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21 Aug 2014 12:23:54
The Mario Balotelli debate is an interesting one. I agree with both sides if that were possible!

Initially, I was well against the possible arrival of Super Mario. Primarily for his antics and the possibility of unsettling the superb chemistry of our players. His work rate is not the best either and quite frequently disappears from the game. I remember him well at City, when every time he would come off the bench, he would either get a red card or score the winning goal. He is that much of a gamble. Just look at how other teams have been so desperate to get rid of him! He's had some great managers work with him too, including Mourinho and Mancini. Granted they're not the best at man management, as they prefer to adopt a no tolerance attitude, but there's no doubt that any coach in the world would struggle with Mario.

But then, if we look at the positives, the price being reported is ridiculously cheap! Sorry eds, for I know the finance details are going to be off, but the press are reporting the deal around 20 million euros! That's around the same price as Bony if I'm not mistaken. And then I saw his age. He's only just turned 24! He's very young considering how much he's achieved so far. Cavani and Falcao are brilliant players, but my main concerns with both of them were how costly they would be, and their age. Cavani is 27 and Falcao is 28! If we somehow bought either of them, we'd only get a coupe years out of them, while paying astronomical fees and wages. I'm not saying Balotelli will be cheap, but we will get more years out of him.

Ignoring the financial aspect of the deal, yes, Balotelli has terrible attitude problems, but if we look at his actual ability, you'll notice that he has little or no weaknesses that are not connected to his attitude. He has a bad work rate and awful discipline, but these weaknesses can be removed. If Rodgers were to somehow address these problems, he could turn him into one of the best strikers in the world! But addressing those problems is no easy task. It will be Rodger's biggest challenge as of yet, there's no doubt in that. If he succeeds, then we have one of the best strikers in the world, and if he fails. well let's not talk about that.

It's a big risk, I'm not denying that. However, can you think of a better striker in the world currently available for £20 million or less? We've lauded Rodgers for his recent success, but can he go one step further and do what Mourinho and Mancini could not? The odds are not in our favour, but when were they ever?


{Ed002's Note - Ignore the numbers.}

1.) Your point about age, 27/28 is not a concern. Those two players are top strikers. You are buying like most player a 4-5 yr contract. That's 31/32. You're buying the peak years of proven finished article.

Look at other top clubs who win titles and look at their purchases. Best example van Persie. Utd paid £30m was it? 31 was he? He won them the title. Juve have Llorente and Tevez both around 30 both bought in around 28? Juve won the title

Not saying signing Falcao would guarantee title, but if City or Chelsea bought him bookies would put them favourites. Just saying don't write off that age group

2.) Yes, guaranteed Van Persie won United the title, but I can't help thinking he was a bad signing in the long term. His injuries meant he had little impact last season, and I can't see him staying fit long enough to make much of an impact this season either. Who would you rather have, a player like Sterling who will slowly cause more of impact each season for the next 10 years or so, or a player like Van Persie who will win you everything in one season, but nothing in the next? So I'm sorry, but I disagree with you about age being irrelevant. You say 4-5 years, but you forget that before that contract is up, you can either sign them for another contract with no signing on fee, or even sell them to another club for a possible profit. Signing players like Van Persie and even Falcao for high transfer fees makes no financial sense.

3.) Plus, strikers don't generally reach their peak till mid to late 20's. obviously this depend on players etc, I'm talking about in general before someone pops up with stats on a 21 year old Amazonian.

4.) "Van Persie was a bad signing yet he won them the league?!"
Does that actually make sense to you?
It just goes to show people will say anything to delude themselves.
Reminds me of that old story about the emperors clothes

5.) Sturridge, Suarez, Owen, fowler, all hit big numbers and played well before mid 20's Those are just former Liverpool players

6.) Bony is available for similar money and he'd be a safer option. Your question is better though not safer and I don't think anyone can know.

Balotelli is far more talented but far more wasteful of his talent. I would prefer Bony myself. I think he is very good and you would get good value from him for years.

7.) Yes it does make sense. Look at Man United now. They're in turmoil. If you spend all your money on players who can only manage one season, then you're going to suffer in the long term. Granted there's many other reasons why United are doing so badly, but don't you think United would be benefiting more if they had bought someone like Sturridge? Answer me this for example, would you do a straight swap of Sterling for Falcao or even Sturridge for Cavani? Cavani and Falcao are currently better players than either of Sterling or Sturridge, but no way in hell would I swap them. Why? Because they're young, could be at the club for many years and can keep improving drastically. Sterling may not win us the title next season, but he has the potential to for many years later. Will Van Persie help United win multiple trophies in the next 10 years? Fans need to stop thinking of only the current season and start thinking of what's best in the long term.

