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31 Jul 2019 21:35:38
Oh Harry Harry, Harry Harry Wilson.

To quote my Derby season ticket holder friend, "He's terrible off the ball, visually lazy. Gets some wonder goals but the rest of the time you wonder where he is. "

If ever there was a description of a player that Klopp wouldn't want.

Snap any hand off for £20-25m and buy Cornet.

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31 Jul 2019 22:19:21
Have you actually watched Cornet? Or are you basing this urge to sign him on a YouTube video, because he’s hardly what you’d call hard working and certainly not a prolific goalscorer, furthermore you do realise that Aulas is not the easiest person to negotiate with and after the debacle with Fekir he’s going to mskr incredibly difficult negotiating for a very distinctly average player at what is the arse end of the window.

31 Jul 2019 22:26:38
Twenty-five million pounds would be tough to turn down for the lad, but I personally would like to see him stay. Many of the complaints we have about Harry are the same reasons why Shaqiri didn't get a look in toward the end of the season. That said, those particular types of players are integral to breaking down teams that park the bus and, ultimately, winning titles. Not everybody can play ninety minutes week in and week out in a 25+ man squad. Let the lad contribute where he can, play 23's and for Wales and see if he can break in to the first team. No more loans. Sell him if a great offer comes, sure, otherwise let him wait for his chance. I personally think he has the talent to take it, just has to work on contributing in ways that don't make headlines.

31 Jul 2019 23:01:42
I am a professional sports traded so watch plenty of French football and am more than confident that he would do a job in a Klopp set up. I think you are doing him an injustice, his goal scoring record is fair for the minutes he’s played and in a situation where we are worried that we can’t spare minutes, he’s the ideal player to have on the bench who may well be happy to do that. He is pacey and has a solid work rate, he also has a lot of strength and is good with his head. He’s far more versatile than Origi and Shaq.

It’s a 3 for, he will be a player who buys us some bench confidence in 3 positions in what will be a long hard season. As for doing a deal, if we can get £20-25 for Wilson it would be the perfect reinvestment for team value and would at least be worth testing the water.

31 Jul 2019 23:51:39
I’ve watched plenty of French football and seen more than enough of him to form an opinion, he’s very one dimensional and is only effective against teams that push up and even then he’s almost solely reliant on midfielders passing the ball into space he can run into. He wouldn’t make any difference in games where teams are sitting back, as the only thing he has going for him is pace, which is useless against teams who sit back and defend in numbers. He looks like he doesn’t have much in the way of technique and his shooting can best be described as putting his foot through it and hoping for the best. If the best that we can hope for is Cornet, I really would not bother selling Wilson as I’d rather give one of our own lads the chance and we’d be negotiating with Aulas who is notoriously difficult, loathes English teams and would ask close to £35-40m for a player who isn’t better than available options already at the club. As for versatility he’s only really effective on the wings, as he lacks the all round game to play through the middle and he’s certainly not good enough to be a midfielder.

{Ed0333's Note - absolutely no way Cornet will cost north of £35 million.

01 Aug 2019 00:38:36
Ed0333 we are talking Aulas here, football’s equivalent of the French soldier in Monty Python and the Holy Grail who likes trolling anyone who approaches Lyon about anyone under any contract with at least two years remaining. You’re also forgetting that if we sell Wilson and are going cap in hand desperately trying to replace Wilson then he’ll ask for stupid money as he’ll know we’re desperate, it’s a sellers market not a buyers market. In short, Cornet isn’t worth sacrificing Wilson for as far as I’m concerned and it would be a sad indictment on the club if we didn’t give Wilson a chance and brought in a mediocre player instead.

{Ed025's Note - its about getting the best player available 6times..

01 Aug 2019 05:01:53
6times you say he's not prolific yet he averaged a goal every 140 mins last season in 36 games.

You say he's not versatile and can only play on the wings. That's exactly what we need is a wide player who can play both sides.

You say his reliant on pace would be useless for us in breaking down teams even though pace is our strongest weapon we use to hurt teams.

