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15 Aug 2019 11:35:57
Anyone else hear Glenn Hoddle try and praise the refs for keeping up with the men by being able to run the whole match? Errrr women can run as well Glenn, have you not seen the beer guts on some of the male refs? Lol
I'm all for using female refs, the players seemed to respect them more and there was less playacting from them.

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15 Aug 2019 11:57:08
I clocked this and immediately turn to my Mrs and laughed, he praised them for keeping up with the mens game as its faster paced! I'm pretty sure she can out run most male players.

As you say there was also a lack of abuse from players to them, overall they did ok. The pen wasn't a pen but from her angle you can see why she gave it.

15 Aug 2019 12:06:23
Glenn Hoddle is part of the Caveman Caucus of commentators who still live in prehistoric times where women were only good for cooking, cleaning and pleasuring their men.

Women have been kicking butt in football for almost two decades now ( I played against some women when living in the Sates and they are physical beasts on the pitch) so him "congratulating" the female ref. crew for "keeping up with the pace of the game", actually reflects his own relentless ignorance even tho, he'll think he is being gracious towards them.

15 Aug 2019 12:15:58
He specifically said that men's game is faster than women's game so referee did well coming to officiate in to men's game.

This thread to me seems like the classic gagging of honesty and analysis that the over-sensitive liberals have become so accustomed to these days. Hoddle said nothing sexist.

15 Aug 2019 12:35:39
What he said was sexist but it was unintentional and ignorant to be totally fair.

15 Aug 2019 12:48:38
Haven't watched the game or heard it but still "booo! Hissss! ".
Where's my pitchfork?

15 Aug 2019 12:53:41
Perhaps Hoddle should have added "Bless them" to clarify his stance.

15 Aug 2019 13:38:02
Women's football IS slower-paced than men's football.

I assumed he meant well done for adapting to the speed of a game she's not as familiar with, not "well done for being able to run around after the boys for 120 minutes".

I always try to see the good though, maybe it is sexist.

15 Aug 2019 14:05:08
Too many people here showing the same lack of knowledge as Glen Hoddle. She wasn't "coming to" the men's game. she has been officiating in men's professional football since 2011. When Klopp was asked at pre-match interviews what he made of her appointment he said "it's about time" and (paraphrasing him) women have been officiating in Germany for a while now (e. g., Bibiana Steinhaus) . I don't think Hoddle intended anything offensive but it was a silly comment. I think we'd all agree that Stephanie Frappart and her all-female team did a great job. other than the penalty incidents (but I put that firmly down to the VAR team) . lol.

15 Aug 2019 14:16:23
hhanif005, you're the one who mentioned sexist first on this thread. What Hoddle said comes of IMO, as patronizing and tone-deaf. I will let you decide what is sexist or not cos clearly, that's what you're all bent outta shape or not.

IMO, It has nothing to do with "over sensitive Liberals" nonsense you're spouting about. There are better ways he could have given the refs credit w/ o patronizing them or seemingly doing so.

15 Aug 2019 14:18:44
I thought she was an outstanding ref and the players showed her more respect which can only be a good thing for the game.

15 Aug 2019 14:40:53
I didn't hear it but Glen Hoddle is a bitter dinosaur. Was he up Chelseas back side all game until we won and then changed his tune?

15 Aug 2019 15:31:17
That's what I thought too, LFC8. The guy just seems so bitter all of a sudden. He is a Spurs guy thru and thru BUT you would not know it with the way he was going out of his way to prop up Chelsea and bring us down unnecessarily. And don't even get me started on his disgraceful conduct during the CL final.

15 Aug 2019 15:40:10
The respect shown is the most interesting aspect to me.
The men clearly toned down their vitriol towards the referee last night compared to what is normally seen. I would assume that is because most men tend not to scream abuse at women in the same way they would happily serve up to another bloke. Also, a player would not want to be seen on camera doing the above, especially in such a high profile game.
As for the referee’s performance, she was okay, nothing more. A satisfactory refereeing displace minus the poor decision for the penalty.

15 Aug 2019 16:34:30
BT Sport made it a big part of their coverage to comment on the all-female officiating team. It was totally unnecessary. It did nothing but generate pressure on pundits to over-analyse and praise the referees, and it's not easy to praise ordinary performance without sounding patronising. And now people are out to condemn Hoddle who unfortunately has an awkward way of expressing himself in most things. Apparently he is a caveman now because he doesn't know the professional history of the referee and did not factor it into his genuine praise.

