03 Mar 2021 11:33:22
Raphina, Daka
Bissouma, De Paul
Botman/ DCC, Konate

Get them 6 in in summer and we’re good to go.

Matip, Shaq, Origi, Adrian, Minamino, Ox/ Keita, Wilson, Grujic, Phillips/ Davies (one is 5th choice cb next season), Elliott (loan him to Leeds/ Brighton for a season), Adrian. (There’s probably a few more names I can’t remember off the top of my head)
But sell them and sign the 6 mentioned and I think we’ll be sorted for a massive season next year.

1.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 11:49:40
I don't see more than 2 / 3 being signed unless a big player leaves.

2.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 11:59:03
We're not signing 6 players in the summer - this is fantasy land.

3.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 11:59:30
Think we’ll definitely sign a forward, midfielder and cb I could make a case for needing 2 for each of those areas. As long as the players we sign improve our squad then that’s fine with me.

4.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 12:29:17
Might sound controversial given we've just signed 2 CBs, but I think we need to sign 2 CBs in the summer. I really don't want to have to repeat this year if god forbid Virg and Joe have any setbacks. After that I'd focus on replacing Origi with a promising forward. It does however sound like we'll replace Gini with Bissouma if rumours are to be believed. Of course if one of the front 3 are to move on, then we'll need to backfill - perhaps that is where we may look at Raphinha-type. I suspect our plans are not at all helped by the home-grown imbalance we have right now.

5.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 13:02:20
I think the first question you have to ask is who deserves a place in the team next season.

The players who definitely do in my opinion, are:
Alisson, Trent, Gomez, Virgil, Robbo, Fabinho, Thiago, Henderson, Milner, Jones, Mane, Salah, Firmino, Jota.

Every other player in the squad has something to prove as far as i'm concerned, and is not guaranteed a squad role in the first team next season.

Have to see who steps up between now and the end of the season. Players who definitely don't deserve to be in the squad next season are Matip because he is simply too unreliable and he can't prove anything between now and the summer because he's crocked again. Keita is teetering on that edge as well and needs to prove he can now stay fit. Probably every other player i've not yet named just needs to convince Klopp they are good enough.

6.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 13:13:15
One good quality CB signing for me, very durable obviously.
I think Phillips should leave to play elsewhere, Rhys back to develop some more and the other prospects are a year nearer the first team squad too.
In extremis I’m happy with Henderson at CB and, if I were Klopp, I’d be having a chat with him about switching permanently to CB in a season or two.
He’s good enough, great communicator and perhaps it’d be a way to prolong his career in the first XI.

7.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 13:27:06
I’d agree with the idea of signing one top CB, with Gomez and Davies/ Phillips as back up that’s be solid options at CB with hendo and fab playing at CB if absolutely desperate.
I agree about hendo potentially dropping back to CB in a season or two, he’s done well when he’s played at CB so could be a serious option in the future.

8.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 13:28:04
I don’t think we need to change all that much in the summer. I think one of the front three will have to go in order to provide the resources for transfers, thankfully we have adequate replacements in the form of Jota, Minamino and Elliott.

I’d sell Mane to PSG or Madrid, promote Jota to first choice on the left wing, then throw the bank at getting Haaland. I really do think he is that good and would be worth the outlay. You can coach and develop a lot of qualities into players, but that finishing ability of that level cannot be coached and is very rare. Just imagine the damage he could do with his height from Trents and Robbos crosses as well.

In addition to Adrian and Wijnaldum, i’d try and recoup some money from the sales of Matip, Keita, Origi and possibly Shaqiri. I’d use that money to bring in Bissouma and buy one or two centre backs, but whoever would be affordable or good enough i cannot say.

9.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 13:30:45
Absolutely zero chance of Elliott going on loan again next season. He has proven the championship is probably a level below him, at 17! We need strong back up for salah and he is the perfect player for it.

10.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 14:14:17
Next year I hope

GK Alisson, Kelleher, Older GK brought in
RB Trent, Neco
CB VVD, Gomez, Kounde, Davies
LB Robbo, Kostas
Midfield Fabs, Hendo, Thiago, Jones, Kieta, Ox, Bissouma
RW Salah, Taki, Elliot
LW Mane, Jota
ST Bobby, another striker no idea who.

11.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 15:03:08
We need a clinical finisher in the summer, its cost us big time this season and we need more goals from midfield.

12.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 15:03:08
We need a clinical finisher in the summer, its cost us big time this season and we need more goals from midfield.

13.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 15:07:18
Mighty Reds, do we sell Jota then?

14.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 16:30:34
Not at all, Mane I would and maybe drop Bobby into a 10 role, we miss far too many chances.

15.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 17:49:31
I can’t see Kounde being a good option. He’s only 5’10” for starters, which is far too short to be an effective centre back in the premier league, given how many long ball merchants still ply their trades he’d be very quickly picked out for his obvious “shortcomings”, plus Sevilla want stupid money and want it up front, as Man United found out when they asked. I’d also keep Phillips over Williams as Williams is never going to make it as a premier league player and Phillips is at least a good option as fourth choice and against teams that go long. Not every defender has to be as gifted as Maldini on the ball. There’s still room for a hard person who can head the ball and stick it in row z.

{Ed077's Note - granted La liga and European footy (i.e CL or EL) isn't the most aerially demanding competition but have you guys actually watched Kounde play and get exposed and exploited aerially or just googled his height and deemed him aerially bad? I don't see him as aerially weak whenever I watch him. His leap and timing of the jump is very good IMO.}

16.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 19:34:02
OP, you’ll b lucky if we get even 2 of those players. As for Kounde, his height may not be that big a prob if both City and Utd want him cos I am sure they have considered this point.

17.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 21:24:58
Fabio Cannavaro didn't do too bad for a short guy. As Ed077 says, if your timing and leap are good then you can do very well in the air.

18.) 04 Mar 2021
04 Mar 2021 15:41:56
I hope Elliot just continues to develop at warp speed! Brewster may provide an example of a player who carves it at levels below but needs time at premier league level. Elliot could thrive as a sub for Salah or it could hinder his development. who knows. just hope he turns into the English Messi. For me, at his age, more first team football in the Championship wouldn't be the worst. especially so he can apply himself and do it again for another season. rekon that'd be a good marker for his growth.