How does Wilson offer anything better? He's only suited to playing from right midfield in a deeper role than 433 offers. He has very little pace, has only played at championship level and half his goals have come from set pieces, not overly prolific from play at all. They're the same age, probably similar costs. Fact is cornet is much more suited to fall in for salah or mane without a complete change in attacking style. Wilson offers nothing too dissimilar to what we already have in shaqiri.

01 Aug 2019 06:32:47
Har_red92, I have to defend Wilson a little bit here because last season he played almost an even 3 way split of his games on the right wing, left wing, and attacking midfield. He's at least as versatile as Cornet. I also wanted to point out that pace is not the most important factor when running in behind. If it was then sprinters would be good footballers. Wilson times his runs very well and has good anticipation.

I agree that from what I've seen Cornet is the better player. I haven't seen Wilson in training every day for the last month though so am I going to question Klopp if he keeps him for the year? No chance.

Cornet is quicker, he is stronger, he does work harder, and his movement is better. However it's only fair to then point out that Wilson has slightly better striking technique, much better close control, and takes much better set pieces. It's horses for courses really, but if Wilson works harder off the ball then he will be the better player. It's his biggest flaw and maybe Klopp backs himself as a coach. We'll find out in less than 2 weeks.

01 Aug 2019 10:38:32
6, are you Harry Wilson’s mum?

You seem overly emotional when anyone mentions Hazza being sold. It’s ok if you have a thing for him, he’s got that pretty boy look that a lot of the ladies like. do you have a soft spot for him? Or are you just Welsh and feeling sad that it’s a bad week for your players not being wanted?

You’ve trashed a perfectly decent option for front 3 cover at a time that we need some versatile experience going into a long season. Cornet is more than able and can do a job across the front. He would be more useful as cover for L and R than Origi and Brewster and we currently have nobody better. I am taking about investing the money from flogging a wonder loanee on a young utility forward who is experienced at a decent level, has shown an interest in joining us and has all the makings of a top international footballer. The type of player that Klopp could mould and develop in the way he has with Mane.

Sorry if we need to sell your son (or lover) to get him but it’s a sacrifice that needs making.

01 Aug 2019 10:50:20
Why would we desperatly try or need to replace Wilson? A player who hasn't kicked a ball for us in 2 years? Makes no sense to me. He won't make the bench for 90 % of our games, if he is fine with that keep him but i doubt he wants that.

01 Aug 2019 11:04:35
We need the money Maaaaaa, Klopp has hinted quite a few times in the last few weeks that we don’t have the finances of others and players would need to leave before we sign anyone else. £20-25m is a big sack of cash for a player who in your own words won’t play 90% of our games, he’s also not good enough.

Klopp likes Cornet, Klopp wants to sell Wilson. Are we in a place already where we don’t trust the manager and Edwards?

01 Aug 2019 11:21:38
Naah man, am all for letting him go for the best of his career. If you write down your starting line-up then the bench there is just no place for Wislon. So if Klopp wants Maxwell he can get him but i don't ser him playing a lot baring injuries either to be honest. Shaqiri, Chamberlain and Origi will all be used to cover the wings when Salah and Mane need a rest.

01 Aug 2019 16:54:09
People were saying similar things about salah before we signed him. Not saying that cornet is at his level. But klopp can work with pacey players and get the best out of them.


01 Aug 2019 19:54:08
6 Times, Harry Wilson is nowhere near Cornet's ability. As the OP said, you would not know Wilson was playing as it seems he was hiding the whole game. The only time or two his name was mentioned were the two shots on target he had. The rest of the time he was on the field, he was literally invisible. A complete passenger on the pitch, something Klopp loathes.

As for Cornet, he is WAY better than whatever stories you have made up about him in your head. He clearly can do a job for us as he can play on either flank and at CM. Also, Klopp and the staff think he is good enuff and clearly they have enuff evidence to work with cos they have seen both players play. If not, why would Klopp want Wilso sold and Cornet signed?

As I've said before, you may think Cornet is poor and that is cool. Debate on the merits instead of constantly attacking him with personal attacks and bigging up Wilson like you are his agent.



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