10 Jun 2022 21:08:36
I like mane and salah.

I do think it needs a fresh look next season. The lads gave it their all and came up short, massive mental challenge to go again knowing they came up short.

Its bit like 09, nearly smashed it but not quite following season it went down the pan so to speak.

I say came up short but we won two cups which is amazing so don't thing I'm having a pop.

Let mane move on, replace with a new player or two and go again.

I hate to say it but fergie was a master at this sort of thing and I think Jurgen is to and knows it needs a tweek.

1.) 10 Jun 2022
10 Jun 2022 21:46:36
Rafa did a minor miracle in 09 vs a CL winning team with CR7, rooney and tevez. It went downhill atter thanks to H&G. Rafa's only mistake was Alonso. Even then Xabi would likely want to play for Real or Barcelona at some point.