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Team: Liverpool

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Favourite player: Gerrard, Ronaldo R9, Raul

Best team moment: 2005 Champions League Win!


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16 Sep 2019 12:54:44
Hi Ed001, this past week we’ve heard numerous praises for Bobby (and rightly so), from Steve Bruce comparing to how it was the same with Cantona in that Utd side (in terms of making the team tick), to people labelling him the Brazilian King Kenny. Seeing that they are before my time, are the comparisons on point? Interested to hear fellow reds as well.


{Ed001's Note - exactly on point and what I have been saying for a long time. He is the key to the way we play. He runs the attack, the movement and space he creates, plus his ability to then play others in and the vision to spot what he has done, are the difference.}

1.) 16 Sep 2019 13:24:15
He reminds me of a Tevez/ Bergkamp hybrid. Tevez for hustle and Bergkamp for guile. Such a great player and at the top of his game right now.

2.) 16 Sep 2019 13:59:08
Thanks Ed. I know you’ve been singing his praises long before. Would you agree players like Bobby would have a longer lifespan in the game, considering his biggest asset is his intelligence and not any particular physical component?

Have to agree there Redwillis, he does have a bit of both!

{Ed001's Note - yes, because his game is not about pace and stamina can last well into the 30s.}

3.) 16 Sep 2019 15:05:21
And many of the people now singing his praises a year ago were saying how he wasn't good enough!

4.) 16 Sep 2019 18:47:00
I don't see the hype to be honest. Will score less that 15 league goals this season.
Need Harry Kane or the like and we will get 2nd for the next several years.

5.) 16 Sep 2019 18:52:47
If this was an NFL team, Bobbie would be the capt. (they have a shinny "C" on their shirts) of the offence, just like VVD would be the capt. of the defence (With a shinny "C" on his shirt as well".

6.) 16 Sep 2019 19:00:28
Off fishing walter?

7.) 16 Sep 2019 19:12:37
dont yuo bored of trolling walter seriously mate
you post for a reaction
I don't think yuor a liverpool fan forgive me if you really are but that above post is just laughable.

8.) 16 Sep 2019 19:15:44
Need to make the WUMmery more opaque there, Walter.

9.) 16 Sep 2019 17:31:47
Exactly Salah. I for one have never said that he wasn't good enough. I just always thought that initially he would be better playing behind another striker.

I am of course both wrong and right at the same time with that theory. He's best with his starting position as the number nine to draw defenders out of position, but he is kind of playing behind a striker; well two of them actually, when he drops deep. It's just that the strikers are running in from wide positions rather than being typical central strikers.

I've just read that back and I'm finding it hard to understand myself, but hopefully you can see what I'm trying to say.

10.) 16 Sep 2019 19:26:36
Why are you all feeding Walter the scraps that he wants? Surely after this weekend (if he even watched the game) must be ridiculously stupid if he can't see what quality Bobby brings.

Even someone who has never watched a game of football in their life could watch that game and come to the conclusion that he's a class act.

Stop feeding him.

11.) 16 Sep 2019 19:58:10
Very true and a good way to look at it actually EP.

12.) 16 Sep 2019 23:36:45
About 2~3 years ago I said he was my favourite player of the premier league era and had more than a few thumbs down (I do miss that feature) . For a couple of years we've heard how underrated he is, but you can't say that anymore, there is so much press about him.

13.) 17 Sep 2019 09:04:14
I actually agree with Walter for once. if we brought in Kane we’d come second for sure. with bobby though we’ll be winning the league!

14.) 16 Sep 2019 22:51:21
Time and again we have seen how our game suddenly changes the moment Firmino comes on, if he's not starting. The team goes up a gear and our attacks become more confident and purposeful. What further proof do you need? Even Ian Wright (yes, the Arsenal player) says Firmino is the best 9.5 in the World; nobody better at what he does.

15.) 17 Sep 2019 14:34:58
Ignore Walter . Last season he thought arsenal would finish above us and thinks we should have bought butland instead of Allison. No reasoning with some people.



