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11 Aug 2019 18:46:12
Must be the first time in years man u have been above us . Our front 3 will tear them apart when we meet.
Chelsea looked good in parts but no backbone to their side.
Man City, hmmm more of the same.
Spuds better as the game went on.
Cant say i thought much of the gooners but they won.

The rest. not going to be easy to get in that top 4 .

Boy is it going to be a cracking season.

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11 Aug 2019 19:07:50
The score flattered Utd! Maguire would of been lickin his lips seen he was up against mount and Tammy massive mistake by frankie! Didn’t think either side was good! I think the chase will all be on city again with us right up there!

11 Aug 2019 19:19:49
West Ham were woeful against City, barely threatened to do anything and seemingly invited pressure for the most part, can only hope other teams show more fight than they did.

11 Aug 2019 19:32:35
yeah Seano, unfortunately, there are only a couple of clubs willing to go at City the rest try to pack it in.

11 Aug 2019 21:05:02
Interesting that Pellegrino echoed Eds001 's criticism of cities cynical fouls, hopefully a few others will raise awareness of the deliberate tactic.

{Ed025's Note - its called being a sore loser IDLLK..

11 Aug 2019 21:06:10
OP, your post is a tad arrogant even tho, I fully agree with you that both teams have massive issues and that the scoreline flattered Utd. I didn't think Chelsea played that badly tho even if Barkley is a waste os space on the pitch. Had Giroud played instead of Abraham and had that chance, he would have scored and then the game changes.

As for WH vs City, it just looked like Pellegrini threw in the towel from jump cos he picks a blunt attacking lineup with the new CF who could not control a ball to save his life and then let's him play the full 90. They did not have a shot on target until Snodgrass and Hernandez showed up, which is why I'm afraid the same thing will happen again this season as teams won't even try to give them a game.

Bottom line is that for us, there is no wayto go around Man City to win the PL. We're going to have to go through them and as long as Klopp and our boss are ready for the challenge, so am I. Let's Get It!

11 Aug 2019 21:33:07
I disagree redwolf. I thought haller up top done well, to say he couldn't Control a ball is a bit bias. I think he was let down by the midfield running off him. It is one of the hardest jobs on the field to be up on your own, the midfield did not gamble and help him on jot. Weat ham battled well first half, to say they threw in the towel first half is bs. City just over run them in every part of the field and outclassed them on the whole.

11 Aug 2019 22:55:39
Ed025, I love how you try to get people going. Hopefully soon people will see through your cinicism. Being a fellow cynic, I appreciate your humour.

{Ed025's Note - cheers mate..

11 Aug 2019 23:16:01
Must be the first time in years man u have been above us
hmm just 15 months ago . very short memory.

12 Aug 2019 03:02:38
Ed025, whether you are joking or not, if you don’t agree it’s a cynical tactic then you are just wrong.
I have no issue with teams using tactical fouls to stop counter attacks although consistent use is arguably not in the spirit of the game, especially when the using team is significantly superior to the opposition. However, tactical fouling should have a modicum of risk attached to it in that players will be appropriately punished for using it.
Man City’s current use of the tactic is essentially risk-free, referees are not punishing offenders and instead being complicit in the tactic. The amount they got away with on Saturday, particularly in the first half, was just appalling.

{Ed025's Note - but was it lowel?, are you not just looking for a stick to beat city with because they are the better team?, refs favouring city, city flouting FFP...its getting a bit cringeworthy to be honest mate..

12 Aug 2019 07:04:55
FFP violations are hardly things to take with such levity, although for now there is no proof of wrongdoing.
I was not suggesting referees favour City at all, more that their lack of skills prevents them from refereeing the game correctly, thereby being complicit in City’s underhanded tactics. City know that referees will not fully punish the persistent fouls, so exploit the tactic to its last degree.

{Ed025's Note - i have to be honest lowel that i have never noticed it, but maybe thats because when i watch city my first thought is not to scan every aspect to see what they are doing illegally, i just try to enjoy the game for its entertainment value and not look for sub plots, i dont feel the need to look for reasons why they win the league mate its as clear as day...they are an excellent team..

12 Aug 2019 11:05:55
Sorry, Dr Scouse but I disagree. WH "battled well" is not a thing as that is what they are expected to do as professionals. Norwich gave us a much better game than WH gave City, clearly. The guy up top, did not impress me one bit, not cos whether he is good or not. It was more because he showed next to no effort to battle his way with the City CB's who are pretty vulnerable when you put your body on them. Just look at the way Salomon Rondon had his way with them last season where Newcastle won 2-1.

As for the midfield, he picked again, a poor midfield combo with Wilshere as the anchor, which is asking for trouble cos that is not his game as he doesn't track back, gets caught out of position and is not a good tackler. This is why I said it felt like Pello threw the game cos he put his team into a no-win situation by the lineup he put out hence, set them up to eventually fail w/ o a fight. Just my opinion.

12 Aug 2019 08:43:35
And so are we an excellent team Ed025, which is why we did what we did. I’m going to nip over to the Ev page to see if you are as supportive to your own than what you are to City lol. Christ mate what you going to do if we add more Silverware this season?

{Ed025's Note - i will be happy for you virgil, i have always said that liverpool have a great team mate and its as good as city,s imo, i just think they have a stronger squad and that is consistent of what i have said all along mate..

12 Aug 2019 08:48:54
Just wanted to add Ed025 to my last post mate. I’m not intending it to come across aggressive or arguing it’s just you really do seem to be siding with the Blue side of Manchester mate and not the blue side of Liverpool.

I do enjoy your banter and input though as always.

{Ed025's Note - i can only say what i see virgil, im a lover of football and think city and liverpool are head and shoulders above the rest and they play the game as it should be played mate, i am a champion of the underdog though and if i think a team are getting unfair stick i will put an alternative view, thats playing devils advocate not forcing my opinion on others..



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