8.) Im with you, Sean.

9.) 21 Aug 2014 14:14:08
People don't seem to understand the statement of 'in general'. And Suarez best season was last season. Playing well in the Dutch league isn't too difficult, look at Kuyt's record.

10.) Can't argue with you Sean. Bony would be a safer option, and I would be happy if we signed Bony tbh. But it looks like we're going so sign Mario Balotelli, and so therefore, he has my full backing. I just hope he listens to Rodgers.

11.) You keep saying to buy players in the peak of their career stuie_boy, but when you sign a young player, you have the chance of keeping them for when they reach their peak, yet for a much smaller fee. When you sign a player at their peak, you also buy them with their transfer fee at its peak. Liverpool rarely sign players at their peak, but help them progress into world class players. This makes much more financial sense, and in all truth, we don't have the money of Madrid, Man City or PSG to throw silly amounts of money at players in their prime.

We bought Suarez, Alonso, Reina, Mascherano, Kuyt, Agger, Skrtel, and many more, when they were young and cheap and all progressed to be better players.

And now we have players like Sturridge, Sterling, Coutinho, Suso, Lovren, Sakho, Moreno and many, many more. None of these players are yet to reach their peak, but much are expected of all them. They'd have been far more expensive if we had waited until they reached their peak before signing them. Its better to sign them while they're young so we can work on getting the best of them and have them in our service for many years to come.

12.) 21 Aug 2014 15:03:39
Plus I have never once said to buy players in their peak. I was merely making a point that Falcao and Cavani are hardly 'old' and past their prime.

13.) 21 Aug 2014 17:04:07
@Ed002, "ignore the numbers"? that's a typical EPL answer and why Glasgow Rangers died. Too much money being thrown about down there, its got to come to an end soon with some clubs going bust

{Ed002's Note - Idiot. I said ignore the numbers because most football fans don't understand any of the financial aspects of the game, of transfers, about the debt clubs are in, about the need to sell naming rights.}



11 Jul 2014 20:26:55
For anyone worrying about Suarez leaving, by using Bale's sale as a comparison to why we won't do well next year, I have a few statistics to calm you down. There is no question that Tottenham missed Bale's goals, but I'll argue that Suarez's goals won't be missed to such an extent at Liverpool.

Bale's goals 2012/13: 21
Spur's goals 2012/13: 66
Spurs without Bale 12/13: 45

Suarez's goals 2013/14: 31
LFC goals 2013/14: 101
LFC without Suarez 13/14: 70

These statistics show that Liverpool score enough goals to compete for a top 4 space without Suarez, while Tottenham were only scoring enough goals for a mid table position. Obviously statisitcs aren't always reliable, especially since it doesn't take into consideration assists or appearances.

However, this does show that scoring goals won't be too much of an issue for Liverpool without Suarez, as we still have players such as Sterling and Sturridge who have become regular goal scorers. The defence is more of a concern for me, so buying defenders should be more of a priority than "replacing Suarez".


1.) You need to factor in assists and penalties won as well then that will look quite different mate

2.) 11 Jul 2014 20:59:53
The reality is that Spurs failed to spend their money wisely. That is why they failed. They did not reinforce the defense and they bought a lot of high level functional players, but very few with flair (and one of the two flair players they did buy was injured all year). If we spend the money across the whole squad and wise proper, careful planning, then we'll do very very well next season. Personally, I trust BR to do that. Fair play if anyone doesn't, guess only time will tell

3.) @lfcsam91 You're not wrong but then figure that we'd have stats for a 10-man Liverpool team. Assume that whoever would "replace" Suarez would at least equal in goals what Suarez would have gotten through assists and pen's won etc and the figures are still good reading for any Liverpool fan.

Also consider that Suarez gave the ball away 61 times last season, and figure how many less we would have conceded without him in the team. These things even out!



08 Jul 2014 20:23:18
Just looked up Higuain in the archives, and one of the eds said that Liverpool would have the vacancy and finances to buy him if they were to sell Suarez. One of the eds also said that Napoli offered Higuain to Barca at one stage, but now with Barca and Arsenal signing strikers, there would be little competition.

Higuain seems like the perfect signing. The only missing piece is Liverpool's interest, but I hope this changes. With Rafa interested in Agger, Skrtel, Reina and Lucas, (all players we are seemingly open to bids for), maybe there is the possibility of offering them in exchange, plus cash of course. I know player exchange deals are incredibly rare, but this sees to make sense. Signing Higuain would be a great signing and would make up for missing out on Sanchez. In fact, I think Higuain is the better player! Maybe I'm being too wishful, but I hope we show some interest and bid for him.


