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04 Aug 2019 11:31:06
Whats everybody's view of maguire. 80 million pounds. Is he that good?
I mean Leicester were pretty average last season and conceded a lot.
Is he all that good. I think he very poor witthout the ball and that's what 90 percent of defending is about.

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04 Aug 2019 11:48:36
He improves what they have but to compare him to Virgil is just insane. He’s a steady and solid enough CB but if they are banking on him making the same impact as Virg did with us I think they are in for a shock.

04 Aug 2019 11:49:17
Maybe good enough for Europa League but not top drawer.

Will be found out when playing elite clubs.

Trouble for United is that at least two of the elite clubs are on their doorstep.

{Ed025's Note - man city and everton?.

04 Aug 2019 11:51:27
Thats the funny thing, Leicester were not exactly a formidable defensive unit. They are selling a defender for 80m and they may even get a better defensive record by the end of the season. I say maybe because Brendan is the coach.

04 Aug 2019 11:51:38
I think he’s slow, lumpen, not good with pacy mobile attackers and certainly not a defender you’d play in a high line. United fans made a lot of us spending £75m on van Dijk, yet they’ve spaffed more on an inferior player, that price tag is going to be a millstone around his neck, VVD handled it well, I don’t think Maguire will be able to handle it in the same manner.

{Ed025's Note - you mean you hope..

04 Aug 2019 11:53:37
In a fair world no player is worth anywhere near what is paid these days. But we do not live in a fair world. For me he’s not worth the price however Utd desperately need a centre half. Does he improve them? I think he does massively. But that is more to do with how poor they have been defensively. With Maguire, Wan Bisaaka and De Gea you would imagine they will be a lot stronger defensively this season. So if that’s the case he could turn out to be worth the money for them.

04 Aug 2019 12:12:27
Attempt to weaken their competitors for 6th!

04 Aug 2019 12:52:10
The funny thing is that VVD's fee was 75m only cos of the tapping up issue with Klopp. Ed02 said agent fees alone was 13m. Taking that into account, VVD would have cost much less than 75m had we done things right.

This is what makes the Maguire signing at 80m even more unfathomable. Everyone who saw VVD in the PL with Saints, knew he could one day, be great cos his potential and ability were immense and his upside was tremendous. Who that the same of Maguire when they saw him lumber his carcass around for Hull in the PL? I would guess very little to nobody at all. I mean seriously, if you had 80m to blow on a CB, would Maguire be the one you would pick?

IMO, This signing stinks of desperation and rank fecklessness and for the Utd fans slating us for dropping 75m for VVD, they are the ones with eggs on their faces for spending 80m on a player who is by a few miles, inferior to him. Good luck with that, guys. You're going to need it, IMO.

04 Aug 2019 13:02:42
I think he is an ok defender, but the reality is that there are not that many great ones around. Man Utd were desperate for a defender, and due to the price Liverpool paid for Van Dijk, Leicester were always going to demand an enormous fee.
I thought at the time, Liverpool were crazy to spend £70 million on Van Dijk but we all think he was a baragain now. The cost of players has gone right up since then.
Maguire will definitely improve Utd, but its not his fault he cost more than Van Dijk but is inferior to him. Liverpool have got the best defender in the world, so no point comparing the players or fees.

04 Aug 2019 13:14:23
If Leicester's scouting team have anything about them, they should be able to get an upgrade on Harry Mcguire for half that amount.

04 Aug 2019 13:25:00
Agree with 6times above, Maguire doesn’t have the pace.
I wonder about their back 4, it all doesn’t look quick enough to play a high press, nor are the full backs a huge threat going forward.
Over £130 m on two defenders for that outcome?

04 Aug 2019 13:52:55
It sounds like United back four will have no pace if the stories about their full back are true along with carthorse Maguire.

Wan Bisaka will be 10 yards further up the pitch than the rest of that back line .

If they can’t offload Pogba and they use that static Matic they should be picked off by anyone with any pace. And we have pace all over the place.

04 Aug 2019 14:04:18
More bus parking from United is the most likely outcome from all this.

04 Aug 2019 11:55:48
No 25, keep it scouse! Liverpool and Liverpool U23's ;)

04 Aug 2019 12:08:05
Having hope is nice would be really awesome to play against Everton in the ucl finals one day u know.