23 Jul 2019 17:29:14
With all the ridiculously detailed information that Ed002 provides (just had a look at the European pages), I’m thinking he’s akin to Raymond Reddington from the Blacklist; seems to know all the information and contacts in the world. The Concierge of Football, perhaps? ;)




04 Jan 2019 06:32:20
Hi Ed001, not sure if you will be doing a review, but if i can get your quick thoughts on these?

1. Kompany tackle - studs up and didn't get the ball; are there any mitigating circumstances that made it just a yellow?

2. Sane's goal - saw a few mentioned that Dejan should have played him off, but City were on a break so shouldn't the main priority be getting bodies back?

Thanks for your time. It was just a game with fine margins that could have turned out differently but heck, we are still 4 points top.


{Ed001's Note - I won't have time to do a review, but things will be back to normal soon.

1. None whatsoever, it was a red all day long and the ref is an arse for not giving it, or any of the multiple cards Fernandinho should have got. But what do you expect when you put a Mancunian in charge of a game involving a Manchester side? Even if he is not biased, he is under pressure he doesn't need and so his likelihood of making mistakes is increased. He is an incompetent buffoon at the best of times, the last thing he needs is his job made harder for him.

2. I thought Trent was badly at fault, he constantly allowed himself to be drawn inside too far or too far forward. In that instance though, Lovren was drawn inside and Trent came too far over on the cover. I just think Trent needs more help coaching defensively.

As for the game, it was clear our players were just playing not to lose, no matter how much Klopp screamed at them to take the game to Citeh, they only really stepped up when behind. It was similar to the 89 final game against Arsenal, when the players knew they only had to avoid defeat. It was a mentality issue, something that catches even the best teams out at times. The hardest situation to be in is going into a game only having to avoid defeat.}

1.) 04 Jan 2019 08:20:09
Everything will be alright but I feel Lovren is another Karius who tends to bottle it when it comes to big games.

2.) 04 Jan 2019 08:30:52
I was actually disappointed yesterday. If the players had given their all and lost, it would've been easier to take. But I'm sure we'll go back to our fluid form when we face Brighton. Still four points ahead, and we only have Man Utd away. Destiny still in our hands.

{Ed025's Note - i disagree realtofel, liverpool did give their all and played well against a very good opponent, your being over-critical imo mate..

3.) 04 Jan 2019 08:40:15
I posted last night about how I hoped the ref would have a good game. Then posted after the Kompany challenge. Am with you all the way about the ref eds1.
Why why why give him the game last night I just don’t understand it. And clearly he doesn’t understand the rules Of the game!

{Ed025's Note - yeah your right longthing, liverpool should pick the refs for all games, he should be a liverpool supporter and send off anyone who dares to make a tackle on a liverpool player, all throw in,s and free kicks should only be awarded to the reds and opposing players sent off if they disagree...come on mate get a grip..

4.) 04 Jan 2019 09:03:32
Thanks Ed. Yeah I cannot believe the kind of things Fernandinho got away with yesterday. I know that has been mentioned before but still it beggars belief. Anyhow we just need to refocus now.

{Ed001's Note - it happens every game with him as well, the guy could decapitate someone on the pitch and not even get spoken to.}

5.) 04 Jan 2019 09:00:13
Think its just common sense Ed025, he is literally from the Manchester area, don't we have other Ref's, you know not from the area of one of the teams. seems fairly simple! Michael Oliver for example?!

{Ed025's Note - where a ref hails from is immaterial dean, these are professionals who do not have an agenda against liverpool like you all think, every team gets poor decisions against them at times and also some that go in their favour, but reds fans take everything personally and think the world is conspiring against them which is not true, its embarrassing at times and this persecution complex you have is making you look very silly mate, liverpool are doing extremely well and you should be enjoying the ride instead of looking for excuses as to why you should win every advice would be to suck it up..act like men..and then more neutrals might actually start liking your team rather than seeing them as moaning little tarts who think the footballing world owes them something..

6.) 04 Jan 2019 10:20:51
ed025 not all Liverpool fans are whinging about last night, i for one love the position we are in and will see where it takes us.

But if rival fans want us to win or not I don't mind, all we should be thinking about is ourselves. Last night we were unlucky but i can probably count at least five other instances where we were lucky, its swings and roundabouts for me. The winner of the title is the best overall not the winner of one off games.

