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08 Aug 2019 15:08:32
Ed001 a question if I can.

I'm sure you can understand some of us fans feeling a little tense not signing a exciting 1st team player.

But are you confident of us kicking on again next season or do you think we should have brought 1 big player if that's the right phrase in.


{Ed001's Note - I am perfectly happy with what we have got.}

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08 Aug 2019 15:24:25
Cheers ed. Your positivity enhances my confidence that, Brewster, hoever, sep, and Elliott will supplement the main 11 nicely. And ox, naby, gomez and lallana will push players on now all fit.

08 Aug 2019 16:25:07
I disagree with Ed001 on this. I think we have missed out on bringing in a top player to play across all 3 front positions. It's a big ask for all our front 3 to be at the top of their game all season and go the whole campaign injury free. A back up to Robbo would also have been nice. Only time will tell. Either way, I will be there singing myself hoarse.

08 Aug 2019 16:29:10
Think you're being a tad premature with Elliott there, although he did score his first goal for us last night.
Would love to see Brewster light the blue touchpaper this season.

08 Aug 2019 16:38:01
How could we have missed out bringing in a top player when we were actively looking to buy players but those players did not want to come unless they were first choice? That suggests we were not after bench fodder.

Klopp earlier on in the window stated that we were looking at bringing in players. If those players did not want to come then what else do you want Klopp to do Rome? Sign another Moreno who would not have improved us.

08 Aug 2019 16:38:39
Rome who and what big player wanted to to come and sit on the bench? We are not a team who spends 60m on a player to sit on the sidelines! I get your frustration but not much we can do mate!

08 Aug 2019 16:49:04
I agree very happy with what we have.

The front 3 weren't on top form all of last season. Bobby was a long way off his form of the previous season, Salah wasn't as good either. As a three they will be better this year. Brewster is a step up from Sturridge. The midfield is a lot stronger, I expect Fabs, Keita, Shaq, Ox, Lallana all to have better seasons. At some point in the season we may have to change system due to us being well stocked in midfield. Example Ox or Shaq behind a front 2 would still be very effective.

Disagee with you on some points Cod. Don't count on Sep and Elliot etc they are just in the door and Elliot is still at school. I like Curtis Jones but don't think he will get game time either. We have 22 players inc Brewster the other kids are after this.

08 Aug 2019 17:06:54
Have i missed something? What players turned us down because they didn't want to sit on the bench? That's just hearsay. I will stand corrected. And where does the figure of 60 million come from? Did one of our front 3 cost anywhere near that? No.
Followed us since 1977 and I'm struggling to think of another summer when we bought nobody, and we've obviously had table topping sides in that period and still strengthened.

08 Aug 2019 17:17:20
Lol you do know the transfer market as changed since 1977 lol just look at the money players have gone for in this transfer window silly money.

08 Aug 2019 16:54:24
Ed001 is the full back who has just joined City any good?
I read he can play left back as well.

We are shopping in a different market to City, £200m on full backs and if it doesn't work City will just buy 2 new £50m full backs.

{Ed001's Note - Cancelo? Only seen him play at left back and he was awful. Apparently he is a right back so I don't know what he is like in his natural role.}

08 Aug 2019 17:31:53
To quote Ed002, let's not talk about money. It's all relative anyway. I'm merely expressing an opinion that I wish we had strengthened in 2 positions. I don't see what's hilarious in my point, Tim.

For the record, I'm still positive about the coming season and am priviliged to be able to follow us home and away.

08 Aug 2019 17:38:16
Yea Cancelo.

Thanks for the work and the answer.

08 Aug 2019 17:48:39
Name the positions then name two players who could improve our first eleven.

08 Aug 2019 17:53:06
I like the underlying approach we’re taking with transfers - spend big when you find someone who’ll genuinely strengthen the first team, or else buy in talented juniors to the u23s and then tap the academy when someone really stands out.

Beats spending some money on halfway house options that cost money but are still a big risk eg the likes of Balotelli, Markovic etc.

So far with Klopp, the first approach has yielded Mane, Salah, Keita, Fabinho, VVD, Alisson, and then Trent, Gomez and hopefully Brewster now in the latter, with the likes of Elliott, Hoever, Sepp and others in the wings.

08 Aug 2019 18:31:31
Tim, throughout the thread I've never mentioned the "first 11"
I've clearly stated, and have on here throughout the summer, that I thought we should have bought another left back and a forward to cover all 3 front positions.
If you want me to be whimsical then Mbappe and Kante could improve our first 11!

08 Aug 2019 18:52:51
Rome77, you are like the rest of your ilk on here. You go on and on about "missing out on a top player" (whatever the heck that means) yet don't mention who that player would be. Also, you must be new here cos if you weren't, you would know that Ed01 said we did try to bring in players to help with rotation esp. in attack but those players did not want to come and fill that role.

So what top player wants to come here and rotate with our say front three when even Pepe (who is NOT a top player yet) wouldn't even come and do that here. This is my gripe with such comments like yours. They are void of any context or reasoning.

08 Aug 2019 19:06:47
Rome’s been here for years Redwolf and completely entitled to his opinions. He’s been going home and away inc Europe for years so wind yer neck in.

08 Aug 2019 20:02:37
Alrite Pompey he does like to try and force his opinions on people. 1977 we have always bought players but that over previous seasons is what got us into a mess. We spent money under the last few managers on a lot of crap with the odd exceptions.

The wasted money is one of the main reasons why it took a couple of seasons for the owners to fully trust Klopp. He proved himself beyond doubt and we went all in and spent £250m to turn us into a top 5 European side (probably better than that) . IMO the right players at a decent price weren't available. But I have heard we are planning for next season and I expect a couple of signings. At least one will be Allison, VVD, Mane quality he plays in Germany.

08 Aug 2019 21:07:59
I'm not forcing my opinions on anyone. People counter my opinions all the time BUT you will never see me "moan" like a snowflake, whining that someone is trying to impose their opinions on me. I am more than secure in my ability to have an honest debate about issues.

I have my opinions and I defend them to the fullest as it is my right to do so, as it is your right to counter my opinion and prove me wrong if you actually believe in what you are saying. If you can't or won't then that is your problem, not mine. Peace!

08 Aug 2019 22:33:44
Thank you for your support, Pompey. I won't lower myself to your level, Redwolf and say what I'd like to say.
Suffice to say, my knowledge of top players around the world is limited and "top player" is subjective anyway. I just think, and hope I'm wrong, that we may live to regret not strengthening in the positions I have said.
I'm sure we will be stood next to each other, home and away, in the coming season, singing our heads off.

09 Aug 2019 20:10:56
To be honest it’s quite funny watching United getting snubbed by top class players and overspending on Maguire then seeing Spurs getting scared off by Dybala’s wages and haggling themselves out of other deals. Arsenal and Leicester have done well mind.



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