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18 Sep 2019 14:08:41
So, what is the actual point in VAR if not to overturn decision such as the penalty decision last night? Ex ref peter Walton on BT sport tried to justify it as not a clear and obvious error but it’s very black and white, it’s either a penalty or it’s not so it definitely should have been overturned!

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18 Sep 2019 15:56:31
No point moaning about VAR when without it the penalty would most likely have been given by the ref. It'll take them a long time to iron out the problems of using VAR and mistakes will happen along the way.

{Ed001's Note - yes there is, as the whole point of VAR was to stop those errors. You surely should be saying there is no point in VAR if it is not stopping the errors?}

18 Sep 2019 16:37:43
But it hasn't happened that it is fantastic and clear immediately Ed001.when the powers that be learn that referees almost always support referees then perhaps they'll learn that some independent body needs to administer the system and then the frustrating errors will lessen.

{Ed001's Note - I said before it came in this would be what would happen, it didn't take great foresight to see it. I am 100% convinced that they knew when they introduced it what would happen and they wanted that, which is why there was no attempt to bring in an independent body to control VAR.}

18 Sep 2019 17:14:13
I think in the world cup the use of var was much better, they got the referee to go to a monitor and rethink his decision . In the CL and PL I agree with ed001, I really can't see the point of it.

18 Sep 2019 18:23:33
It’s is pointless if it isn’t going to intervene in these cases, in fact I thought it was introduced for precisely these cases. Fair play to the ref, it looked like a pen on tv from front on, but the the replays showed, very clearly, that Robertson didn’t kick him and after that his legs start to crumple and he hits robbo’s standing leg and goes down. It’s a farce, ed25 will be going mad when Mo still gets his ‘dodgy’ pens, as he sees it.

18 Sep 2019 20:42:01
Surely the fact it wasn't a penalty is a clear and obvious mistake. Or am I mistaken?

{Ed025's Note - you are mistaken lord ha ha, read the papers and it will tell you that mertens scored a penalty which put napoli 1 up, you may not agree with the decision but thats nothing new from liverpool supporters is it..

18 Sep 2019 21:04:47
Haha banter aside ed025, you must admit, VAR let Liverpool down badly last night, I’ll admit it looked a penalty in real time but it’s clear as day on the replays that Callejon swan dived before there was any contact at all.

{Ed025's Note - it was a bit harsh JK but you cant really complain when you get the rub of the green as often as liverpool do mate..

19 Sep 2019 00:25:08
The thing that bothers me is that salah could have easily have gone down when he had koulibally in all sorts of trouble in the first half but stayed on his feet. Incidents like napoli's pen will make him think twice it will make more strikers go down easily in the future especially as refs don't seem to be booking players for potential simulation.

19 Sep 2019 04:54:06
It was clear he was expecting contact and dived early to try exaggerate it, and he was undone because Robbo pulled his leg away. The fact that there was contact later doesn’t justify it - it should have been chalked off by VAR and I’m not whining because it’s liverpool, it happens all over the place and it’s a fault of VAR implementation.

In fact, while it would have been better to have won, to lose away to Napoli like that could be a blessing in disguise as it’ll hopefully be a wake up call against potential complacency, prevent the build up of pressure around the unbeaten run, and strengthen the teams resolve to pick themselves up and push on in the league (while hopefully not damaging our chances to go through in CL as it’s only the first - and our toughest - match of the group stages) .

It is what it is, and worse has happened to Man City in terms of VAR so far already, but that doesn’t make it a decent call.

19 Sep 2019 00:36:13
{Ed025's Note - it was a bit harsh JK but you can't really complain when you get the rub of the green as often as liverpool do mate.

What do you mean . the whole universe is against us including all of its elements - I thought you know that by now . we never get lucky, it may look like luck, but in fact its superior playing techniques that we had to master to overcome the oppression we face.

{Ed025's Note - your right roy, i forgot about that mate.. :)

19 Sep 2019 08:51:09
The problem is with the understanding of how VAR works. In this instance, the job VAR have is NOT to decide if it's a pen or not. VAR is to decide if the ref have done a clear and obvious mistake in giving it. I personally don't think it was a pen, but I can also see why VAR wouldn't consider it a clear and obvious error to give it.

{Ed001's Note - if you don't think it was a pen, then you think it was an error, a clear and obvious error is nonsense, there is no such thing. It is either an error or it isn't.}

19 Sep 2019 12:42:25
The problem is that not all penalty situations are 100% clear either way. So VAR should only overrule the ref if the pen is 100% clear or 100% faulty. In this situation Robertson's knee come in contact with the opponent. So, not a clear 100% wrong decision by the ref. However, I do think VAR should have asked the ref to review it though.

{Ed001's Note - VAR should never overrule a ref, it is only meant to be used to ask a ref to review a decision.}

19 Sep 2019 13:00:40
XaW, my understanding of VAR (in the PL anyway) is that if the TV images bare out what the ref says over the mic, they won’t overturn a decision whether they disagree with that decision or not. But I’d find it hard to believe that the ref on Tuesday said the the VAR ref that robbo took a swing at the ball, missed everything, then the attacker started to go down before any contact was made and he then fell into robbo’s standing leg. He surely said the defender tripped the attacker - which was fair enough for him to think- but the tv pics don’t back that up. I really do think the only way we’ll understand what is going on is for them to be mic’d up, or else it feels even more cloak and dagger than it did before VAR. And I agree with comments above, obviously I’m most bothered because I’m a Liverpool fan, but I said it on the day it happened that Man City should have had a blatant pen against Tottenham. We used to be able to say, ah well the ref didn’t see it- what excuse is there now for that city non penalty? It calls referees interpretation of the law into even more question these days, because everything is seen.



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