{Ed025's Note - i could not agree more WYred, i think city just about shaded it yesterday but liverpool played well. i just cant fathom where the moaning from some is coming from though you are still in pole position mate, i wish the supporters would concentrate on the positives and enjoy the great season you are having instead of having a dig at the managers tactics or the commitment of the players...or worse still the ref who apparently is from manchester and wanted city to win, thats just a bit desperate for me..

7.) 04 Jan 2019 10:38:06
It's a bad day when you need the ref to help you get a win by either a penalty or a card.

Trent should of slide against sane, why he stood on his feet I do not know.

But forget all of that. Sturridge vs Chelsea, Shaq vs United. We have had that luck and it went the other way last night. Stones cleared the ball some 1 cm before it went in and if you watch trents foot against sane he is literally a cm from deflecting the ball.

It was a game of fine fine margins and they just didn't go for us. No harm. We move on.

Ed is right though we played not to lose. I was sick all day and during the game so there is no way that pressure didn't effect them and you could see it did, every pass was second guessed, even in some of the build up it was like they didn't want to be the player to lose the ball.

They and klopp learned a valuable lesson last night though, more than they would of if they had won.

Last night would of felt like losing the title until this morning when they realised it's very much there's to lose, and they hopefully won't want that feeling again. Well they certainly won't.

8.) 04 Jan 2019 10:28:37
Ed25, I agree that where a ref hails from should not matter really nor stop him from doing his job. The issue many of us are having is that why would the FA do such a thing to begin hence, making a tense situation worse cos the ref (Taylor) was under more pressure should he make a mistake and he made a HUGE one for not sending Kompany off? It was a red, end of story.

Why? We have all seen players get sent off for that. Shoot, we have seen players sent off for less than that so I' ain't buying any of the other defences for such a reckless challenge. Taylor should not have reffed that game based MAINLY on the Manchester connections cos this is the reaction you get and can you really blame people for doing that? The FA did not help him here and this mistake had a huge effect on the game cos at 10 men, City don't win. That much we know.

To be clear, This non-call is not the reason we lost (that is just nonsense) as there are things we could have done better and City got lucky in critical situations. That can happen. The footballing world does not owe me a damn thing, either. Having said that, we should also not just gloss over Taylor's blatant mistake either that influenced the game. Multiple things can be correct at the same time. Cheers, man.

{Ed025's Note - for me redwolf it was a yellow but thats subjective so i wont argue about that, but what i will say is that this is just another example of the persecution complex i have highlighted, the ref could well be a utd supporter who knows but it makes no difference, you still want preferential treatment for liverpool, where he hails from does not matter one jot and its just another example of the "nobody likes us , everybody hates us" mentality of a lot of your supporters...which obviously includes you my mate...suck it up..grow a set..and move on..

9.) 04 Jan 2019 11:08:45
Just to add Ed, would you agree that City focussed their attack on the Lovren-TAA side? I know you mentioned Lovren was susceptible to pace; coupled with VVD being on the other side, maybe that’s why Agüero veered to our right and joined up with Sané instead? Not bashing at our players, but maybe that’s something Pep picked up (or he read your match reviews mate)?

{Ed001's Note - yes mate, they targeted the weaker link.}

10.) 04 Jan 2019 12:24:01
Ed25, your response proves that you prolly did not read my post. I suggest you read it again and then we can discuss. Cheers, man.

{Ed025's Note - i have re-read it brover and i think my response was correct, you still seem to think that taylor should not have reffed the game and im saying it was fine for him to do preferential treatment for anyone, that includes liverpool mate..

11.) 04 Jan 2019 13:13:58
Ed25, I did not ask for preferential treatment. As I mentioned in my post, where a ref is from should not matter provided he can do his job. Anthony Taylor for the most part, had a decent game. I had no issue for him reffing the game. The issue here is that the mistake he made on the non red card, was only bound to conjure up this type of reaction. That was my fear and it came to pass, IMO.

I am more than certain that Taylor did his best w/ o bias BUT the FA should not allow any perception of conflict of interest in such games towards fans. I mean, there is a reason why Mike Dean does not ref LFC or Everton games as he is from the Wirral. The FA should have known better so as to prevent this type of backlash should he IMO, make such a mistake.

