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24 Aug 2019 21:10:27
You know when you read a post or comment, not neccessarily on here but in general and think " that's a wind up or this person is totally delusional". Well I was pursuing the BBC game report and texts sent during the game even though I watched it, as they are always worth a read. And one txt sent just after the game had finished read

" Liverpool fans will be worried by that performance. They won't admitt it but that Arsenal team, with half of its first team injured and several new signings still integrating ran them close. Liverpool fans will not want to say it but they are getting further and further away from City whilst Arsenal get closer and closer to them".

I thought you must have sent that tounge in cheek, or you sir are watching totally different games to the rest of us.

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24 Aug 2019 21:22:27
Must have seen a different match to us or watching a re run from a few seasons ago.

24 Aug 2019 21:50:15
Tbf, Arsenal have closed the gap, they were 2 goals closer to us than they were last season. :D

Jokes aside, Arsenal had a couple of dangerous counter attacks, which is something we need be very good at dealing with because it's how most teams are going to set up against us. We got away with one when Pepe shot straight at Adrian, it's something we need to look out for. But we have generally been very good at dealing with counter attacking opponents over the last 18 months.

Over the course of the whole game though, Arsenal were half the team we were. Not particularly concerned.

24 Aug 2019 22:04:38
I thought we were very good today and probably our best performance of the season so far. I thought arsenal created a few chances in the first half and in fairness to them they didn’t roll over and let their belly’s be tickled like Arsenal teams have of the past. The gap between us and them was huge last year so they might have closed the gap slightly. But that’s like me saying I am 10 hours behind Mo Farrah on a marathon and next year I will be 9 hours 59 behind. They might close the gap but the gap is still pretty big and was evident to see today.

24 Aug 2019 22:54:36
They looked better after mane bobby and gini went off. Think they are genuine top 4 contenders. Used to like arsenal under wenger going off them now tho.

{Ed0666's Note - most teams would play better if Mane, Gini and Bobby were subbed off mate 🤣

24 Aug 2019 23:12:06
I thought Arsenal got their tactics all wrong. They are much like we were under Rodgers. Very strong up front and weak in the back. They packed it in and looked to counter. They were unlucky not to punish us at least twice in the first half. Why they didn't go for it, I'll never know. Maybe they were afraid of opening themselves up, but when you have that much talent up front, just go for it, you have nothing to lose really. Just my opinion though. Just a side note, Luiz is just awful. When we hit our stride, just watch out. Next week will be tricky and then Chelsea which will be a real test as they will be looking for revenge.

{Ed0666's Note - I think it took the whole world by surprise that Arsenal played so narrow. TBF guilt edged chances they had were a result of mistakes by us so more out of luck than design mate. You’re right Stone we aren’t even out of second gear woe betide when and if we go to the next level and beyond.

24 Aug 2019 23:26:40
lol, I love a close match but arsenal were steam rolled. klopp even managed to rest players. maybe that's what the bbc text was noticing, arsenal being so crap that liverpool barely broke a sweat to get the job done. I thought the league was going to be more competitive this year but it looks like its going to be a repeat of last year.

24 Aug 2019 23:32:45
In the journalistic world there is this amusing notion of representing both sides of every story, regardless of how pointless one of the sides is. So imagine if somebody says killing innocent babies is bad, BBC will have to find a comment from somewhere which argues that killing innocent babies is a good thing.

These things are making the world dumber. Humans won't go extinct because of some comet or a nuclear disaster. We will go extinct because of the internet.

24 Aug 2019 23:36:32
Cmon let's be honest we're 2 levels above Arsenal. They're a Europa League team we are in the top bracket of European football with Barcelona and City.

25 Aug 2019 00:27:57
@ scousejohn- Arsenal are genuine top 4 contenders by default, really.

Liverpool, City and Spurs are going to be top 3 by miles. Out of the other three "big 6" teams, Arsenal have the least problems. Chelsea lost their best player, haven't got an established goal threat, couldn't sign anyone and are heavily reliant on kids, that could go either way. And Man U have a squad of talented but brainless players who are managed by a 10 year old. I'd actually fancy Leicester or Wolves to sneak in to 4th more than Chelsea or Man U.

Whoever is 4th will be a minimum of 30 points behind the Champions.

25 Aug 2019 00:33:30
Very deep hhanif005 . thanks for cheering me up .
Before we get the extended ruler to measure our huge privates that only hangs around the top bracket of Europe let's not forget if Aubameyang shot was a foot to the right and Pepe was a bit more used to the premier league it could have been 2:0 to them in the first half and probably a different game altogether .
Agree with Stone, they should be blaming their manager, he tried to be too clever and if he tried the simple route one would 've have worked for him. When you have Luiz at the back, use his only good attribute, which is long range distribution and get him to play the long ball to Pepe and Aubamyang and get them to challenge our high line . Emre missed a chance there and I do think the return game will be different. Do we have anything to worry about? NO, for most of the second half was like men against boys . They are better than last year, but the gap is still big, they are n't a competitor, they targeting top 4 .

