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26 Aug 2019 23:50:32
Before I start this, I want to say, I love salah, he’s unplayable at times, and has been special for us.

But after all the talk of him leaving next year, is it the worst thing? At the end of the season he will be 28, possible 2/ 3 more seasons at the very top. Pace may start to decline from then, who knows, but it’s one of his main strengths. If he stays I won’t moan one bit, but if he goes I reckon we’d get a tidy sum and be in a good position to replace him. Him bobby and mane are all at a similar age, although i think bobby will have better longevity than the other two, being less reliant on speed. If they both stay until they are 30 and start to decline, it will be a hell of job to replace both. Kind of like robben and ribery at Bayern, until gnabry turned good, they never really did that, and he’s not at that level yet.

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27 Aug 2019 00:51:10
In fairness it's only been four days since he said he was happy at the club. Pretty much halfway out the door at this point.

Can we at least lose a premier league game before we start suggesting that we sell our best players in their prime?

27 Aug 2019 00:54:13
Lets not worry about what may or may NOT happen . at the moment we have a strong team with strong team ethics and a manager that symbolises that team spirit . We are top of the table with the potential to still be there at the end of the season . Enjoy it boys and girls and everything else.

27 Aug 2019 07:19:29
Well you always have to look to the future, so I sort of agree. For me its that fine line of selling a player for a good fee before their performances fall off, a bit like Torres. I'm sure Klopp and Co will have the finger on the pulse. Just to say Ribery and Robben played well past their 30's. It can happen, depending on past injuries etc.

27 Aug 2019 07:29:22
Lets enjoy this season. Players are happy and settled and challenging for everything, don't remember that happening in a long time.

28-29 are prime years so I don't know why you would want to lose him then. Keep him happy keep him at Anfield.

27 Aug 2019 08:44:27
It’s not my job to worry about the money side of future player recruitment and sales, that’s FSGs, so I hope all our best players stay with us as long as possible. let's hopefully win more trophies and enjoy the ride.

27 Aug 2019 09:16:08
So, I am presuming that because fans are idealizing selling a player before they decline, then it is ok that a player yearns for another club before they decline also?

anyways, I hope Mo stays for a long long time.

27 Aug 2019 10:45:44
Who are you going to get that will score 25+ league goals per season? If/ when Salah goes you will then realise how important he is. When he leaves we will have to play a different system because there is no RW who will get anywhere near his numbers.

Salah will again (if he stays fit) win the golden boot in my opinion, irreplaceable.

27 Aug 2019 11:44:12
You don't sell Mohammed Salah if you want to Stay one of the best teams in Europe.

27 Aug 2019 11:46:29
I hope we get a couple more seasons out of him, then if he wants to go that’s fine.
The club is well run right now so I’m confident we will get a good price and a decent replacement.

27 Aug 2019 12:00:33
He's been fantastic for us so simply would not sell. Cannot sell our best players and hope to progress as a club.

27 Aug 2019 13:09:01
we can fully sell someone like salah and still progress. how do people get so caught up in the now.

27 Aug 2019 14:12:39
salahs body is a machine. He will still be smashing it at 35. we should only sell if salah wants to go, not because he might lose quality. salah will stay aslong as we keep being the best team in europe.

27 Aug 2019 20:07:38
OP, I could be arsed about Salah leaving or staying next season. I'm over that stuff cos really, it's football. You need to understand that players of today are transient employees who are here to play their part, do the job to the fullest for which they are well paid and basta.

If Salah wants to go then there is not that much either you nor I can do about it so whether it is the worst thing or not is irrelevant, IMO. Do I want him to stay? Of course BUT that is it. Saying he will lose pace and all that stuff cos he leaves us, just sound bitter and petulant. Enjoy not just Salah or Klopp BUT all our boys cos at some point, they will all be gone.

27 Aug 2019 22:16:24
I see your point slightly but this is also a player who's 27, in his prime, long contract and in his 2 years with us has been consistently clinical hitting prolific numbers and average of a goal involvement every game, that is not realistically a player we can replace with another who gets similar return so I hope we don't have to do that. If klopp realistically stays for another 3 years if his contract I'd want salah to be too. He'll be 30 by then and 3 potential years of performances like his last 2 would be far far more valuable than the transfer fee we would get.

Not many players can be signed who would offer us what he does, we can't take his importance for granted, if we want to win the league we need to have a Mo Salah star quality.



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