28 Nov 2019 14:26:31
Thanks ED001, your positivity at the end of your report makes me feel a lot better than I was after the result. We have been spoilt so much that a draw against a decent side feels like a loss! I'm not sure why Klopp changed TAA for Gomez. What it does show is how influential TAA is to pur attacking play. Hopefully we can get a good result in our next CL league game. Cheers.

{Ed001's Note - he changed him to rest him. Trent covers a lot of ground and we will need a lot out of him over coming months. Gomez needs to play as well.}

1.) 28 Nov 2019
28 Nov 2019 15:23:02
ed001 I was at the game last night and did not see what happened to fabinho. not been back long so only seen Klopp interview about the injury when I got home I see he said it could be massive so have you any clue as to what he might have done. All so ed on Gomez do you think we should get a cover full back to help out as I don't think fullback is Gomez's strong point going forward we lose so much.

{Ed001's Note - it was impossible to tell how bad it was, with regard to Fabinho. Could be just a bit of bruising with luck. Fingers crossed it is not ligament damage.

I said before the summer that the things we need most is cover at full-back. We have emergency cover, but we need actual cover to challenge for all the trophies.}

2.) 28 Nov 2019
28 Nov 2019 15:31:26
With potential injury to Fab, who would you prefer as temporary replacement? I would assume Hendo or Gini as the best bet.

3.) 28 Nov 2019
28 Nov 2019 16:28:11
The injury to fab looked like a dead leg at the time but I think they said ankle injury today. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
Please come back soon fab.

4.) 28 Nov 2019
28 Nov 2019 20:12:16
Basically the ideal, but still somewhat realistic, signing for us is a fullback who can get up and down the line, is decent defensively, is comfortable on either side of the pitch, can cross and won't mind not nailing down either fullback slot as first choice.

Any suggestions?

It's either that or Larouci and Williams break through.

@ Opo - I'd go Henderson personally, but I think Klopp will go with Gini for that role so he can leave Hendo on the right of the midfield three to support the way we use Salah and Alexander-Arnold.

5.) 28 Nov 2019
28 Nov 2019 22:50:24
I believe at the moment if Trent or Robbo is out or rested, we can play joe, just need to replace their creativity with an ox or shaq in the middle of the park.

6.) 29 Nov 2019
29 Nov 2019 03:31:30
I agree firmane. OX offered that danger and threat to worry defenders and give salah more freedom. When Gomez plays right back salah is much easier for opponents to man mark and double up on, like what Robertson gives mane when constantly overlapping or supporting him. Without Trent or robbo playing we need a midfielder who will offer that offensive threat to combine with our wingers. Salahs goal drought last season occurred while Trent was absent and manes transition to prolific world class forward has coincided with Robertson at LB. This is where OX or keita could be crucial if Milner or Gomez have to play FB.

7.) 29 Nov 2019
29 Nov 2019 04:09:35
How about Hoever?

8.) 29 Nov 2019
28 Nov 2019 21:28:56
I was concerned that the impact seemed higher up the leg and could have damaged knee ligaments. The challenged seemed similar to the one Ox suffered, though clearly less severe as he continued for a bit. One thing's for sure, if he is out for a bit he will be sorely missed. I was more worried when Virg went down tbh. I know Fab is having a great season, but hopefully we have coverage.