25 Aug 2019 01:05:14
There was a huge gulf in quality and we were always going to take those 3 points. Pepe and aubameyang had good chances at 0-0 but both came from Adrian and Henderson making silly errors on the ball so I was actually overall very pleased with our defensive focus, we regularly caught them offside as we kept a good line, matip Trent and robbo pushed high with aggression and forced them back regularly.

A team like arsenal who have such a high quality attack will always be likely to create chances against any team, . Asides from individual kicking errors from Liverpool, arsenal players struggled to create much to cause us problems.

We destroyed them in midfield and our back 4 are very disciplined in keeping that off side line straight which worked regularly, .

Overall I was fairly pleased with the defence and not worried one bit that a technical, talented team like arsenal had a few chances as they would do in 99% of other games. The gulf in class was huge throughout.

25 Aug 2019 03:15:09
How can it be unlucky if they got a great chance and blew it? i think rubbishs the world u r looking for.

25 Aug 2019 05:21:26
I was very surprised Arsenal didn’t even try to match Liverpool - they set up more like a mid-table team, sitting narrow and deep and hoping to hold out and hit us on the break. Speaks volumes for where we are now that they treated us with so much respect.

Yes it almost worked to get them 1-0 up at one point, but by then we could also easily have scored a few ourselves with a better delivery or two from our fullbacks who were given almost free reign. In the end the pressure resulted in the inevitable goals and they never had a chance.

That comment is complete rubbish, it’s the most comprehensively we’ve outplayed arsenal is a very long time.

24 Aug 2019 21:42:30
Sounds like ED025.

{Ed025's Note - i though exactly the same KR.. :)

25 Aug 2019 07:59:15
If I was an Arsenal fan I'd be more concerned about Emery and his team selections than by what's going on at Liverpool. Not playing Torreira was a bizarre move in my opinion, playing Aubameyang over Lacazette even more so. The fact they set up to try and withstand pressure and hit us on the counter is a testament to a) how good we are that teams allegedly going for the top 4 choose to play in such a predominantly negative fashion and b) how far off Arsenal are to us in terms of mentality, not to mention personnel. Arsenal may be a better team than last season, but in terms of getting closer to us they've taken a baby step rather than any sort of meaningful stride.

25 Aug 2019 08:43:04
I love Klopp but I believe (and it’s only my opinion) that 2 of the subs he made yesterday actually hindered us and invited that last 5-10 mins of pressure. Last week Ox was very good in midfield after Klopp admitted he was wrong to play him in front 3 versus Chelsea so I don’t know why he came on in the front 3. Then Lallana coming on and looking like he was playing striker when we have Origi on the bench left me scratching my head even more. Yes we won the game but Rodgers used to get hammered for putting square pegs in round holes. For me we would and should have won that with a clean sheet without those sub decisions.

25 Aug 2019 09:35:38
Agreed Seano, to see Arsenal set up like they were one of the newly-promoted teams at Anfield for the first time was, well, dismaying really.
And then, having made the decision to have 8 players permanently behind the ball, not to pick your best front three just compounded the whole odd situation.
They got nowt and they deserved nowt.

25 Aug 2019 10:34:19
We played with pace, power and skill for almost the whole game.

The press we put on them from the the 1st minute left me breathless.

I should imagine that there players sat in that dressing room at the end of the game and now realise how big the gap between the two sides really is.

And as someone said earlier in the thread, we are not even playing our best football. Scaaary.

Have a great w/ end all.

25 Aug 2019 11:36:34
I personally thought we generally played well, not 100 per cent at it yet but played well overall. Arsenal grew into the game after our substitutions which is a worry as we were definitely weaker after the changes.

25 Aug 2019 17:13:32
Kimuraking. th, that text was prolly written by a sore Arsenal fan or an obsessed rival fan who is still so sore about the loss that he actually deluded himself into believing the nonsense he posted. As for the game itself, Arsenal pretty much screwed themselves. They played a formation that relied mostly on LFC making mistakes than them trying to build on something from their own strengths.

They pretty much played a formation like a bottom 6 team scrapping for survival hoping for a smash and grab. And the worst thing about it is that Arsenal don't even have the personel to play that way AND the passing out the back was just crazy vs the best pressing team in Europe. Emery messed up and should take ALL the blame for the loss.



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