30 Mar 2022 17:33:55
It looks like we are in for both Vitinho and Otavio of Porto. Low cost transfers.

{Ed0666's Note - the player you referenced is called Vitinha and not Vatinho who has questionable morals sexually. Apparently Munich are sniffing around him so. I for one am elated to be purchasing a myriad of players that speak Portuguese. Who wouldn’t want the cream of Brazil and Portugal playing for Liverpool?

1.) 30 Mar 2022
30 Mar 2022 19:53:26
My bad yes Vitinha. Midfielder. Seems klopp has the klipperty on him.

{Ed0666's Note - you mean ‘for him’ ?

2.) 30 Mar 2022
30 Mar 2022 20:24:52
666 whilst we're doing an English lesson, it's 'myriad players', not 'a myriad of players'. Use myriad the same way you would use the word 'various'. You wouldn't say 'various of players'. Myriad means the same as various, but implies more complex connections.

Anyway. They sound like great players.

Anyone noticed that Liverpool are starting to be linked with more and more players in the last few months. This makes a difference from the last few years. Is it an indication that now Edwards is leaving, someone at the club is opening up to the media a bit more?

{Ed0666's Note - I appreciate you pointing out my mistake Stonehenge. I don’t have a formal education and I am grateful when posters check me when I make myriad grammatical errors! I only recently learnt when to use ‘your’ & ‘you’re’ in the right context. An embarrassing admission at 50 years of age. I actually wished I’d gone to school instead of bunking off for most of my education. But I really do appreciate it when posters pull me up on my spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax et al because it helps me improve. So thankyou.

3.) 30 Mar 2022
30 Mar 2022 21:16:05
Ed was right first time.
There are a myriad of websites that will confirm the meaning and use of the word myriad.
your well come.

4.) 30 Mar 2022
30 Mar 2022 21:18:17
I thought Ed0666 was correct in his use of myriad because it was used as a noun (which has "a" ahead of it) rather than an adjective. That said, I believe that the fact it often comes ahead of another noun means it can be used in both ways. And that was my contribution to the confusion, lol.

{Ed0666's Note - I appreciate the objective advocacy Reynard thanks mate .

5.) 30 Mar 2022
30 Mar 2022 21:33:20
It's you're welcome, not your well come.

{Ed0666's Note - 😂👊🏼

6.) 30 Mar 2022
30 Mar 2022 22:35:27

7.) 30 Mar 2022
30 Mar 2022 23:10:51
Haha. Fun thread. And like the guy in orthopaedic shoes, I stand corrected.

8.) 31 Mar 2022
31 Mar 2022 00:08:15
Your embarrassing youreself now 666.

{Ed0666's Note - how so?

9.) 31 Mar 2022
31 Mar 2022 00:37:23
Myriad can be used as either an adjective or noun:

There are myriad people who disagree.

There are a myriad of people who disagree.

Both sentences are grammatically correct.

{Ed0666's Note - I love it when you talk dirty Seano

10.) 31 Mar 2022
31 Mar 2022 07:10:51
I like lamp.

11.) 31 Mar 2022
31 Mar 2022 07:28:12
And today I learned something about the word myriad, this site is the bestest.

12.) 31 Mar 2022
31 Mar 2022 07:34:42
Sounds like a myriad of grammar police 🤣🤣🤣.

13.) 31 Mar 2022
31 Mar 2022 08:10:55
Well Jackson (For Nathan Barley fans)

14.) 31 Mar 2022
31 Mar 2022 10:00:06
You only like lamp Frazer? Most of the rest of us, love lamp. NOt so keen on carpet or desks - too many accidents in the 'bedroom athletics' area with them.

15.) 31 Mar 2022
31 Mar 2022 10:49:18

I actually used this phrase last week in a meeting with a couple of our self-facilitating media nodes where I work. They didn't get it. Probably because they're under 30 and I'm a sad 51, year old who tried to subtly take the pi55.

16.) 31 Mar 2022
31 Mar 2022 12:13:28
So is it a Murial or a Murial I'm looking at pray tell Mr higher education point out people's spelling mistakes man.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m not sure you grasp the idea of what an editors job description entails Mr Downey Junior. Part of it is to correct incorrect spelling, grammar etc. The irony hasn’t escaped me that I’m rubbish at the job 😀

17.) 01 Apr 2022
01 Apr 2022 08:37:54
Sorry Ed it was my attempt at a daft joke by deliberately mis-spelling your'e and youself.

{Ed0666's Note - love it Baz went over my head tho I’m afraid. Happy Friday mate!