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20 Dec 2013 22:42:20
I have not posted for six months but read the pages regularly and I have to say big up to the posters for great banter and the eds for their cracking work as usual. also a special shout out to my fav. Ed02.

Just want to wish everyone a fantastic Christmas and prosperous and healthy new year. Long may our good form continue. Peace



1.) Merry christmas to you too fatboy,



30 Aug 2013 00:31:10
Ed001, you don't seem optimistic we will get the targets we need, is it a case of clubs holding us to ransom due to them knowing we are kinda desperate, or an unwillingness by us to pay the fees requested?

I know we should not overpay, but if you need something you tend to just pay for it if your pockets are deep enough. 12m for sakho is not unreasonable in this market, Illori I can understand them haggling over. He is inexperienced at the highest level and not yet proven unlike sakho.

Winger wise, well we only have ourselves to blame. We sat on our proverbial all summer knowing what we required trying to haggle whilst once again letting go all our options leaving the team short.

I am all for giving Ibe and sterling chances to get into the team, but they are teenagers and if played too much may suffer the same fate as rooney and be burnt out by their 23yrs old. We don't even need a so called Marqee which is a term I hate by the way, just someone who will be solid and provide the amunition for sturridge, aspas and borini.

Whats the latest on Suarez, ed002 was adamant he was still going to go this summer. i'm personally not bothered if he goes or stays, but I will not be defending him when he has another lapse in judgement and tries another stunt to get a move. {Ed001's Note - it is both, clubs know there is a lot of money floating about, so they are asking for higher prices, we are not going to pay them. We really shouldn't need to buy anyone that isn't going to be first choice anyway, in my opinion. We should be looking to youth players as the extra cover, or we are going to find they won't want to join us.

Rooney was not burnt out at 23, he smokes and drinks too much and lets himself get too far out of shape each summer, that is his problem. You can't get away with the wrong lifestyle forever, it catches up to you, either you change it or you fade. He needs to look at himself, as he only has himself to blame.

Real Madrid still want to buy Suarez, Bale is just keeping them busy for now, I expect things to move once that deal is done. Though we aren't going to roll over for them.}


1.) Wayne Rooney is quality even if he does smoke and drink all summer. Burnt out by 23 is crazy talk. He scored nearly 30 goals two seasons back.

2.) Ahh rooney is a bit like me then, a fat basta. ok ok, enough of that. Thanks for the reply ed, will miss ya when ed002 is back.

3.) Rooney`s not burnt out because of the games he`s played. He `s burnt out because he`s out of shape and fundamentally unfit. I live in America where the most physically gifted athletes you`ve ever seen reside. NONE of them can get waway w/ what he does in the offseason so his body will continue to fail him if he doesn`t shape up.

4.) 30 Aug 2013 05:06:49
Im reading here that the reason LFC have not been able to buy many of the players they want as yet is because they don't want to "overpay" for them.
Sorry but that is a poor excuse if I ever heard one.
It is up to the selling club to set the price - if they feel they can get it or it is the price they feel they deserve then they have every right to hold out for that price and not to sell OR to sell to a club that does want to pay the correct price.
What are lFC doing with Suarez? Isn't it the same thing?
iF you want something and you are determined to get it in this world you will pay the asking price and stop wasting peoples times in trying the cheap "we have no money" trick,, cheapskates do this,, and they in the end get "cheap" goods or players.
It is clear that is what LFC IS doing,, no one is too blame expect the owners. BR clearly is ambitious and wants high quality players and has asked the club to buy them.
thE club in return has "tried" to buy them, buy bidding below the asking price,, and is outbid (or the player has chosen another club - but again - if you pay him a top salary he will come!).
So when we don't make champions league - owners are responsible for acting "cheap" and not wanting to pay the market rate (or even higher if necessary) or not "overpaying" - just another lame excuse in my opinion.

5.) 30 Aug 2013 07:20:47
Spot on. He is an outstanidng striker. But a supperb allround fotball players. He is near perfect No.10.



29 Aug 2013 17:17:30
Eds, do you know if Usain Bolt is available, would add much needed pace on the wings!

I know he is a Manu fan, but if we pay him in chicken nuggets it may just swing it for us. He told me he was a keen footballer in his youth and feel he could do a solid job for us.

Failing that, Yarmolenko would do if the rumours are true, I would be made up if we got him. Along with Sakho I think we will all be happy chappies and gals. Until we win ugly againa and the moaners will be out in force.


1.) Fingers crossed they sign eh?

2.) Too late Fatboy, apparently Daniel Levy has signed Bolt for Spurs.

I'm now awaiting the posts from all the cry babies complaining about how we missed out on him!



28 Aug 2013 22:14:46
Haha, I fear some will be considering topping themeselves when the window closes.

Not going to say we will not sign anyone, but after last summers fiasco of a window I will not be surprised if we dont. don't get me wrong, despite the frustration i'm not going to fling myself under a bus if we dont.