For the upteenth time, I don't want any preferential treatment. I want what is perceived to be fair at least on the outside and it seems the FA (not Taylor) bottled it from jump cos expecting a ref in such a big game not to make a mistake is like saying water should no longer be wet. This is where we disagree. 'Hope this clears it up for you. Cheers, mate.

{Ed025's Note - your under the impression that his decision was wrong though brover, imo it was a bit reckless but he got the ball and it would have been very harsh to send him off, i thought a yellow was correct...but of course i dont wear red tinted glasses mate, if that tackle was made by say lovren on sterling..i would still be saying the same thing..

12.) 04 Jan 2019 12:53:06
Hopefully this defeat shakes up the players a little given that the margin for error has narrowed. Now they have to approach each game with a clear goal of winning.

Personally thought the performance wasn’t as bad as some made it out to be. But we did fall short in crucial moments and was unlucky with the bounce of the ball.

I actually thought we would win at 1-1.

13.) 04 Jan 2019 13:00:21
Like, we can put a shift in but not produce the goods. I think sometimes we too easily confuse performance, effort and outcome. They're all related, but its jist too easy to say "the boys didn't try" after a loss. Maybe they did, but the execution was off. I'm sure we have played far worse games this season and not lost the game.

Regards their 2nd, I think Mane has let TAA down in that case by not tracking back. Probably the one team he hasn't all season, but we got punished. Fine margins eh!? For their 1st goal was watching Sane ghost past TAA and thought 'oh sh*t' TAA has let him go. And then sure enough bearing in goal and a dew seconds later, bang, goal. Thought TAA had a really bad game and in some moments looked like his confidence was shot. Sure he'll learn from it.

14.) 04 Jan 2019 13:01:51
Taylor is from Manchester shouldn't be getting the game. Kompany's tackle on Salah a red not the same as lovren's.

15.) 04 Jan 2019 15:19:16
No qualms, Ed25. Agreeing to disagree is part of a healthy debate.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely mate, this is real life not the stepford wives.. :)



07 Nov 2018 14:55:36
About the 2nd goal, would you say it was a collective failure to deal with it? I looked back at the slow-mo replay and it seemed like there was a sequence of things gone wrong:

1. Robbo moved infield when Milner was under pressure; should he have stayed back and offer a passing option back? I know you mentioned Robbo had a tendency to move in.

2. Gini moved to the striker’s left hand side in attempting to tackle; should he have moved to his right side (goal side) instead or was he expecting that either of our centre backs would press up and block the striker from the right?

3. Following from that, should either of our cbs have pushed up instead of dropping off? I know you mentioned in the past, lovren tend to rush and push up and leave gaps, but couldn’t help notice that both matip and vvd just stood off and left the striker with acres of space.

4. Lastly, Alisson; was there anything he could have done? My thinking is he might have expected the striker to curl it to his (Alisson's) left?

I’m not looking to bash our players or anything, but just want to know others' thoughts.


1.) 07 Nov 2018 15:57:15
milner shouldn't of given it away, Gini should of done miles better, the centre-backs should've been far more aware of the danger, and Alisson will likely feel he should've done more. It was a collective failure, as was the entire night.

2.) 07 Nov 2018 19:48:48
OP, Ed01 has addressed this point in his match review.

{Ed001's Note - I actually forgot about this. It was dreadful play by Gini, who only had to get goal side and it doesn't happen. I was screaming at him as well, but he wasn't bloody listening!}

3.) 07 Nov 2018 20:02:04
Gini should have brought the guy down when he realised he was on the wrong side, they would have been no threat from that position. We are not savvi enough, Kante would have taken one for the team. Too soft.

{Ed001's Note - he didn't need to bring him down, he had plenty of time to get goalside, he just lacks the intelligence to think of it and continued to try and make a challenge from the wrong side for far too long.}

4.) 07 Nov 2018 20:11:53
But when he realized that he wasnt going to get back goalside he should have brought him down, just take the card. It was a massive turning point in the game, an experience midfielder would have taken one for the team. Your right about the intelligence, he should never of let himself be in that position, but he did so he should have taken him down.