{Ed002's Note - Liverpool has been spending the money it has - to buy the players lined up would likely remove most of the money coming in. It is critical that the club start paying down the debt it has with the stadium work coming up.}

1.) True Ed. I've been really surprised with how much we're spending, even with the Suarez deal. But seeing as we were willing to pay a large fee for Sanchez, does that not mean we may still be willing to pay a lot for a forward/winger? Or was Markovic/Origi the alternatives?

{Ed002's Note - No idea - the club is building debt right now - they need to be reducing it. They are stepping in to a high risk situation.}

2.) C'mon ed let's not start talking £££££ it confuses us mortals.

3.) 08 Jul 2014 22:23:06
Having spent the last few years trying to reduce the debt, why the sudden approach which is seeing an increase in debt? Surely after last season they haven't got so excited that they have lost all business sense?

{Ed002's Note - The debt has been increasing.}



13 May 2014 09:14:23
I don't understand the negativity around the Lallana transfer. If we were to sign him, and that's a big if, I'd be over the moon. If games like Chelsea have taught us anything, its that with Henderson not playing, we become extremely stagnant in midfield, as Lucas does not have the same energy and creativity needed to cut open deep defences.

To all the people saying he's not worth the money, give me an alternative player who is just as good that can play central midfield, the wing/flanks and behind the striker. If there's one thing that Rodgers loves, it's versatility. Not to mention Lallana was selected in PL team of the year, beating players like Silva, Mata, Ozil, Navas. Etc. And to people saying Konoplyanka is a better alternative, they play in different positions! I fully believe that IF we sign Lallana, we will still go after a wide forward, and if we dont, I wouldn't be too downhearted, having Borini return and youth players coming up. Come on guys, we've just come 2nd! Let's have a bit more positivity and faith in Rodgers.


1.) I have watched Lallana a lot over this season along with Southampton because of the football they play and I think him, Rodriguez and Shaw are all fantastic players. Lallana himself reminds me of Silva in his style but a little more direct whereas Silva has the advantage in the passing department. Anyone asking where do we play Coutinho, what about Suso? Look at City with Silva Nasri Toure(sometimes) Navas Jovetic all in the attacking roles you need more than one player who can play the killer ball

2.) You had me at hello.

3.) Lallana would be perfect for us.

4.) Bang on mate,

Lfc has restrictions on outlay, like any business, FSG are (for a layman like myself) looking like responsible owners and it's a sign of the strong support that we are so passionate about players both potential and current that so much emotion is shown in the posts on here.

We have the manager of the year, player of the year, outstanding potential in the youth, champions league back, are bidding for the right sort of players after loosing the league on the last match of the season, Expansion plans for Anfield and more experience in the team. Accept the present and be thankful.

"Leave behind the passive dreaming of a rose-tinted future. The energy of happiness exists in living today with roots sunk firmly in reality's soil."

5.) I agree Alex. I'd be delighted if we signed Lallana, Rodriguez and Shaw! But obviously that's not going to happen. Lallana would be a great signing. I'd be impressed if we were able to get a better signing than him all summer.

6.) The only thing that is concerning is that he is Southampton's most substituted player this season, he's actually been brought off 50% of the games he's started for them.
This would suggest he drifts out of games and can't influence games for 90mins and beyond.
Having said that I think we have the same issue with Coutinho at the moment so in that sense having both will create healthy competition and hopefully improve them.

7.) Yes and jovetic, milner and navas spend a while on the bench, a fate I don't want to see for any of our players or indeed any footballer that talented. I still believe in alberto and teixeira, unlike most it seems.

8.) If they price him out of a move to us we still have a wonderful talent in Suso, similar player albeit needs more experience which we could possibly give him next year



02 Sep 2013 23:37:57
Thanks Eds, for what has been a busy and potentially stressful transfer window for you, after all the abuse regarding Suarez and Willian etc. All of your work is greatly appreciated, as it is a very well run website.

Also, would like to congratulate LFC on one of the best transfer windows I've seen them have in a long while. Signings like Sakho, Mignolet, Toure and Aspas could be just what we need for a serious top four challenge.



1.) These are the results when you have a strategy and stick to it come rain or shine.

2.) I wonder if we had got Mkhitaryan, whether we would still have Suarez, or any of the other real and targetted forwards for that matter? Suarez is still a very, very good player we have who I assumed we wouldn't have. Suarez, Coutinho, Sturridge, Aspas is a very threatening forward four + Sterling, Ibe, Alberto, Yesil, Sinclair, Morgan and I guess Hendo, as next options.




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26 Jun 2015 12:37:16
Inge scored more goals than Lambert, Balotelli and Borini combined, not to mention in a relegated team!! And he actually suits our style of play for once. So yes, I do think Ings I'd better than what we have.

