25 Apr 2022 15:58:31
Harry Wilson has been officially transferred to Fulham. I wish him good luck and continued success at Craven Cottage.

1.) 25 Apr 2022
25 Apr 2022 16:10:00
Made it into team of the season - hopefully shows his worth in the premier league next season!

Always love seeing a youth player do well!

2.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 08:03:09
Still disappointed we’v sold him. Waited years for him to come through, never given a real chance. I don’t understand why we would let one obvious talent go whilst bringing another in from the same team that is arguable less impactful. Not that I don’t think Carvalho will be good as I havnt seen him play properly but on numbers alone you would say Wilson is the superior player. Ultimately I trust Klopp but why buy Taki and keep ox when we could of just given this lad a chance? Best of luck to the lad either way.

{Ed001's Note - he was lazy as hell, good riddance.}

3.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 08:04:04
Are we due any fee, or has this aleady been paid. And how much?

4.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 10:45:04
I had to check too, WR. Not sure on when it was paid, but was reported as £12m, maybe a loan with obligation to buy if promoted?

Westwood, I've watched him a few times (on TV) when at Leeds and highlights at Fulham - definitely the right choice for both parties to part company. Carvalho, apart from being a different player, is also 5 years younger. Wilson is now 24!

5.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 10:50:38
Nothing against the lad but I think he has found his level. Good luck to him, hopefully a decent career lies ahead.

6.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 16:59:13
Wilson was never as good as the players ahead of him in the pecking order on both the right wing and inside right positions. There's not much more to it really. He never struck me as being highly skilled in anything other than set pieces.

It's like Minamino. Many of us (including me) love the guy to bits, but he doesn't get runouts. Klopp must be out of his mind to give runouts to players who he deems to be not as good as the players who are ahead in the pecking order, or not fully able to give what he wants from those positions. His remit is to put out the best team for every game and we've been blessed with a fairly healthy squad for most of the year.

I think Carvalho has been brought in because of Klopp's wish for a very creative midfield player who can ping the ball to the forwards (Thiago) or dribble past players and dish off to the forwards (Keita) or do both. However, there are question marks about Keita's consistency and Thiago is not a long term solution. And both have horrible injury records with us. But then it makes you wonder what Klopp has in mind for Jones and Elliot.

7.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 18:38:31
Wilson has a good strike on him and his delivery is good too, problem is he lacks the work ethic and desire. Which is why he’s at Fulham and not here. Shame really, but it’s all very well having talent but if you don’t do the hard yards or work then you’re not going to make it. End of the day, the deal has worked for all parties, he’s played well for Fulham, we’ve got some money in and it’s helped to repair relationships between us and Fulham.

{Ed0666's Note - Carvalho & Money for Wilson. That’s a deal in my book…Edwards/Ward strike again!!!

8.) 26 Apr 2022
26 Apr 2022 19:41:24
Westwood666 you are disappointed that Wilson got sold then your beef is with him, not the club. The kid was never good enuff for us and that much was clear. As for your strange comparison with Taki, you can never call him lazy nor useless nor accuse him of not working hard. Taki contributed a lot to our success this season clearly so comparing him to a lazy kid like Wilson is just poor taste, IMO.

9.) 27 Apr 2022
27 Apr 2022 05:07:22
Didn’t compare Wilson to Taki though did I, nor did I say I had any ‘beef’ with anybody. I’m a H&S consultant not a gangsta! sometimes actually playing games brings the best of a player out. Maybe given a chance he could of worked on his laziness as ed001 says. Again I didn’t see much of him recently so I cannot comment on that. I just remember seeing him as a 16 year old tearing up the reserves like Raheem did and thinking to myself ‘look forward to him coming through’. Didn’t take long for the first few games plus international recognition and numbers wise he is clearly talented. All other points aside it is always a little disappointing, which is what I said, when that situation occurs and doesn’t work out, especially with a potential home grown player. That’s all.

10.) 28 Apr 2022
28 Apr 2022 20:47:16
They don't make the squad, their rubbish, simple as. Ya want to win? Need winners.