{Ed001's Note - no he should not have. He never made the attempt to get goalside, that is why he never got goalside. There was absolutely no need to give away a foul. It was all on his mistake in not knowing how to do the basics of defending. He is solely at fault on that goal. It was a dreadful piece of play and there was absolutely no need to give away a foul in a dangerous area, just get goalside and it doesn't happen.}

5.) 07 Nov 2018 20:44:07
Totally agree with everything you say, however if he had brought him down we would probably have still have been at 1 nil. they were never a threat from a free kick. The basics of defending is is to stop the opposition from scoring, as I said when he realized he ****ed up he should have brought him down. I know I would have and did so on many occasions. The old 70s term professional foul come to mind. Phil Thompson 1978 V Forrest, ah another bad memory.

{Ed001's Note - they scored from a dead ball, our defence was terrible last night, they were not attacking the ball, we could not afford to give away dead balls. And it was not until Gini stumbled that he put himself in a position where he could not still have ample time to get goalside and then it was too late. I do agree with what you are saying in a lot of situations, but not that one. Wijnaldum needs his arse kicked round the room for that amateur hour play. Every player should know the basics and the first basic of defending is get goalside. It is not rocket science and there is never an excuse for getting the basics wrong.}

6.) 07 Nov 2018 22:13:25
Gini should b frigging in a more advanced role he shouldn't have too b playing as a number 6, we bought fabihno for that role but there is no trust in him as he adapting, if we playing 3 in the middle we should have a proper defensive mid behind too centre mids one attacking one box too box not playing attacking mids as defensive midfielders.

7.) 07 Nov 2018 23:20:13
'I was screaming at him as well, but he wasn't bloody listening! '

hahahaha! brilliant lol!

8.) 08 Nov 2018 00:13:04
I agree Evered, having not got goal side Gini has to foul him. He kind of had a nibble but then just let him go.
Matip should’ve also closed down the shot as there were no runners anywhere near him so he could quite easily have broken out of the defensive line knowing VVD was behind him to cover if the player had gone past him.
It was indicative of how we played in that they were all just happy for him to shoot as they didn’t think he was good enough to score from there. Just as the whole team didn’t think Red Star were good enough to beat us.
Complacency and unprofessionalism from the entire team.

9.) 08 Nov 2018 00:01:31
Gini could and should have fouled him instead of doing some acrobatic turn to actually get out the way and allow him to shoot.

10.) 07 Nov 2018 23:42:49
Hi Ed - I do think Milner had a big part to play in the second goal. He was the one who passed the ball straight to the guy who scored. Wiji played his part in it too though.

{Ed001's Note - and that would not have mattered if Wijnaldum was capable of doing the basics.}



25 Oct 2018 03:23:24
That was some sweet performance from the boys! Ed001, I’m interested to hear your take on Fab and Gini’s roles tonight; seemed like fab moved up a lot more than a traditional “6” and Gini was more reserved (I think) . Klopp mentioned it was a double 6 system. Maybe something you can share in the match review?


{Ed001's Note - it is what has been holding Fab back, he was too reserved for Klopp, who wants him to get forward more. Gini was doing the same, they just weren't doing it at the same time.}

1.) 25 Oct 2018 03:47:37
Right, I think you mentioned during pre season that he was dropping back between the cbs a bit too much for Klopp’s liking? Great that they can figure out how to alternate between who’s going up and staying back.

{Ed001's Note - the pair looked to have an excellent understanding last night.}

2.) 25 Oct 2018 06:41:28
Fab reminded me a lot of Gerrard, the way he moved, passed, tackled etc. Not comparing, and granted Fab isn't the quickest, more a similarity of physical movement.

{Ed025's Note - he is very much like gerrard burkey...well he has 2 arms and 2 legs, then im afraid the similarity ends mate..

3.) 25 Oct 2018 07:39:12
I actually thought Fabhino dropping back whenever the full backs or Gomez moved forward etc, provided good cover. Him and Gini certainly gave the front 4 the the licence to attack sort confidence.

