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29 Aug 2019 21:53:57
Why were Man City in the champions league draw tonight?

Three months on from the case being passed to the body that can enact the ban, City were the draw tonight with the group stages well under way before the adjudicatory chamber produces a verdict and sentence.

I feel a little sympathy for Arsenal, had Pep Guardiola's side been excluded this season, the Gunners could have expected to replace them, maybe.

Looks like they'll get another lenient decision for flouting the rules.

{Ed025's Note - come off it drogie you dont feel sympathy at all for arsenal, you think that if city get a ban then it will clear the way for liverpool so dont give me any of that old pony mate, i get the jealousy thing i actually do but whats wrong with winning things on your own merit?..

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29 Aug 2019 22:13:04
City have never even been in a final.

{Ed025's Note - who said they have?..

29 Aug 2019 22:19:45
It’s got noting to do with Liverpool mate, why would it? You just need to look at our record v Man City’s in Europe.

And I do feel sympathy for Arsenal because I used to watch the gunners quite a lot. Whilst not watching liverpool at Anfield, I used to go to Highbury quite a lot. My uncle has two season tickets, that were in the old West Upper, now transferred to the Emirates.

I’ve had the privilege of watching ( live ) the likes of Thierry Henri, Dennis Bergkamp, Mark Overmars, Pettit, Gilberto Silve - I can go on and on. I also have signed autographs, on Highbury headed paper, of the invincible team back in the day.

So, in my opinion, City don’t deserve to be in the draw and I’m sorry, I do feel for Arsenal for the above reasons mate.

{Ed025's Note - you are a better european side than city drogie and thats why i dont get all this resentment against city, rules get broken and flouted by lots of clubs mate just like liverpool with the tapping up scandal, but your lot seem to be obsessed with pep and city getting preferential treatment, if its not FFP scams its deliberate fouling, or refs showing favour to them and frankly its embarrassing, the sooner liverpool win that bloody league the better and then hopefully all this constant whining and jealousy can be a thing of the past...come on you it for sanity..

29 Aug 2019 22:31:02
This is why we get a bad name, let’s just worry about our own team. We have a great squad and I fancy them to beat any team in the champions league. If we are going to retain it I want the best teams in it.

29 Aug 2019 22:50:56
Steve - This is why we get a bad name? So we can’t voice an opinion now? Unbelievable.

What’s this go to do with tapping up 25? Ferguson was the master at this back in United’s hey day and has no relevance what so ever to Man City’s issue

And as for the league, again, what has this got to do with Liverpool wining the title and where have I mentioned preferential treatment? I’ve seen us win the league mate, on numerous occasions and live too. So you can’t tarnish me with that brush.

There are plenty of other supporters of other teams all around Europe that think exactly the same.

29 Aug 2019 22:58:35
And 25, at least have the decency to take back your comment regarding Arsenal mate 😕.

{Ed025's Note - i will take your word for that drogie as i dont think your a liar mate..

29 Aug 2019 23:21:55
City didn't get preferential treatment when we knocked them out two years ago or when Spurs knocked them out last year.

29 Aug 2019 23:29:38
Honestly mate, it’s 100%, if I could send you a photo of all the Arsenal ticket stubs I’ve kept, champions league programmes and the signed team sheet, I would mate, I have quite a collection when you add it to my liverpool signatures etc too.

You might think I have a vendetta towards Man City, I actually don’t, i just don’t think they should be in the draw for the champions league and that’s it.

. All these posters saying I’m giving the club a bad name - I could have remortgaged my house twice the amount of time, effort and money I’ve spent following my team both home, away and abroad - That I find really frustrating to read

I’ve said a few times on here, I’m extremely fortunate to watch the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Aguero, Silva etc live when they come to Anfield, their football is just brilliant to watch at times. And it was exactly the same when the likes of Chelsea came to town, which true footie fan wouldn’t want to watch Hazard in the flesh?

Anyway - time for bed.

{Ed025's Note - goodnight mate..

30 Aug 2019 01:26:22
I’d rather they were in - would make it a lot harder for us in the Prem if they weren’t in the CL.

30 Aug 2019 14:30:00
Good point SG. I fancy city to win the CL this term. Id love us to win it, of course, but i just don't see us making 3 finals in a row. No reason, just odds. We are good enough.

If we can keep the pedal down in the pl and city go deep in the cl, i think it helps us in the pl.

30 Aug 2019 20:57:24
I'd back us as favourites to win it personally, not being biased at all just simply looking at how certain teams are suited to playing European fixtures and managing 2 leg ties. We've made the final in 3 out of 3 campaigns under klopp so we've shown it suits us.

City, psg, Barcelona every year get branded favourites but each year lately they've shown major flaws in managing 2 legged ties, Barcelona and PSG have both been involved in huge comeback games while leaking goals, city can't negotiate past the quarter finals while bayern and juve are coming up short regularly too. Each of those teams have shown they can dominate their leagues while Liverpool and real Madrid can be superior in this format.

Sevilla under emery proved perfectly suited to this also.

30 Aug 2019 22:05:14
Robbie, LFC are one of the hot favs. to win the CL this year, mate. We have the best record in Europe under Klopp of all English teams and the whole of Europe is terrified of us and we are getting better every year. Sorry but I don't buy the "I don't see us making 3 finals in a row" stuff. Why don't you see that?

I mean, If you did not think we could reach one final or two straight finals and we actually did, what is stopping you from thinking we can make a third straight final? You say you don't see it. Of course you don't see it cos NO games have been played yet so let the games begin then we can judge.

31 Aug 2019 00:10:11
I hope we can navigate the group stages a bit smoother than last season losing all 3 away games. Try to get the points on the board early games and hopefully get the last fixture or 2 to use the squad.

Don't want to seem arrogant in presuming we're guaranteed to sail through but we should be aiming to get top of the group without the drama needed last year.

If we reach the last 16 there won't be a team that id back to beat us over 2 legs, European nights under the lights at anfield is such a plus for us and every team will fear playing there.

Very much looking forward to see how we fare defending the title, I think we have a great opportunity to show some dominance in Europe at the moment while the major powerhouses are in different transitions either with new managers, much changed squads, ageing players and no team currently standing out for being in their prime with a settled group.

Madrid look a shadow of recent dominance, Barcelona changing their attack again and ageing key players, juventus rely on what Ronaldo can produce and their slow midfield and defence would be perfect for us to play. Psg are toothless, Chelsea and spurs I wouldn't fear over 2 legs.
Bayern have bought in a few excellent signings but we've showed we can play them off the park. Atletico and Dortmund hard to know yet with many fresh faces added.

Overall though there's no teams lik Madrid with peak Ronaldo, no Barcelona with peak messi, bayern with ribery and robben world beaters. No one to fear whatsoever.



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