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10 Aug 2017 20:47:45
Quedtion for the eds or anyone else that might be in the know. I think my soul is at ease with the little fella staying now and I'm buzzing! Do we know of any other legit possible targets that could join? I'm hearing ox (still not sure how i feel about that one) luan, obvs VVD and Keita seems be back on the scene but don't think there's any legs in them right now, well maybe VVD! Is there anyone were genuinely looking at making a bid for?

{Ed025's Note - so pipco is staying then uggers?..that is a complete guess on your part mate..

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10 Aug 2017 21:12:20
I'd say more of a hope and a prayer buddy. In all fairness tho I can't see it happening now unless Barcelona come back and just say here's the 222m we got for neymar or something else daft. There's a bit to much at stake with him going. Evertime I do feel alright about it tho you make me worry again. You playing with my emotions or you know something we all don't?

10 Aug 2017 22:10:50
I know being a blue you'd love to see him go Ed but even you must admit it's looking unlikely now. I just can't see him agitating for it and we won't let him go unless we get Keita perhaps. I'm quite calm about it really I don't think he'll go and the owners have shown they won't let him go unless we have a replacement. Uggers I'm with you mate 👍.

{Ed025's Note - im a massive couts fan ings and your wrong i dont want him to go to barca...i want him to go to united mate.. :)

10 Aug 2017 22:49:31
Yes ings I'm staying strong with you brother! Eds low blow with the Couts to Utd jibe tho jeezus!

10 Aug 2017 23:02:25
You would Ed you are their feeder club after all.

{Ed025's Note - i just really like couts and would like to see him win things mate, and lets be honest he will have a better chance of achieving that at united than at liverpool ings...FACT..

10 Aug 2017 23:17:22
Hang on Ed I think we must be talking about a different United. Did you mean Colchester? Or Oxford perhaps? I was talking about Man Utd, you know those overpaid muppets that finished 6th last season and helped 70,000 insomniacs finally get some sleep once a week.

{Ed025's Note - they have bought well ings and i expect them to finish higher than liverpool mate..

10 Aug 2017 23:23:59
Haha well Benitez if that was the case I think Utd would be the wrong club (granted they won the Europa) but look at their league form since Fergie left it has been woeful and that ish a FACT and it pains me to say that because laughing to hard hurts my sides :)

10 Aug 2017 23:29:24
As I said Ed you would, Everton fans are pretty much United fans really. When players sign for Everton they really hope that one day they might be able to play for Utd's first team ;-)

{Ed025's Note - i think all players think the same ings, they are after all the most successful club in english history and play good stuff as well, like it or not everyone is a closet united fan mate..

10 Aug 2017 23:39:47
ed025 got no friends.

{Ed025's Note - loads mate as it happens and a lot of them liverpudlians...did i tell you i work as a nowegian tourist guide..

10 Aug 2017 23:46:23
The most successful club in English history is Liverpool mate. They might have more league titles but the big one? Well we've only gone and won it 5 times! On a serious note the fact that you said Utd play good stuff makes me question your ability to be an ed! ED1 when is his next appraisal? I suggest extra Ed training might be needed.

{Ed025's Note - won it 5 times yada yada yada blah blah blah, the last one was the biggest fiddle in world sport ings, plus you should never have been in it in the first place as you never won your league..its supposed to be a champions trophy i thought..

11 Aug 2017 00:04:33
Not many on this site Ed.

{Ed025's Note - thats because you are all bitter mate..

11 Aug 2017 00:34:48
In fairness, not a hope utd start september with a better first 11 than us.

11 Aug 2017 00:46:11
It is what it is ed and we've won it 5 times. I just thank the lord I was born a red not a blue otherwise I'd be bitterly looking for reasons to dismiss any success Liverpool have had whilst secretly supporting Man Utd! I however have had the unbridled joy of my team winning the biggest prize in European football 5 times and you can not imagine the feeling when your captain lifts that trophy. If we never win it again I'm glad I've had that and let's be honest it's something that you will never experience. I feel sad for you for that.

11 Aug 2017 00:46:27
To be fair John I don't think anyone has many friends on this site. I know I don't know anybody on here. or do I? :)

11 Aug 2017 00:48:26
Utd getting matic worries me. a lot. they almost have the perfect mou team. still have crap CB's but they have everything else. and not like I can really talk with the state of ours haha. fingers crossed we can pull in some new talent and keep coutinho.

11 Aug 2017 01:26:20
Ed25 saying we are bitter from the people's bitter club themselves, you can't make laughter's like that up nowadays.

