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04 Aug 2019 19:41:08
Ed001, did you watch the game mate? Very tight game could of gone either way. We competed with Citeh again.

You mentioned earlier what Klopp does between now and the end of the TW much depends on today's game. What do you think today's game, do you think Klopp got from it what he set out to?

I think all Subs contributed to the team in the second half and a little more luck we would of won it.

Given Klopps comments after the game about our squad and the likes of Keira, Ox being like new players it's really hard to see us doing anything else right?

{Ed001's Note - I doubt there will be any more business from us other than outs now.}

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04 Aug 2019 19:59:42
I'm not even sure it was tight. First half was 50/ 50 to be fair, but second half we made them look like a mid table team. Salah gets 4 goals on another day. I've not seen him roast defenders like that since he destroyed Watford. Just a shame he wasn't quite sharp enough in the box. It will come though. Great things to come if we play like that this season. Especially considering we were missing arguably our best player in Mané. Bring on the Canaries!

04 Aug 2019 20:47:24
First half was not 50/ 50 open your eyes, take the red specs off. Our midfield were chasing shadows in the first half. Second half we were much better and battered them. Salah could get 40 goals if he could finish.

Firmino looked good to me more like the 2018/ 2019 player. If he turns up we win the PL.

04 Aug 2019 20:51:13
Bang on the money, PB> I keep hearing and reading that City were the better team in the first half. I certainly did not think so. I thought it was a 50/ 50 game where LFC had two briilliant chance from Salah and Bobbie (what a combo aerial control loop over the hed of the opponent, half volley on the turn) even before City scored their goal. Sure they found some space behind us on our left side BUT they did not hurt us. City had two two chances in the first half while we had 3.

In the second half tho, it was not even a close game. LFC were on City like a rash with Salah roasting Zinchenko at will Bobbie destroying Rodri and the City CB's. The goals just did not follow cos like you said, Salah could have scored a quadruple and no one would have batted an eyelid. Won't even comment on the bar an the post we hit. Very good performance in a game that was no friendly, by the way.

04 Aug 2019 21:09:59
Disagree completely Mark. First half looked like two pre-season teams all over the place. We had just as good chances as they did. Salah in particular missed an absolute sitter but there were a couple of other really good chances. Sure, City had more possession but for all that possession they didn't carve out many clear cut chances. No red specs from me mate. Football isn't about possession. It's about chances created. The commentators on the channel I watched mentioned that in the first half City had 5 shots to our 4 and in the second half we had 17 shots to their 3. No idea if those figures are correct because I wasn't counting, but it feels about right. We absolutely slaughtered them second half either way.

04 Aug 2019 22:00:27
Rubbish as usual, Mark. City are a fantastic team so if you think they cannot pick out and take advantage of certain weaknesses we had in the game, then you are even more deluded than I thought. Both teams struggled in midfield due to the way each midfield presses and so gaps will happen just lime it did for both teams. If you were not so hung up on trying to slate our midfield, you would have seen that.

Also, All you seem to whine about is our midfield and what they are not doing to please you. It's getting old so change the playlist, man. As for our midfield, they did their best and it is with that same midfield that you slate at will, that held City to ONE ONE shot on target while Salah alone could have scored a hatrick in the second half alone. I won't even mention VVD's brilliant volley that hit the bar.

04 Aug 2019 22:00:32
KDB was all over us PB they got in behind on many many occasions far more than us. I think 90% who watched the game would say they were better in the first half. As so many people say take off the red tinted specs.

04 Aug 2019 22:08:52
City didn't carve out clear cut chances? Not a fan, obv, but Sterling could have had a quadruple if Salah could have. Second half we were great, no doubt, but we deserved to be down 1-0 at half time. Last thirty minutes we played them off the pitch though.

04 Aug 2019 22:05:07
Not even a Migs replacement Ed001? Did you see this evolving mate?

{Ed001's Note - Migs hasn't left.}

04 Aug 2019 22:28:18
Think the commentators have warped your memory Mark to be quite honest. Every time De Bruyne ran in behind in the wide areas Hoddle pumped one out over how good City passed it even though De Bruyne had every cross dealt with comfortably. Every time Origi or Salah got in behind he kept his mouth shut. Salah had 3 clear chances in the first half. One were he dragged it wide first time, one where he ran Zinchenko and hit the side netting, and another where Zinchenko fell over and he leant back to blast it over the bar. City's only clear chances in the first half both fell to Sterling. He buried one and hit the other straight at Alisson.

Second half was a different story. They had one ckear chance where Walker booted Origi from behind and the ref let them hit us on the break when it should've been our free kick.

Fair play to City because they grinded out the draw/ shootout win and Bravo in particular played a blinder. Part of football is being clinical and they were so they deserved the result. To suggest City were creating more or better chances than us at any stage though is just brain washing from the media who couldn't get off City's piece for long enough to analyse the game fairly.

04 Aug 2019 22:35:06
He is in his way to Club Bruges Ed I think mate?

04 Aug 2019 22:43:16
Best team in the first half, was city
Best team in the second half was easily us,
Who won, they did. On pens
Who played the best football over the 90 minutes, we did.

Its tight. I wonder what is said between klopp and pep? I wonder if it is friendly? Or underneath they want to go at it? Loved hendo backing up klopp, its clear he loves him. Its good to see that passion from our captain.

04 Aug 2019 22:45:59
Thought we were slow to start in the first half, but after 25 mins or so it was more 50/ 50 city had some chances and so did we.

Second half we were outplaying them easy, city players looked knackered. Origi did okay but honestly that second half kept thinking mane on the other wing we probably would have got another 2 with the danger on each wing. A lot went through Salah today, shame he didn't have his shooting boots quite on!

Thought it was a good display though, overall in the 90 mins thought we played better but the goals decide it, fair play to City. Hopefully this season will be a good one.

05 Aug 2019 19:28:13
If it was an official league game, it would have been a draw, two ;points dropped and City would just have made it out unscathed with the amount of times we could/ should have buried them. City only had 3 three clear chances in all 90mins, ALL fell to Sterling. Salah alone had 5 clear chances to score and I'm not even counting VVD's volley that hit the post or Keita's side foot that Bravo saved, that's 7 clear cut chances, right there. Those saying City created a host of chances and Sterling could have had a quadruple should first of all, learn how to count before talking football. Peace!



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