Milner is the perfect back-up to Hendo. If Hendo was injured, would you rather Allen or Milner to play there instead? And Milner's extremely versatile and offers the team more experience which we are currently lacking.

Bogdan is the only signing I'm unconvinced by, but he's most likely been bought so Ward can have more time to improve. LFC have quite clearly been impressed with Mignolet's recent form and decided they should spend money on other areas rather than GK.

Don't listen to this deluded Manc, we have made some great signings with more to come. We were never going to be signing the likes of lacazerte or Reus as we simply don't have the money and they want champions league. But players like Firmino and Kovacic are the next best options, as we can get them for affordable prices and they can only improve and increase in value. Be optimistic and don't rule out our signings before they've stepped on the pitch




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26 Jun 2015 00:22:36
Let's compare to United as you want us to then. Clyne is better than all your RBs, unless you want to claim otherwise? Why would United be linked to him if it wasn't true?

Ings is to planned to be our 3rd choice striker and with Hernandez gone, yours is probably Wilson who isn't exactly proven. And even if Ings was 2nd choice, I'd rather him than an old and passed it Van Persie.

Firmino is celebrated by many experts as a great player, including the legendary ronaldinho. And after Di Maria's performance in a red shirt, I'm confident in saying Firmino will surpass him in the premier league.

As for Milner, City were desperate to hold on to him, and as they finished above both us and united, I'd say the big clubs still wanted him.

To tell you the truth, I agree that we do not have the team to win the league. Far from it in fact. What we do have, if we get a striker, is a team that can challenge for top 4 and with United probably the weakest of the top 4 teams, it looks like we'll be going head to head with you for a European qualification. If you really want to rule us out now, then be my guest, but I promise you that it would be unwise. I look forwards to the challenge. Let the best team win.




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25 Jun 2015 12:24:56
Tony Barret and James Pearce reporting that fee agreed. They're usually pretty reliable for these kind of announcements.




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25 Jun 2015 12:14:44
James Pearce and Tony Barret reporting that a fee has been agreed. If true, we have got yet another great signing!!!




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23 Feb 2015 22:25:47
I honestly don't think we need to sign another CB this Summer. I hope and believe that Lovren will stay, as I think he can do a job at RCB and will eventually take over Skrtel's position. Then we have Sakho, who will be at LFC for a long time I reckon and deservedly so! And then we have Ilori and Wisdom returning from loans. I think if he keeps fit, Ilori can be a brilliant player for us. I'm not so certain about Wisdom, but I think he would fit in perfectly in this new system, so I'd love for him to get his chance. I'd rather give these players chances and invest in other areas of the team.





RyanAJ13's banter replies


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02 Jun 2017 20:16:48
How can people want a LB more than a CB? The centre back position is a much more important. No team wins the Prem without a top class CB, unless they have a world class DM in front, as Leicester had Kante. Van Dijk was arguably the best defender in the Prem before he got injured so will surely help a defence that has been leaking goals.

Sure, LB is important too since Milner is currently playing there, but there's a reason why CBs are generally more expensive. I'm sure we will buy a LB too, but if we have to settle for a mediocre one if it means bringing in Van Dijk, so be it.

And to people saying they'd rather have a striker than Van Dijk, did you not watch LFC play last season? We scored more than enough goals, and I'm sure Salah will add even more to that. Our biggest problem is conceding stupid goals, so it makes a lot of sense to make Van Dijk a priority. He might not be as exciting as Mbappe, but he's exactly what we need right now.


{Ed025's Note - no argument from me ryan mate..



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02 Jun 2017 20:06:15
David Luiz to Chelsea.




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09 Aug 2016 20:55:17
Chelsea are going to be extremely defensive this season with Matic and Kante sitting in front of the defence.

Mourinho teams always play defensive, and with De Gea, Smalling and possibly Bailey, United should have a decent defensive record this season.

Like you said Spurs already have a good defence and while Arsneal have a leaky defence with injuries, once everyone's fit they'll have the same defence as last season, which isn't a problem.

The only teams who will have the mindset of out scoring the opponent is Liverpool and Manchester City, but they arguably have the best attacking options in the Prem. Going to be a close season whoever wins.




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04 Jun 2016 14:21:31
The source of the rumours seem to be coming from This Is Anfield. Don't know how reliable they are, as they're usually just known for passing on third party stories about Liverpool.




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14 Jul 2015 00:07:42
The Liverpool Echo aren't reporting the Reus story. It's from a transfer rumour roundup, and they have cited the Metro as the source. As much as I'd love Reus to be a Liverpool player, it's just not going to happen