25 Jan 2022 16:41:56
Ed002, heard from a man on the street Newcastle have come in with a bid or started more negotiations with lfc for Nat Phillips, anything in this of late or still pretty cold?

{Ed002's Note - Nathaniel Phillips (CB) West Ham interest remains and an enquiry has been made by Brighton who are seeking a CB addition in January. Perhaps a consideration for Newcastle but certainly not first choice. Watford offer an option. If not over-priced he should get a move.}

1.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 20:10:57
Good luck to him if he does go. Played a massive part in our recovery last season. Absolute warrior of a player.

2.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 22:36:37
Would love to see him at Brighton, well run club, good position, and under the radar enough he won't be under too much pressure.

Think he could do a job at most places to be fair but worry he would be a stop gap at Newcastle until they can buy a £50m CB.

3.) 25 Jan 2022
25 Jan 2022 22:48:04
If there is 1 player I would like to do well in his career after leaving liverpool its nat Phillips. Gives u 100% every game and would head an aeroplane if need be. A very underrated player imo in2 bargain as well.

4.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 00:26:43
Whoever gets him is getting a solid reliable defender and a leader. If Michael Keane can play for England so can he. Mind you, if Phil Neville can play for England so can I.

5.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 11:39:33
Give Brighton Phillips as a down payment for bissouma in the summer 😉.

{Ed001's Note - Matip would be better, suit their way of playing and be good to get rid of his obscene wages and not good enough defensive play.}

6.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 12:20:16
Will be sold last day of the window, we won't see the funds and FSG get another profit window, same sh? t different window, can't wait for the big summer that is being promised yet again, is that 6/ 7 windows now it's been coming?

7.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 12:47:46
Who promised a big summer of transfers?

8.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 13:24:08
His mother.

9.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 14:39:17
Ed1 In your opinion why does Klopp keep playing Matip? And who would you like to see next to Virgil, Konate or Gomez? I like both but think Konate is more than ready to for a partnership with Virgil.

{Ed001's Note - he likes him there, I just don't know why. I would go with Konate personally to try and get them developing a partnership.}

10.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 14:59:19
abuse deleted

{Ed001's Note - childish idiot, go play on the motorway and do us all a favour.}

11.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 15:12:01
In fairness the club never promised a big summer. If we pocket the money now, I’d rather not spend it until later as there’s absolutely no value in the winter market, and what with Salah, Mane and Keita coming back from AFCON, Elliott and Thiago back from injury, and Fabinho returning to some good form I think we can wait, better to keep what we have than waste money on players who won’t improve the side and will likely be hard to get rid of.

12.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 16:10:33
100% VVVV. Unless it's a player that was earmarked for the summer and becomes available.

13.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 16:36:23
There's a few articles out there where the talk is (usually comes from Werner not Henry) read one yesterday that we have big moves coming up that we haven't seen since 2018, normally comes out in the winter window, then we'll get to summer and contract renewals will be used for excuses as why we can't spend or some other excuse, most probably we will get funds from the Salah sale, which of course we know is coming, if the club can disrespect the worlds best player then how can we expect them to sign a top class talent on big wages to replace him, i don't know.

14.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 18:50:23
What if Salah wants to go? What then Lancaster? He said he had unfinished business when he signed didn't he? Well he has nothing left to prove in English football so maybe he fancies a new challenge elsewhere.

15.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 19:01:57
Lancaster, any links to these articles? Only stuff I saw was FSG buying the Pittsburgh Penguins and Werner getting engaged.

16.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 20:09:30
Totally agree Eds1 Konate should be given time with vvd. May help vvd also.

17.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 20:12:27
So to sum all that up, after reading an article on an obscure unnamed website we are now going to let Salah go after disrespecting him, then we won't attract top class talent.

Quite a leap.

18.) 26 Jan 2022
26 Jan 2022 20:24:10
I’ve seen these articles, one was by a top guy at the echo and the other one I saw was from the same guy that broke the super league joke.

It is a reoccurring pattern though the FSG spin machine of a transfer “war chest” then nothing and a resigning of a top player on a new contract.

Lancaster you are right and I think more people are starting to see it.

19.) 27 Jan 2022
27 Jan 2022 08:30:14
Hope so @Always, building a stand deflects some peoples eyes away from the fact the squad is being overlooked like usual, i will never deny the good FSG have done, but their limit has been reached and we are losing out, but seems only one website can be believed on here, had it before from propbably the same posters that anything anywhere else is rubbish.

20.) 28 Jan 2022
27 Jan 2022 10:38:14
I'd be interested to see these articles were Werner himself has promised to spend big or is it just the typical Echo journo giving his opinion saying we will as usual? I had a look on the Echo website and then gave up after trying to close 234 adverts that kept popping up.