20 Jun 2022 17:09:51
Arsenal now favourites for Raphinha ahead of Barcelona apparently. Salah to Barcelona and Saka to Liverpool next summer? He’ll have 12 months left on his contract this time next year so shouldn’t be ridiculously expensive. Just thinking out loud.

1.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 17:48:34
Saka to replace Salah would be seriously underwhelming. Another massively overated English player. Very good some times but very average most of the time. We probably won't get him either due to ridiculous wage demands. Otherwise he would've already signed the huge contract offer on the table from Arsenal.

2.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 17:58:12
Would rather promote Gordon next year than go with Saka.

3.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 18:13:27
Bowen I think will be Salah replacement.

4.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 18:45:40
Saka is a wonderful talent. He’s still a kid. Look at what Mo and Mane did at that age. At 25 he will just be starting to show his true worth.
He can play multiple positions and is by every account a throroughly decent lad…. which is important to Klopp.

Tbh though, not many will be able to replace Salah. He’s in the top five players we have ever had. I think sometimes we are a bit blase about him.

5.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 18:50:06
I think Saka has done very well he’s carried a very average Arsenal team at times at such a young age. One of the few english players I actually rate. Bowen definitely better right now and a Salah replacement would have to be a more readymade player but Saka has loads of potential I think. Could be fantastic under Klopp.

6.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 19:11:07
Saka to replace Salah in 12 months time would be brilliant, the lads already a good player and he’s only 20, skys the limit for the lad imo.
Unfortunately I think it’s highly doubtful.

7.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 19:32:23
Highly overrated player saka. He ain't no sterling that's for sure. No way does he replace mo. Bowen all day.

{Ed0666's Note - wow! Just goes to show football is all about opinions…saka for me mate much higher ceiling.

8.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 19:55:55
I also am unsure on Saka. I currently pit him with the likes of Raphinha, Zaha and Grealish (Villa version) . To me he is one of those players who look good if you watch highlights, as they play in bang average teams who give them the ball over and over again. The highlights show the one dribble, pass or shot that came off, but not the majority of the times when they just gave the ball back to the opposition.

If we do buy to replace Salah, I'd much rather a player like Bowen. Or if we buy young, I'd like Neto or Olise. The kind of players who pick the right options rather than trying to be the hero with the hollywood goal/ assist.

Saka may yet come to realise he can actually play a simple pass to move the opposition about and not put his team under needless pressure, but right now he's not worth half of what Arsenal would demand in my opinion. But as Ed666 says, it's an opinions game.

9.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 20:20:58
You're completely right MK. Usually people who only watch highlights think players we're linked with are world beaters. Watch 4-5 full 90 minutes then you can have a more true reflection of their actual ability and overall play. But just because he's 21 doesn't mean he will continue developing. Look at Zaha, Lingard, Rashford, Grealish, Sterling, etc. All were better players in their 20's than now when they should be in their prime. Some people peak to quick or take others by surprise until they get figured out. That's the difference between good ans great players.

10.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 20:23:04
From Salah and Mane to Bowen and Saka. That’s some come down. Both are good players but they are not on Mane and Salah’s level.

{Ed0666's Note - yes but don’t forget who we have on the left that kid is gonna thrive and prosper and do his best Salah impression over the next few seasons. He just needs to up his consistency, decision making, composure, game IQ a teeny bit and we have a future Balon D’or winner on our hands.

11.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 19:51:11
I'm all for youth development but I'd love Saka. So much potential.

12.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 20:28:53
I would love Neto but would like to see him stay injury free for a prolonged period.

{Ed0666's Note - where would you play Neto mate?

13.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 20:36:41
People go on about Bowen as stepping in for Salah.
He was bang average for England and is not elite level.
The saving grace is that our coaching team is world class and can turn water into wine, but i'd still go left field / foreign than pay over the odds for English dross.
We can make better english players in the long run and sell them on for a ridiculous profit if they do not make the grade.

{Ed0666's Note - I’d like the best players for the position I do t care if there from Barnsley, Barbados or the moon

14.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 21:07:29
I’d play him in Salahs position Ed, think he’d thrive there us and he’s got bags of talent.

15.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 21:12:52
I'd much rather take Martinelli if I had a choice of Arsenal players tbh. Am a little underwhelmed at the thought of signing Saka. (Good young player but let's revisit when he's 24/ 25 and he's actually regularly showing his promise) .