Sadly I used the term 'oversensitive liberals' in a divisive way. I see my error now. However tarnishing a man as a misogynist just because he doesn't participate in a particular brand of feminist cheerleading is far less conscionable.

15 Aug 2019 16:40:28
Very well put, Hhanif.

15 Aug 2019 16:45:41
Does anyone agree that VAR didn't over rule the penalty shout because they didn't want to show that even the best female refs also get it wrong?
Never a penalty for me.

15 Aug 2019 17:26:53
They didn’t overturn it because there was no clear and obvious proof it was an incorrect decision. If it had shown Adrián didn’t make contact then would have been overturned, but since he did make contact, it goes back to the original referees view as to whether worthy of a penalty.

It was a soft one and shouldn’t have been given IMO but I’m also a bit biased and there’s no conspiracy.

15 Aug 2019 17:37:58
Langland mate, you might be right, but I wonder if even the VAR officials would be able to pinpoint that they failed to overrule due to the female ref involved on the big occasion. Biases and pressures are so subtle.

What is clear as daylight is that the rule of only overruling on a clear and obvious error is silly. We can give the officiating profession one degree of subjectivity, where they rule one way or another on a tight call like yesterday based on their judgement by looking at a replay. But pre-supposing what the onfield referee saw and then making a judgement on the presumptuous idea of what they didn't see being clear and obvious is far too subjective and unclear.

Cricket has done this for years where they will use incredibly precise technology to establish the right decision, and then go with the onfield umpire's wrong decision just because the onfield umpire is somehow sacrosanct. But cricket fans have time for this kind of self-tortueous drudgery. Hopefully football will move away from this.

I think Premier League have got it right where they see the various replays and make a decision, irrespective of the onfield referee. VAR officials see what the fans see, and basing the decision on that is surely most sensible.

15 Aug 2019 18:30:27
Hhanif, I fully agree with you that BT was doing too much with trying to over analyse the refs' perf. cos they were women and that was unnecessary and could have put an awkward speaker like Hoddle in a bind. I called him a a member of the Caveman Caucus cos he spoke like one.

You saying I intimated that he is therefore a misogynist and sexist is singularly down to your own analysis cos I did not use any of those words and unlike you, I believe Hoddle just mis-spoke and showed a lack of awareness, sensitivity intelligence in that moment BUT I'll leave you to decide who is a sexist/ misogynist or not cos clearly, you are the expert on the issue.

My advice to Hoddle as a public figure: If you don't know how to talk about women and not sound insensitive, tone-deaf and lacking in self-awareness, LEARN how to do so. Just a thought.
As for the "brand of feminist cheerleading" stuff, I will ignore that part as just a mindless rant that needs no response. Peace.

15 Aug 2019 19:55:00
it was a "story" so fully makes sense that the media zoned in on it. I didn't hear what hoddle said but I tend to think you can praise their involvement based on their skill rather than their physical ability as a female. also regards VAR this is how I see it :

VAR reviews and looks for objective evidence. So, was there contact? yes

then they look for subjective evidence of a dive. was that clear and obvious? No.

So, go with the refs call.

15 Aug 2019 19:55:45
RedWolf, cheers mate. I am no expert in these issues.

I'll go back to enjoying your posts, like I always do, because they are very well thought out and eloquently put. :-)

15 Aug 2019 21:21:05
hhanif005, you are very gracious. I enjoyed our little tete a tete on this issue. You made some very good points and I fully respect your candor. Peace and Love, my friend.

16 Aug 2019 09:06:18
Wow, it's bizarre to be called a "feminist cheerleader" and it be suggested that my comment of Hoddle's lack of knowledge is somehow anything to do with calling him out for misogyny. Perhaps it's "karma" as Glen Hoddle might say.

16 Aug 2019 10:59:19
Reynard, sorry mate my criticism wasn’t directed at you. Your post was very educational so thank you for sharing.

16 Aug 2019 12:46:12
hhanif005 - Sorry (I might be about to prove your point mate, lol) ignore me I'm a bit overly-sensitive at the moment as my wife has just been fined £127 for not paying for a prescription when she actually had a pre-payment certificate for the period.



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