11 Aug 2017 02:40:34
Bro signing some one doesn't worries me untill they prove their worth i mean woth how much city and psg hav spent they should win evrything. and yes it will hurt us a lot but if Barcelona bidnsometng lik 125m pound we should sell coutinho. let's remember every player is replacable.

11 Aug 2017 02:45:31
I can't work out if you're joking scyven? Their fbs are crap as well as cbs. They have a good gk and St and decent cm, apart from that average. Also just sold their best player to Everton, Just to soothe jose's ego. Matic ain't that good at all. Give me Hendo ALL day.

11 Aug 2017 03:14:11
Also I don't think uggers first post is a total guess. It is probably based on the fact that even though Barcelona were willing to make coutinio the most expensive player in premiership history, we turned em down. To paraphrase my favourite ever comment on this site. "Jog on barca" effing brilliant. I'm sorry I can't reference my source, you know who you are. (Loved it) I too am pretty relaxed about it. I think it's pretty clear that unless we see most of neymar cash, klopp isn't selling. That is called "win win" situation.

11 Aug 2017 04:57:10
United played some of the worst football in the league at times last season and looked truly dreadful first half against Real Madrid last week, a game they lost. They did however with trophies and thus more successful. However, with the amount of money spent of players and salaries. Utd should do MUCH better. I think they'll struggle for top 4 this season. The midfield is so slow.

11 Aug 2017 00:21:04
Just barely.

Are united one of the 5 Elite clubs

Who are allowed to wear the ultimate club badge of distiction.

Are they one of the few clubs in Europe allowed to Keep the Eoropean champions trophy as a symbol of merit.

Didn't think so.

When any of your clubs can answer yes to any of the above questions then we may listen.

The only reason Utd have 1 more cup or title is by having sold their footballing soul and principles to the Special one bus parking company.

11 Aug 2017 01:02:11
Haha Ed25 you're on fire mate. to be fair to you, you're right and Utd have been the more successful club of late. The problem is that was all down to Fergie and now that he's gone they're playing complete tripe again and trying to buy back the glory days by overspending on individuals without any team ethic.

It's a bit like your fugly cousin won the lottery, married well for a bit, but now the marriage is over they've started to blow the money on hookers and gone back to being a divi ;)

{Ed025's Note - im not a mourinho fan at all zimbo hes a complete arse mate..

11 Aug 2017 02:34:57
U had a easy path to europa last year than us sp if u r thinking that as a big achievement hahaha. we even lost sakho who was an imp part of our defense. while you played against teenagers we played against sevilla. and also we haven't paid 89m for dancing mulumbu😂😂.

11 Aug 2017 02:40:13
Ed I admire you opinions most of the time. But to imply liverpool winning CL in 05 was a con and a fluke is BS mate. Why it was a con I do not know? We beat em fair and square. And we were in the very same final 2 yrs later. Ergo = European force.
The final in Istanbul was one of the best televised games ever and I'm afraid as an Everton fan you will never experience what it felt like that night. Magic, pure magic.

Foot note. Utd have been rubbish since fergie left. It's the same every year now "I think they might win it this year" Rubbish. They play boring Jose football. We play exciting total football and we were FAR better than them last year. Why do you think they'll do any better this season? Lukaku? Rather have zlatan all day. They don't have anyone who could clean Phil coutinio's boots. And neither do Everton I'm afraid.

{Ed025's Note - its all about opinions mate..

11 Aug 2017 03:00:04
Apologies ed25. Just protective is all mate. Everton could do okay this year, maybe.

On the liverpool 5th European cup = I doubt any CL winner has done so without getting a decision go their way. We played many games and many minutes and ultimately stevie g lifted the trophy. End of, anything else is academic bordering on bitterness.

Do you ever argue that England never really won the world cup? Or do you feel proud and sing "thirty years of hurt, never stopped me dreaming"? Food for thought.

{Ed025's Note - never apologize for backing your own club superred, all is fair in love and war and football mate..

11 Aug 2017 08:47:48
ManU will finish top4 this season I rekon. Chelsea to repeat, ManU, I think we can snip 3rd and then a dog fight between spurs, arsenal and city for 4th.

11 Aug 2017 10:43:40
Who gives a rubbish about United. Bunch of sods. This is the Liverpool page.

11 Aug 2017 09:06:49
since the great Man U, ovetook EU heavyweights, Nottingham Forest, Benfica, Inter etc to win it for a third time, were each of those wins following domestic titles, Ed025? i'd be surprised mate.

{Ed025's Note - probably not dom but im old school mate and believe that the champions trophy should be contested by only the champions of their respective leagues mate..

11 Aug 2017 14:30:38
Cool ed. Good responses to my posts. Went back up in my estimations. I doubt you care but thought I'd say.

{Ed025's Note - i appreciate it mate..



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