Think Shaqiri needs a mention too, he worked his socks off last night and play some really decent stuff.

And then there’s Gomez, I honestly believe he can be better than VVD. He’s certainly better than Johm Stones, valued at £50m. For me, he’s the complete footballer and his awareness of danger makes him such a good defender.

{Ed025's Note - gomez has been a revelation drogie..

4.) 25 Oct 2018 08:00:49
Gomez and VVD are the best partnership since, oh, Starsky and Hutch probably.

5.) 25 Oct 2018 08:09:51
Fabinho and Gini always seemed to pick up the ball in the full back position, and transition it forward quickly, allowing the full backs to push up. They made us tick. I’ve never seen our midfield look so quick, Gini seemed to have a burst of pace missing recently. Loved it!

6.) 25 Oct 2018 09:57:28
Thought Gini was awesome last night.
Seems to have this positive "arrogance" about him.
Oh and ed025, behave! 😅.

7.) 25 Oct 2018 08:15:58
Oh Ed025, did Fab wrong you in an earlier life or something? :) I was comparing him physically, the way he moved, passed, tackled etc, not comparing their abilities. Sounds like you're a closet SG fan?

{Ed025's Note - who would not be a fan of SG Burkey?, as a footballer he was superb, as a person not so much mate..

8.) 25 Oct 2018 19:33:45
Fab had a good game as did Wiji and the rest of the team. Hopefully, we can take this into the weekend vs Cardiff cos a perf. like that would get us 3 points needed to put pressure on City and Spurs.




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20 Mar 2018 08:56:39
Righto. Thanks ed!




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20 Mar 2018 08:48:57
Just to follow up Ed, who would you put in that world class bracket that’s “attainable”? Obviously that rules out De Gea and Buffon. I would say Alison and Oblak?

The other German options, Leno, Horn, Ter Stegen are very very good but I don’t know if they’re that much of an upgrade, if at all. Interested to know what other reds feel as well.


{Ed001's Note - Alisson would be the onlyone and I expect him to go elsewhere.}



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20 Mar 2018 06:01:12
Hi Ed, so based on your response up there do you think Karius has impressed to the extent that he should be the No 1 for next season?

I seem to recall one of the posters saying that Karius really impressed in training, and I also think he has improved leeps and bounds from last season. I’m excited because in a short space of time it seems like he has eradicated, or at least not exhibit, most of the errors of last season. It would be great if we can continue to see him develop year on year.


{Ed001's Note - unless we are going to get a world class keeper, I see no reason to change him.}



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30 Jan 2018 12:58:45
Just a “friend” eh Ed? 😜.


{Ed001's Note - well yes, until she got married. Her hubby objected to her having other 'friends' after that. Miserable bugger.}



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20 Jan 2018 07:26:01
If I had a birdie from Colombia I won’t be on this site as often.





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16 Sep 2019 13:59:08
Thanks Ed. I know you’ve been singing his praises long before. Would you agree players like Bobby would have a longer lifespan in the game, considering his biggest asset is his intelligence and not any particular physical component?

Have to agree there Redwillis, he does have a bit of both!


{Ed001's Note - yes, because his game is not about pace and stamina can last well into the 30s.}



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02 Sep 2019 13:20:08
I’ve been impressed not only with his goalkeeping, but his kicks as well. His passes with feet are better than average I’d say.




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28 Aug 2019 11:04:44
Definitely the webcam theory Ed. 100%.




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16 Jun 2019 20:36:58
Brilliant as always Ed. Slightly related; how do you rate the 1982 team? And how does Zico and Socrates especially rank amongst the legends?


{Ed001's Note - 82 was just an inferior copy of 70. Like most sequels, it just isn't as good as the original. Zico and Socrates were great players, but they were not Pele, Gerson and Tostao great.}



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02 Jun 2019 21:52:59
Ed001, just to check, Alisson is the best keeper you have seen in the context of our players only or overall I. e the schmeichels and the kahns? I still cannot believe he’s playing for us mate. He’s just unreal for the whole season, and with scope to improve as well!


{Ed001's Note - Schmeichel and Kahn couldn't kick a ball. As an overall keeper, because the game has moved on so much, he is the best.}