{Ed025's Note - i wish liverbird, but it could happen i suppose mate..

04 Aug 2019 12:20:02
Hey ed025 you got a good young striker there. Are you excited to see how he gets on in the prem.

{Ed025's Note - very much so tim, but i thought the same about sandro mate and look how that turned out..

04 Aug 2019 12:21:36
He’s just a fat headed Michael Keane Ed025. 😉.

{Ed025's Note - hes a good player for me 6times, lacks a bit of pace but very good on the ball mate..

04 Aug 2019 17:18:39
To be fair he's a good centre back. Very good. And improves utd a lot. But they got their pants pulled down at 80mil. that's ridiculous. Id have been shocked had it been anything over 50mil.

I think the lad has earned his shot at a big side. Could have pushed for a move last season but knuckled down and played. Okay. If it wasnt utd id wish him well. Type of cb you don't like playing against i guess. With the right coaching (and diet) he could be a top cb.

04 Aug 2019 17:29:59
Decent CD, ok on the ball, good heading, slow to turn. Wouldn't make our bench, Lovren and Matip edges it for me, with VVD and Gomez starting.

04 Aug 2019 18:11:43
At the end of the day, you do have to have a bit of a chuckle, to go from talking about signing Koulibaly, Verane, Alderwiereld et al, to then end up spaffing a world record on slab head is amusing. Everton should have offered them Michael Keane back for half of it. I’m pretty sure Ed Woodward would have gone for that too.

04 Aug 2019 18:20:23
I think Solskjaer imagines him as a sort of Ferdinand/ Vidic type signing that is going to shore up the entire defence but I think he is massively over-estimating his quality. He is very good on the ball, no question, and he is an improvement over what United currently have. That wouldn't be difficult though because what United currently have is absolutely dire. I think Maguire is slow and cumbersome and I don't think he reads the game particularly well. The transfer fee is neither here nor there because all transfers are just ridiculous these days but, as a player, I'm not sure he is going to solve United's defensive woes.

04 Aug 2019 18:33:56
Maguire is not even better than Gomez nor Matip n I don't think anyone would pay anywhere near 80m for either of them so Utd got whipped badly and like someone said, Leicester could get an upgrade on Maguire easily for well below even 50m.

{Ed025's Note - of course gomez and matip are better...maguire is a good player but those two are world class, i dont know why united never offered £500,000,000 for each of them they are that good, household names around the world and even the kaiser looks second rate compared to these two.. :)

04 Aug 2019 19:40:44
Ed25, love the banter.

{Ed025's Note - thats what its all about redwolf friendly banter, or we would all be city,s fans.. :)

04 Aug 2019 19:50:30
I don't see a massive difference between gomez and maguire. I wouldn't swap, i know that.

{Ed047's Note - Gomez is way better and will only get better

04 Aug 2019 21:10:16
Robbie, Gomez is miles ahead of Maguire, IMO. Maguire is slow as a slug, does not read the game well, is stiff in his hips so is weak on the turn when a striker spins him. Gomez is none of these. Already, if you have stiff hips and can't turn on a dime when rolled or have no pace at all or can't defend one on one out in space, you can't play RB which Gomez plays cos he possesses all the attributes I just mentioned.

Maguire possesses none of these things. Maguire also does not read the game well and tho Gomez is not great at this either, he still has time to learn next to a true 75m-80m CB in VVD. Like I said, I would not even pay anywhere near 80m for Gomez even tho his upside is tremendous.

04 Aug 2019 21:11:26
{Ed025's Note - that's what its all about redwolf friendly banter, or we would all be zombies. like city, s fans. :)

You had me in stitches with that last part, Ed.

{Ed025's Note - cheers..

04 Aug 2019 22:55:17
I think they overpaid, He seemed average last season. United fans were flaming us about the VVD deal but he came in and just helped take us to the next level.

I can't see the same thing happening with Maguire, it might but I just can't see it. Maybe help a little bit but i don't really see him as much of a improvement over who they already have.

Also seeing links with Dybala now. Rated him so much a few years ago but seemed to have slowed down even gone backwards in development. Think that is risky, has all the potential but can he apply it, the prem will be a bit more physical than Italy!



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