26 Jun 2022 10:38:47
Ed's is there any interest for Mo this summer or just click bait out there I know it's not ideal to sell him and mane in the same window but it's better than getting nothing for him. Or is it a case of he would not move this year and is waiting for the big pay off next seasons.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any approach to Liverpool for him nor the club making him available. If they do, it would not be in the best interests of the player to move this summer.}

1.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 10:55:20
Because if he were to move this summer he wouldn’t get a huge sign on bonus, but will next year when he’s a free agent?

{Ed002's Note - Right. Obviously the club still want him to sign a new contract.}

2.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 11:05:40
Mo has already stated that he will be here next season, and clearly won't diminish his position . Barcelona all the way.
A mid price replacement is surely coming in in prep for next season though.

3.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 11:04:38
Id rather the club sign a replacement now so we aren't short come next season. Mo clearly wants to move next season because he can choose who and where and it's better financially for him and his team. We should also be selfish as a club. IF we aren't going to realise a fee for him then, being left short or paying over the odds for a replacement next season will surely stand us in better stead now. Gives the new player a season to bed in. Id go all out for Rafinha. We need to look after the club and not the whims of Mo's over inflated ego. He's been average by his standards for months (probably tired id imagine), maybe we've had the best out of him, no one can't tell for sure. What do you think Ed001?

{Ed001's Note - I think he just needed a rest and reset after the heartbreak of the AFCON.}

4.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 11:12:07
Cheers Ed001 my thoughts too. Id love him to stay but I think Mo will be out for Mo. Id rather get his replacement in now if we can. Then there's no panic buying and over paying next season.

5.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 11:39:20
Problem is if things don't go well at start of next season he will be the scapegoat like he has been for last 6 months.

6.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 11:47:21
War machine who’s made him a scapegoat? We had an incredible season and I for one was over the moon to win two cups and push city all the way. I think Salah has enough credit in the bank to have a bad patch and still be loved by the fans even if he does leave next year.
Salah will be back to his best come the start of the season.
This isn’t having a pop at you by the way WM just my opinion mate ??.

7.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 11:50:12
Only for the idiots WarMachine. Still been a massive player for us no matter what his form is. Best player in the world at one point. Let’s hope he stays and gets his form back after a good rest. I still think we should sign someone though to replace him now whilst these players are available.

8.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 13:35:50
I don’t understand your posts Jimblelfc because in your first post you said “We need to look after the club and not the whims of Mo's over inflated ego. He's been average by his standards for months (probably tired id imagine), maybe we've had the best out of him” and then you say in your last post only idiots would say things like that etc, talk about contradicting yourself, make up your mind lad.

9.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 14:01:07
[SimonBrundish] @MoSalah has compiled the greatest attacking performance over a 5 year period, of any @LFC player in history.

10.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 14:14:58
How have I scapegoated him Sid19? Do you know what a scapegoat is? He’s been average by his own standards. Everyone can see that. I’m not making this up. He needs to get his head down and play if he’s staying or carry on with the Mo show if not. I never said he was bad and never blamed him for any dips in team form so therefore not scapegoating. He has got an over inflated ego. Doesn’t make him a bad person. I’d just rather get someone in now while he makes his mind up.

11.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 16:41:54
Jimblelfc not sure what scapegoat has got to do with my message and I’m not a 100% sure but “scapegoated” isn’t a word so no maybe I don’t know what it means but hey you can enlighten me as for an over inflated ego I’ve never known him to be like that too but maybe you know him better than me.

12.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 17:44:43
Spaceman. How dare you put up stats like that on here; you know we frown on fact based conclusions. Better to dwell on the ignorance and arrogance of such players (let's include Mane in here since we are at it) who are not willing to work for the club below their market value and their market rate.

Sarcasm aside, if there is an attacking player that deserves to be the highest paid LFC player ever, then Salah is it. But I would never ever suggest giving Salah 400K per week, because it would kill our wage structure and wreak havoc in the dressing room and the club. I wish something would happen or someone would intervene and tell both sides to find a happy medium somewhere in the middle and we could all go back to just winning games.

{Ed0666's Note - Buy your own logic if any attacking player in our history deserves to be paid £400k a week it’s Salah so why should he settle for a happy medium? That doesent make any sense at all mate.

13.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 16:46:43
For those saying Salah has an over inflated ego, i understand that the amounts of money mentioned with these top footballers are crazy to us fans but what we have to understand that Mo is elite and i'd imagine he'll be in the top 3,maybe 2 for the ballon D'or! He rightfully wants be be paid as much as some of these players who'll get nowhere near him in the voting.

14.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 18:01:59
I still can't understand why Salah is getting the wrap from our fans. Selfish or not, we have achieved so much and he's been pivotal to us winning trophies. If Salah wants more money or a new challenge that's totally acceptable and no different to somebody deserving going for a pay rise in typical employment.

15.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 20:59:27
Ed0666, what I meant is that 400K is way too high given our wage structure. It would cause irreparable damage to the cohesion of the team. Give him something like 300-325K for a 3 year contract, and hope he'll accept. And he'd still be the highest paid Liverpool player ever. Everyone is happy.

But realistically speaking he probably would not agree. He doesn't have to look far to see De Bruyne on 400K, Grealish on 300K and Sterling on 300K too.

{Ed0666's Note - exactly mate. If you give him north of 300 then Virgil could pipe up and then a domino effect..you get my drift. I would suggest that Mo is gone sooner rather than later and a new contract he won’t be signing as he would have done it by now.

16.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 11:40:00
Be sad to see him go but it's a tough one. He could have a stinker of a season and not get his wish anyway. Personally hope we bags 20+ IF he stays.