16 Jun 2022 13:58:22
Ed002 do you still see liverpool bringing in a cm this summer. P. Joyce (usually spot on) seems to think we'll go with what we have till next summer.

{Ed002's Note - My expectations have not changed.}

1.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 18:03:48
Is that a no Ed002?
Surely if 3 attackers leave, are Carvalho and Nunez enough to cover the 3, and if the Ox leaves and the main 3 MF's tend to get injured more often, is it sane to leave it? FSG are supposed to be backing JK, not only selling to buy.

{Ed002's Note - I don’t understand.}

2.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 18:26:34
Feck P. Joyce I'm going with you ed002. Cheers for the reply fella.

3.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 19:05:31
Ed2 has said he thinks there will be a m/ f signed I’ll go with that . tbh we don’t no what’s going on behind the scenes and Paul Joyce probably doesn’t.

4.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 19:50:02
Neuhaus? Please! ?.

5.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 19:53:13
Who are the 3 attackers leaving spaceman?

6.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 20:14:44
Origi has already left, with Mane and Minamino looking likely to leave, but we have signed Nunez which leaves us with 5 top quality attackers in Diaz, Salah, Firmino, Jota and Nunez plus Elliot and Carvalho who can both play as attackers and a whole host of very promising youngsters like Gordon. We do not need anymore attacking players.

7.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 20:18:21
What does m/ f mean?

8.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 20:27:27
Midfield Razor, or mother f@£%er!

9.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 20:30:05

10.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 20:38:46
We need a midfielder. And I think we’ll get one.
Let’s face it it was the difference last year, I feel like we will sign one towards the end of the window and we’ll win the league.

11.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 20:52:28
Isn't Firmino going to leave too? He has hardly featured.

12.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 22:53:25
I have saved the list that Ed has mentioned about CM players that LFC interested to.
1. Vitinho : probably heading elsewhere, so i will marked it "X".
2. Otavio
3. Merino
4. Kalvin Phillips
5. Bissouma "X"
6. Fabio Vieira "X"
7. Sangare
8. Laimer
9. Trindade

Thank you.

13.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 23:07:25
Is it me or was that a little sarcastic and snide dig at the Eds by Acered in regards to 'don't hold your breath. ' If I'm wrong then sorry, I misinterpreted it but if I'm right then what a dick.

14.) 16 Jun 2022
16 Jun 2022 23:37:51
I think you could also mark "x" on laimer. He also probably going elsewhere, possibly bayern.

15.) 17 Jun 2022
17 Jun 2022 00:49:35
And Phillips who looks like he is joining Man City, with Grealish and Sterling and perhaps Rice. As an aside to you think Pep secretly wants to be Southgate?

16.) 17 Jun 2022
17 Jun 2022 01:21:01
Yes, based on some reports Laimer was on Bayern's list and Kalvin Phillips was on Man City's list.

Assuming that reports was correct, meaning LFC's MC target will be:
1. Otavio
2. Merino
3. Sangare
4. Trindade

CMIIW, please.
Thank you.

17.) 17 Jun 2022
17 Jun 2022 07:10:36
Some good detective work there. Now watch us sign someone no one even knew existed.
It has to be someone who can cover Fab as well as play another position well.

18.) 17 Jun 2022
17 Jun 2022 07:30:54
Out of those I think I’d take Trindade.

19.) 17 Jun 2022
17 Jun 2022 08:16:45
Who is Trindade and who does he play for? I seem to remember Ed2 suggesting he may fail to get a WP which means we'd probably have to play well over the odds?

20.) 17 Jun 2022
17 Jun 2022 09:20:32
RedNick, 20 year old Brazilian lad. Andre Trindade. Plays for Fluminese.

Work permit would probably only be granted if we a) paid over the odds or b) could convince an independent panel he is an exceptional talent.

Never seen him play and anybody who says they have is most likely lying to themselves ? shows how desperate people are to sign A. N. Other that they'll take a completely unknown quantity over someone from our own academy.

21.) 17 Jun 2022
17 Jun 2022 14:11:57
Certain you can't refer to an independent panel anymore. Need to significantly overpay as he not a full international. My gut feeling says Otavio with Hendo, Thiago and Morton cover for Fab. Key words are sustained interest in him and he's versatile.