05 Oct 2021 15:46:42
Hi Eds, my question regards Neco Williams, is he not trusted at right back or is there another issue I'm not seeing, if that's the case why is he not going out on loan. He needs minutes or his talent will stall. What's going on?

{Ed002's Note - He would have been sold in the summer but there were no takes. The interest of Southampton switched to Livramento.}

1.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 16:18:43
And Livramento is the far superior player, let's face it. Neco has been surpassed by Bradley it seems, and so surely a cheap move is on the cards sooner or later.

2.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 17:01:27
It's a shame because he's not a bad RB at all, he's just not TAA.

Maybe our back up RB should be someone slightly older and experienced in the future who's okay with no being 1st choice but is reliable enough when needed.

3.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 18:13:17
Like Milner?

4.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 18:18:25
No top quality RB is going to want to sit on the bench week in, week out. We either use the kids or we use one of a number of versatile players we have already, to cover TAA absences.

5.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 19:09:37
Not Milner War Machine, I think Milner can slot in if there's an emergency but not push TAA for a spot or be a relying back-up for a whole seaso, I think we need someone who had played RB for a career. Its tricky obviously to get good back ups but I'd rather an experienced RB than someone out of position or always relying on a kiddie.

You'd like to think there are some quality 30ish year old RBs out there who would be a good addition to the squad and be a solid enough replacement for TAA.

6.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 19:59:41
When Milner finally retires, or goes to Leeds (same thing maybe), we will certainly feel the loss. Bloke has been immense, and will be tough to replace someone happy and able to fill in here there and anywhere.

{Ed025's Note - im a massive fan of his robb..

7.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 20:06:43
Agreed. I think Milner can cover against mid table teams but against quality opposition he struggles but do we buy someone on the rare occasion Trent is injured for top of the table clash. Personally I’d have played Gomez all day long.

8.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 21:07:09
We now have Timiskas challenging Robbo at LB, surely the same could be said for challenging Trent at RB? Tn17.

9.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 21:09:41
Milner would be grand against literally everyone in this league bar City. Not that he let us down on Sunday but they're a top side in fairness, the only ones who can go head to head over 90 mins with us.

{Ed025's Note - you have yet to face demari gray JH, be afraid..be very afraid.. :)

10.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 20:42:51
Eds, is there a plan to buy another RB when Milner retires, maybe at the end of the season or is the plan to utilise one of our other players to be utilised in a kind of James Milner way?

{Ed002's Note - I doubt it is top of the list.}

11.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 22:24:33
We have Bradley, Gomez, Konate, van den Berg (playing RB / RWB on loan at Preston) and we also have Fabs who can cover the spot. Given we have TAA and Milner isn’t retired and Neco hasn’t gone we have basically 8 players to fill or cover the one spot.

Anyway, I rather suspect the post-Christmas airwaves will be full of the magical word Bissouma once the transfer window opens …….

12.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 22:45:55
I think Milner has proved against teams like Porto he can do a job at right back but against quicker better opposition it has to be TAA and Milner maybe cannot do 2 games in 3 days. A very capable versatile sub is our Milner but not for back to back stuff.

13.) 06 Oct 2021
06 Oct 2021 03:14:28
Dani Alves is knocking about somewhere.

14.) 06 Oct 2021
06 Oct 2021 03:27:09
There were 5 days between the Porto and City gamesTAA is the established RB and given h3 is just about turning 23 he is going to be first choice for a while.

15.) 06 Oct 2021
06 Oct 2021 06:42:45
It is exactly this reason I was a bit gutted we missed out on Leicester’s perrerra (apologies spelling) as we can play both sides to a good standard. If we had someone like that we could have effective cover for both full back positions instead of having to find another player. As much as I rate Tsimikas down the left and think he could start for us I would prefer one player who could cover multiple positions. Yes Milner is good but he lacks the pace these days for that position especially and needs to foul to keep the defence protected, as we saw on Sunday. Can’t remember the last time Milner played and didn’t get booked!

16.) 06 Oct 2021
06 Oct 2021 08:55:02
as WDW said, we have plenty of options at RB, even without Williams (if he were to be sold) .

Personally, out of the players that are not on loan, I see Gomez and Konate being cover through this season. Bradley will hopefully get more chances in the cups, but he looks a season or two (a loan or two? ) away from pushing Trent.

RB is not an issue, so far as I can see.

I see Ox as being the utility player who steps into Milner's shoes, at least in the midfield and forward positions. Jones also is pretty versatile too, albeit I expect him to cement a starting place in the middle 3 very soon!

17.) 07 Oct 2021
07 Oct 2021 14:10:25
Ox as a utility player? I had a lot of hope for him when he joined but the lad isn't focused enough for me. Switches off so easily and sluggish of late. Perhaps he just hasn't been able to get a good run of games beneath him, but I'd have squeaky bum if he was the new captain (un) reliable. Jones would definitely be my preference. He dominated KDB in the City game, always getting infront of the pass and we all know he can go forward. I don't think Curtis will ever be a "worldie" but you need work horses in a team and he has that quality already.

18.) 10 Oct 2021
10 Oct 2021 09:18:24
We seem to be fully stocked at rb. Konate, Gomez, Nico, Milner and Trent will play when fit. I think in defence we are the best of the best.