window.

03 Aug 2017 13:26:07
On the subject of Moreno, this seems a problem with our coaching to me, the lad has everything, pace, good feet, a good shot, set pieces and cross, and good attitude. He's rash and can get out of position but that is down to coaching and getting experience. hell probably end up in Milan with suso who we let go and shouldn't have.

03 Aug 2017 15:04:19
For Moreno, I think it's too little, too late. Consistently good in training but poor on the field is not something a competent manager would overlook. He played exceptionally well the other night, and he'll make a good purchase for someone if he continues on this trajectory.

03 Aug 2017 17:38:41
Ok I appreciate it was only one game and it was a friendly. Munich can't of been that unfit though can they? Season starts in a couple of days. He was good though wasn't he. He didn't look the donkey we all say he is. After the seville final I wrote him off. After ONE game. I dunno. When I wrote that post I was still buzzing from the win and now after tough athletic madrid game i've had time to think. Okay defencively he is suspect but I think that can be changed. You say Munich were running through treacle and again I say they had a whole squad to choose from and unlimited subs. We're they any less fit than us? I thought it was more a case of them pushing wing backs too far forward trying to force the issue and us not falling for it and, yes, moreno pace. His left foot is sweet and he does that quick intricate passing well. For our counter attacking game I think he works well. Not so sure about games when we are favourite and have a lot of possession. Don't think we should take ten for him. At that price we could sell him easily, just wait til window is nearly closed and teams have injuries or poor form, he will be sold easily. With a fairly thin squad though I think it is worth keeping him. At least one more year. You can say he is 3rd choice lb behind a cm but he started our toughest pre season game didn't he?

03 Aug 2017 19:06:20
Completely agree Superred.



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