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03 Aug 2019 01:03:11
As its a bit of a slow summer here's a question. Assuming age and transfer fee aren't factors and its completely based on their current ability (otherwise Mbappe may well be the obvious choice) which player would you most like to bring to Liverpool?

There's probably better ways to improve the squad as we already have a stacked midfield but I'm a huge fan of De Bruyne's game when fit. I just think the clear cut chance's he'd create for our front three would be lethal. Would love to hear everyone else's answers and reasoning.

{Ed0333's Note - Good question mate...I’d have Raheem Sterling back because he’d be tasty in our current set up and would cause havoc.

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03 Aug 2019 05:24:01
Definitely KDB/ Brandt. I like the team the way it's set up, but I look at the 3 games against Napoli (Champions League and the friendly) and the way Benitez stifled the full backs. We played our worst games against Napoli. The 2nd league match against Spurs was the same, we scored, had our chances, then Poch stifled the full backs and it became difficult.
If we'd a KDB/ Brandt type in the midfield, then it becomes easier. If Keita plays the way I expect him to play though, I think he can be that guy.

03 Aug 2019 07:24:40
As good as Sterling is and how well he would do in our current team, he would not displace Mane or Salah.

03 Aug 2019 07:49:57
Sane or Son 👍.

03 Aug 2019 08:35:37
Son, KDB and still David Silva, getting on I know but still a top, top player, even just for a year or two he'd make a difference, unfortunately for us, this will never happen. If there's one player I would of really liked to of seen at Liverpool out of the whole of the Premier League era, its him.

03 Aug 2019 08:54:45
Sane or Son? Why on earth? Mane and Salah have record totals of 22 and 32. Son and Sane have best ever totals of 14 and 10 respectively. They're grossly over rated in my opinion. If you want to get away with average goal returns you have to offer a better all around game than just being fast and having a hard shot. You have to be Firmino or Bernardo Silva level in my opinion. Link play, press efficiently, create time and space for others. I don't buy into the Sané/ Son hype. Sané is one dimensional and Son only shows up for 2 months of the season. They're bench players in our team.

Based on our system I'd probably say De Bruyne or David Silva. Their invention is what separates City and us because we have a better frontline and backline pretty mucg man for man. Throw in Fernandinho and those 3 world class players in the engine room is the game changer.

03 Aug 2019 09:30:12
Sterling is not good enuff for us, IMO. Why? He misses way too many chances for my liking. Apart from that, he is I don't know how KDB would do in our system so I can't say. I would take Son all day long cos the guy is picture perfect for our system and Klopp has been a huge admirer of him since Son's days at Hamburg and Leverkusen where he scored in ever game he played vs BVB under Klopp. Sane? Nope. He has been found out as only having pace but no consistency and has a wretched attitude.

03 Aug 2019 10:17:34
Son's good enough but Sterling isnt?

03 Aug 2019 10:50:45
For me Saul Niguez would be perfectly fitted to our midfield. Play him just ahead of fabinho he gives the perfect mix of energy, aggression, reading and control of the game and also very technical on the ball. One of the most well rounded midfielders in the game.

03 Aug 2019 12:08:36
I'm as confused as you Little Naby. Son is not fit to lace Sterling's boots. 'Bitter' comes to mind.

{Ed001's Note - that's unfair. Son is an excellent player.}

03 Aug 2019 14:38:03
Depends on how you gauge excellent Ed001. For me, he seems to start poorly, have a great couple of months, the end the season poorly too. Sterling is a consistent performer in the last 2 years.

Son started life in England looking promising but much like Sane he's simply not improved. Last year he scored 12 league goals. Mane scored more than that for Southampton 4 or 5 years ago. Maybe Son just needs to get Kane Hotspurs FC to shine but he's not a kid anymore and I think he should've improved in the last 4 years. Maybe Poch isn't that great a coach after all.

{Ed001's Note - you are judging purely on goals which says it all. Son shows up when they need someone, that is what matters. As for coaching, Poch is not that good I agree, but not sure how that is relevant. As for Sterling, I don't see the relevance. I never mentioned him.

Son is far better than you give him credit for, he never started poorly, that is just untrue, nor did he end the season poorly. He played wing, wing back, midfield and up front for Spurs when they needed him to. He is an unsung hero of their side and was pretty much the only consistent player they had last season, carrying them when Kane was out. You are ridiculously undervaluing his contribution.}

03 Aug 2019 15:24:05
Fair enough Ed. Maybe its as you've said in the past regarding other players, that I always catch him on bad days. I've rarely ever seen him play well, but I probably only watch Spurs about 5 times a year.

I only brought up Pochs coaching to try and see from your viewpoint why it might not be Sons fault that he's not improved a lot at Spurs. I'm not saying he's bad by the way. Maybe my wording has come across as too harsh. It's just that he's not good enough to start in our team and would therefore be an odd choice if we had limitless funds to sign one player. I don't agree with signing players for the bench.

{Ed001's Note - he would fit perfectly in the Klopp style and be a genuine challenge for the place of any of the front 3. If Poch would get his head out of Kane's backside and set up the team to suit all eleven players in the side, or at least as many of those eleven as possible, rather than just Kane, they would be a lot better.

I have watched Son a lot, he was excellent before he joined Spurs and it did take him a while to get going there but he has been a standout for them since doing so. They would have been lucky to finish mid-table without him last season.}

03 Aug 2019 15:51:49
I always forget you live in Dubai and can watch literally every game if you want. I'll try and watch more of him this coming season. I value your opinion enough to be open minded about it. Can only say what I see though. You are spot on about Poch with Kane though. The whole system seems built around giving him the ball so he can shoot from wherever he is.

03 Aug 2019 10:13:36
Mane and Salah miss sitters all the time specially Mane last season had the 2nd highest big chances missed in the league.



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