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29 Aug 2017 23:17:54
I think we should offer Arsenal £40million and one pounds for AOC. Then they can turn it down and he can finally get his dream move to Barca. 😆🤑😆.

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29 Aug 2017 23:44:06
Tat price would buy the entire arsenal team right now.

30 Aug 2017 00:04:56
Would love to see there reaction if we offered £40,000,001.

30 Aug 2017 00:26:01
he's not worth that though.

30 Aug 2017 01:10:08
They would take it and we would look stupid for paying £40m for AOC.

30 Aug 2017 01:11:01
Arsenal deserve that. Problem is they might accept the bid.

30 Aug 2017 01:42:01
Do we really need to piss off any more clubs?

30 Aug 2017 01:50:08
I think the ox is a better player than people think. He has been played out of position too much at arsenal. I accept he is not a brilliant cm but our midfielders are not so straight forward. They chop and change and attack the wings. He could also play in the front three. I would be happy to see us sign him. I really believe klopp could make a reply good player of him. I mean chelsea, arsenal, liverpool and Gareth Southgate want him.

30 Aug 2017 02:15:09
Form is Temporary, Class is permanent. I know this is in all joking, but I would hope the club would never and nor would fans even think about it.

30 Aug 2017 02:45:07
Yeah but what if they accept? Ox ain't worth 40 mil😬.

30 Aug 2017 03:13:59
I'd just offer 1 dollar and see what Wenger has to say to that. Then OX can go happily to Chelsea knowing he would be a squad player at best at LFC and we can then sign Lemar.

30 Aug 2017 05:52:37
Yeah, much rather have lemar. You keep the ox, we'll take lemar. Apparently Lee dixon turns up at the Emirates and is shown zero respect from the players. Some don't even know who he is! Can you imagine us treating carra like that? Never. There is a lack of heart at arsenal, someone said they were stuck in cruise control and I thought that was z good metaphor. I would take sanchez and I've always admired Ramsey. Would be good at Liverpool. I would be happy with the ox but much prefer lemar.

30 Aug 2017 06:56:15
Surely Saturday was the litmus test of his ability and it showed a player who simply wasn't at it. Ox isn't worth £40m particularly in the last year of his contract.

30 Aug 2017 07:03:54
I'm just happy he's turned down Chelski and prefers a move to us!

30 Aug 2017 07:15:49
Id snap him up for 25m. Young, fast, powerful and wants to play for us. he's a bit of a rough diamond imo and Klopps the best polisher in the business.

30 Aug 2017 07:25:21
I know people think it is a good joke but 40m for a player in last year of contract, with injury record and not that great a performance record at top level, and only other interested party apparently bud 10m less than that, that isn't funny it is just the kind of dumb screwed up so panic buy the club has done before and shouldn't happen again.

30 Aug 2017 08:15:32
I'd take the OX as he wants to play for us but not as a lemar alternative. More as a player who will take over from can/ Milner next year.

30 Aug 2017 08:23:16
Spot on, Fresh. Superred, Ox is not better than he is given credit for. His is actually worse than he is given credit for. Check the game on Sunday to see. The guy is not only a poor footballer, he can't even be arsed to work hard for the team, turning his back to the play arguing with Ramsey (another shambolic player who wouldn't hack it at LFC either) while Gomez intercepted the ball and crossed for Firmino to score.

I don't care about his contract situation. When you're on the pitch, you do your best, end of. Mahrez has no issues doing that whereas every man and his dog, knows he wants out but is still giving his best every game. Ox is not good enough for us and would not start ahead of any of our midfielders or wide men and for 40m? They must be having a laugh. Salah cost less than him and is 5 times the player Ox will ever be.

30 Aug 2017 08:34:50
We should wait and snap him up for free next year.

30 Aug 2017 08:42:26
I'd rather we move heaven and earth to get Can on a new contract than waste money on Ox.

30 Aug 2017 08:58:48
40 mil is too much got the ox. Can't see it bring that much.

30 Aug 2017 09:58:07
Not often players would prefer playing for us than Man City or Chelsea. VVD And the Ox seems to favour us and it's a good thing.
Maybe it's because of playing time etc but still.

30 Aug 2017 10:25:46
I'd say you're right Daniel. Although we have a big squad we probably have a smaller top level to the squad and less likely to keep buying big names the way Chelsea and City do. They might also see it as likely that Klopp will stay so if they sign for him they get a chance. Whereas at a City and Chelsea the players probably don't know if the guy they sign for will be there when they start playing so there is always potential they are surplus before they really get a chance.

30 Aug 2017 10:58:02
Sell Can, replace with the Ox.
That would do me.

30 Aug 2017 11:12:23
Not Roy Keen on him meself, rather see us get this Lemar fella, he was great in Kajagoogoo. I believe Klopp would make the Ox a better player though.

30 Aug 2017 11:16:30
People say Markovic is rough diamond and where's that got him? I'm neither for nor against the signing but at £40m with a year left on his contract is far too much for a squad player.

30 Aug 2017 11:54:29
You're the only one who wants Can to leave, Juicer and thank Heavens, to don't run the transfer dealings at LFC.

30 Aug 2017 13:00:16
The Juicer, did you actually say sell Can, who is a competent centre midfielder and will be a top class one at that, and replace him with Oxlade Chamberlain who isn't and never will be a top class centre midfielder? Jeez, I have literally heard it all.



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