16.) 20 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 21:37:19
Id sign neither Saka or Bowen, both decent players but not what we need I don't think, couldn't tell you who id replace Mo with really but I don't think it would be anyone from the prem.

17.) 21 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 21:20:50
I liked Bowen when he was the shaqiri replacement and 25 - 30 million.

Now all of a sudden he s the Salah replacement and 75 million. He is just way overpriced and even though he s a good player, he is overrated.

18.) 21 Jun 2022
20 Jun 2022 23:54:00
Everyone has an opinion and I appreciate and respect those, but for me Sake has massive potential. I'd love to see him at Liverpool. I don't know how realistic that is, but he would be a fantastic signing.

19.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 00:51:09
Some people lack any sort of long term vision. Saka is 20, comparing him to Mane or Salah is ridiculous, he has so many years before he reaches his peak. What were Mane and Salah doing at 20?

{Ed0666's Note - Probably playing football

20.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 01:32:57
Are we forgetting that very few of our talismanic players in modern history came to us as very highly regarded? Not Suarez, not Mane, not Mo, not Couthino. I don't think Virgil was thought of the player he has become either. We should be careful who we write off too soon.

21.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 03:46:55
Salah might still leave this summer, as Liverpool are open to a move. Don’t count that out.
Also we are still in for gakpo.

22.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 07:21:38
If your gunna go for Sake you’d also need Sushi no?

23.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 07:54:18
Gakpo, that's a good one. If Gakpo is our Salah replacement, then they have officially lost it. I think i would start watch basketball or sumo wrestling instead! Gakpo! Funny.

24.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 07:56:13
Agree re Salah being a true great, although don't see him maintaining the same levels at Barca, where he will be just another player. He loves being the big i am, you can hear it in his language lately.
He cursed the Real game by talking about revenge and making it about him.
Klopp and the coaching team are the real stars here, and i believe they would turn Saka into a world class player.

25.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 08:01:12
If Arsenal are favorites for Rafinha let's just sign him up, can't see what they can offer that we cant.

26.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 08:16:38
Gordons about to turn 18 at the start of the season, the same age Saka started getting regular gametime in a poor Arsenal team. Its going to be harder for Gordon because he's up against World class players but we really do have a player on our hands with this kid. I think he'll take Taki's minutes this year and get 15-20 games if he stays fit. I definitely think he's further along than Saka was at the same age.

27.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 10:38:19
I wouldn't take Saka. As with all English players the transfer fee you pay is for the player they might become not the player they are now.
He has the potential to be a top player but no way he's worth what Arsenal would want for him.

28.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 12:59:15
Yeah War Machine, damn autocorrect.

29.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 12:07:39
I understand what your saying ed about people have different opinions. Not saying sake won't become a brilliant player. then again not saying he will. He has the potential for sure and maybe klopp and out coaches could make him into a beast of a player, just underwhelmed when I watch him for
arsenal and England. Not to say their being coach well off arteta or that buffoon Southgate. Bowen at the moment for me seems the better player. Can we not go and get better from abroad though as both English and either 1 is going to cost a bomb. Replacing salah is massive. Can we find a Diaz for the right?

{Ed0666's Note - Woukdnt you want a player that’s settled in the Prem over a risky foreign player who still has to get to grips with the culture, language country blah blah…for every Suarez there’s a Sanchez I suppose. If we replaced Salah with Saka I’d be made up mate.

30.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 14:22:31
In all fairness Ed 066, Sanchez did not face any problems in adjusting to the English culture and climate.

{Ed0666's Note - no I meant his move to man United from Arsenal didn’t work out. My point is it’s no guarantee if you buy a player from the Prem he will work out. All transfers are a lottery.

31.) 21 Jun 2022
21 Jun 2022 14:41:46
Very true ed good point. Are liverpool happy to let salah run down his contract or possibly open to selling him now? . Personally think we are in a win win situation this season. He has to perform well to get a decent move when season ends or if his current form since afcon return continues whos going to be likely to pay him the wages he wants. Hopefully the saka or bowen debate could include other players when the time comes. However I wouldn't be against saka or bowen if klopp wanted either.

32.) 22 Jun 2022
22 Jun 2022 07:47:27
Klopps/ Edwards/ FSG have actually been VERY successful buying players from EPL, players have hit the ground running almost immediately from them. If Klopp wants Saka, go get him.