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18 Aug 2019 16:11:28
Just want to say how fantastic it was seeing the Ox play yesterday. Really excited to see what he adds this year.

I know the performances haven't looked amazing, but it was exactly the same last year. Conserving energy and bringing it when needed. Results are what matters.

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18 Aug 2019 17:03:06
Echo both thoughts. 3 points is what counts and great to see Ox back. Big game next and no doubts Klopp will go with his strongest team possible. I think we’ve used a different midfield Combo for opening 4 games so nice to see we have strength in depth there. Our front 3 again show how important they are to our team. In between games they need to be wrapped in cotton wool.

18 Aug 2019 18:40:09
Definitely we need too b smart with keeping fresh, arsenal will be dangerous in midfield an up front with Cabellos an pepe coming in, there defence still has question Marks over, any news on keita he has surprised me how fragile he is, also shaqiri must be pissed off not getting a sniff, heard rumours he has been considering his options.

18 Aug 2019 19:53:27
Thanks Eamonsf, For starting the thread as it allows me to offer my profuse apologies to the "Ox" as i slated him on Wednesday, but yesterday boy! did he make me eat a large portion of humble pie, i thought he was terrific long may it continue.

He has put himself in pole position for that right midfield role as he is more dynamic than Henderson and has a better cross and shot, he certainly has the ability to do for us what De Brunye does for city whipping good passes across the penalty area. City only have De Brunye who can cross from Citys Right we now have TAA and the Ox, two arrows are better than one!

18 Aug 2019 20:47:22
We all know if ox can stay fit we have a real player on our hands, the injury he suffered was extremely serious an as much as I love him he has struggled with injuries throughout his career . I hope he gets the luck he deserves too play regular an show his quality with us.

18 Aug 2019 21:00:04
Hailstones, if you want to know why Shaq may not be getting any minutes pls, have the Ed01 fill you in. Everything will become clear after that. I say this cos I see a lot of fans on here (not you in particular) and on other fan sites screaming bloody murder as to why Shaq is not playing as if Klopp owes him a damn thing.

As for Ox, I personally believe that had we had a fit Ox last season, we prolly would have beaten City in both games and prolly won the PL. Why? Simple. It is cos we have seen him at his best in that same midfield position where he ripped City a new one with Fernandinho not being able to get anywhere near him as well as in other games before his injury. He is the one we missed the most in that midfield, not Fekir, Cou or some other fantasy playmaker type. I hopehe can get close to the level he got to pre-injury cos if he can, he will be indeed, like a new signing.

18 Aug 2019 21:15:36
Yea he definitely looks more comfortable in the midfield 007, his return makes Keita's injury troubles easier to take. Hope Keita has better luck with them and that they're not a long term fixture for him.

Cabellos looked good for Arsenal the other day, but Xhaka is a red card waiting to happen and that defence looks dodgy. I'm interested to see who Klopp starts in the midfield.

18 Aug 2019 23:10:20
Great to see Ox back but mental statement to say we would have beaten City in both games and won the league if he was fit last season.

18 Aug 2019 23:46:27
JK23, please offer a logical rebuttal to my opinion (supported by facts) instead of calling other people's statements mental just cos you disagree with them . Just a thought.

19 Aug 2019 06:55:58
City could have ripped us apart if they had de brunye as Well.

19 Aug 2019 08:09:06
I think auusieMark just gave a logical rebuttal.

19 Aug 2019 08:29:12
Redwolf you ask me to base my comments on facts after you base your whole comment on your own opinion saying we would have won the title and beaten City twice if a player who was injured would have been fit. Where’s the facts in that. The fact is we do not even know if Klopp would have picked Ox In the games to even play against City and for him to feature in the other games someone else who contributed last season in those games would have missed out so it would have resulted in totally different scenarios. To me the fact is we missed out on the title last season with record points. A fit Ox may or may not have got us more points but there is no probably (prolly I’m guessing that is) about it. I’m surprised you left out we would have beaten Real in the CL final and England won the World Cup if he was fit also.

19 Aug 2019 08:30:00
I think I seen ed saying its cos shaq wasn't working hard enough in games, but picked it up at end of season, I thought early on last season he was good but tailed off, still think he has got something too offer though especially this season when we need a squad .

19 Aug 2019 08:32:35
Aussie, I don 't know about that. Why? Simple. When we had Ox in the three games he played vs City in his preferred position, We won ALL three games, scoring 9 goals and conceding 4. want to know another fun fact? In all three games, KDB played ALL 90 mins. You're welcome.

19 Aug 2019 10:47:31
It’s a long road back from the injury Ox had, but he’ll get there.

19 Aug 2019 08:57:39
Ox and Keita will be very important to adding the attacking threat from midfield this year. I thought he looked good in the second half.

19 Aug 2019 10:34:58
I thought Ox did well on Saturday especially covering for Trent when he bombed forward. Hopefully Ox will play most games this season.

19 Aug 2019 12:15:29
JK23, of course I think Klopp would have played Ox in those games provided he was fit and had Klopp picked him. I didn't know I had to point out the obvious, clearly. Also, I did believe at the time that Ox would have made a massive difference in the way we played vs RM in the CL final cos I knew we would miss him big time based on his high level performances before his injury. Now I agree with you that for example, had the same scenario with Salah going off and Karius having a meltdown, we would have lost. Either way, I gave and opinion and you gave yours. That was all I was asking from you. Peace.

19 Aug 2019 12:42:43
Redwolf no worries mate. Didn’t mean any offence when I said the word ‘mental’. That word is used a lot in my work environment when we argue/ debate stuff. You saying you think Klopp would have picked him isn’t facts though and neither is predicting the outcome of a match on a player who didn’t play and you asked for facts. Practice what you preach I believe the saying is. Always enjoy a debate with you and have upmost respect for your opinion even if it’s different to mine.



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