We will just muddle along as per and we will see where we end up at the end of the season. Hopefully back in europe!


1.) I personally would rather dodge the Europa league, too many games and not enough income from it.
We will be very lucky to get near the top four without some more quality.
I'm not sure that comparing us with Man U, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal or Spurs that we are anywhere near as good as them.
If spurs are going out and buying quality like Lamela and Eriksen, we are being left behind seriously if we go for the likes of Moses.
I'd love to be proven wrong but the I just can't see it.



27 Aug 2013 01:27:30
I am not doubting moses is average/above average as an attacking option, but if he is as good as some are making him out to be I ask the question why was he a sub so many times and why is he being farmed out in place of an expensive player who does NOT score goals.
Yeah he could be a gem in the making, but as a loan who we could lose at the end of the season makes no sense.

So not only can't we afford some top quality for ourselves which moses certainly is not, we are now nurturing other clubs talents so they can go back better players to them.

I guess Brendan and many fans on here believe moses is our level, I beg to differ. No doubt he will come and do well and rub my nose in it, but I can't help feel we are missing a trick like we have done for 20 odd years now. Buy one or two quality players a until you have a team full of quality instead of 4-5 average players every year.


1.) Bet u were saying the same thing about sturridge he played a similar role to Moses at Chelsea, bench Warmer played on the flanks never scored ect. Moses is fast and strong and has a hammer shot! Your to negative fat boy as always!

2.) Two things,

i know he's not drogba but at least he was good at wigan, signed by chevesky but never used(as they do with many. The want superstars not players). And now being scouted by us, and he is decent player.
The final fact is that, we won't go wrong if we sign him.

2nd thing abt signing 2-3 player who r class intead of avg players but mate every team has there quota of avg players who r just squad players. U can't field 11 messi's on the field.
And who in the world won't like signing mata instead of moses. But what can we do. We are not oil rich and we are not in europe, the matas, ozil, lamela types are already playing at level above us at the moment .

Intsead we r going for typical set of guys who have talent but somehow lost the plot, and they r eger to currect the wrong.
That is why sturridge shows that look on his face everytime he scores that see I told u I can. And also that's the reason toure at 32 tries to outdo henderson in hardwork. Moses is the same case, even look at downing at WHU. He was out done at Liverpool rightly so. But the downing playing at west ham is much better than our(that is not meant say resign him. Just a eg. )

{Ed002's Note - He played 43 games last year, so he obviously used.}

3.) BR has stated the quality he wants and showed the disappointment when Willian wasn't signed. It's FSG not stumping up the cash which sees us loaning players of Moses caliber




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I hear what you are saying ed001, but the echo has reported there is no truth in the Yarmolenko bid and we are pushing for moses. Would be mildly disappointed if that happened, but sadly not surprised.




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Miss information, they reported he will choose between tottenham or us. Not really bothered if he chooses them, rather have committed players and not players looking for another stepping stone ala suarez.

If he really was an LFC fan he would not need any time to think about a decision so I guess we move on to our next target.




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Its a shame, I was hoping we would bring in a dominant CB, but with it looking likely that both Skrtel and Coates are staying we are unlikely to bring in anyone else. Sakho or Papa would have been ideal but hay hum we have to make do with a very good, but a little short Toure.




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I was under the impression Willian was a winger/wide midfielder while michu is a striker. They are two different positions daniella and not connected in any way.

Hence with us selling downing we would require somebody to take up the left forward position and free up coutinho to go back in the middle as an attacking midfielder. Ibe and sterling are not quiet ready for the wings week in week out otherwise we will burn them out. Look how badly sterling faded last season, so willian or a player of his ilk is highly likely. I would take either of willian or turan, both I think would do a good job for us.

Now if and most likely when suarez goes we will undoubtedly look at a goal scoring forward to replace his goals and then I could understand your wish to buy michu.




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Ed001 show a little respect please, west ham play a lovely flowing style of football. Just as Joe Cole! {Ed001's Note - the sad thing is, they used to before Scam took charge.}





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I suggest reading the lfc blog page, reviews on both on there.




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Ahh rooney is a bit like me then, a fat basta. ok ok, enough of that. Thanks for the reply ed, will miss ya when ed002 is back.




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Ed001, props to you and your team, I really thank you for founding this site and you keep coming back year after year for the abuse and mind numbing repetitve questions.

I couldn't imagine the hours you guys have to didcate to this site daily, thanks again. And please pass this on to Ed002 who I don't think likes me much after I proposed to him/her/it! {Ed001's Note - it is all worth it when there are good days and we all bask in the glory of a great win. Every time it becomes difficult, I just think back to watching us under Souness, suddenly this feels like a pleasant diversion in comparison to watching that!}




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Lol, post of the day. cheers mate needed a laugh




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Ed001, I thought you were the founder of this site? Maybe I just assumed you were an older gentleman, but then again, facebook guy was a teenager when he set up that site. {Ed001's Note - I am the founder mate.}