19 Mar 2020 20:03:52
Ed002, I don't know if there's a simple answer to this because it's not happened before but what would likely happen in the event of our kit manufacturer's contract with the club running out before the end of the season? Does the contract run until a certain date? Or until seasons end?

I'm not bothered what kit we wear, it's more around any potential bonuses etc. Say the season was completed and Liverpool had won the league, qualifying for European competition. I assume we get paid more by our supplier?

I'm sure both New Balance and Nike would like any potential benefit of supplying the English champions and having their kit plastered over world media. Not sure Nike would like forking out a bonus after wearing their kit for maybe 2 games though.

I am assuming though, obviously I don't know what's been written into the contracts, if there is even bonuses agreed. Hopefully not another court case.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool will not be paid bonuses by New balance as they went to court to cancel the agreement they had made. The contracts typically cover the seasons with the exception of the final game - where clubs often where the incoming kit.}

1.) 19 Mar 2020
19 Mar 2020 20:53:12
We could win the title in a Nike kit it would be crap for nb as I’ve liked them.

2.) 20 Mar 2020
20 Mar 2020 11:15:41
When the time comes to return to football, I don’t care what kit we wear. Naked will do fine too!