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29 Sep 2019 16:48:14
Hi ed001,

Hope your doing well. What did you think of Origi yesterday? Thought he did real well when he came on and their defence didn't really have a plan when he came on.


{Ed001's Note - I thought he was impressive as well, though it was in large part because he was an addition to the front 3 and so piled on the pressure, rather than replacing one of them. However, he did do well and made a good fist of his time on the pitch.}

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29 Sep 2019 17:44:37
Must admit the kid is really coming of age .

29 Sep 2019 18:35:27
Thanks for the reply Ed001. It's hard to find a player like that who can make a difference coming on and be contempt with sitting on the bench for large parts of the season. Long live Origi!

{Ed001's Note - he had the chance to leave before the start of last season and was behind Sturridge in the pecking order. Instead of moaning and whinging, he put his head down and worked his way back into contention. That is a very important quality.}

29 Sep 2019 19:08:23
Origi still has plenty more headlines to write with us.

29 Sep 2019 20:21:42
Every winning team needs a forward like that. Attentive on the bench, come in and make a decisive difference in a short amount of time. Like Fairclough in the old days. Or a certain O. G. Solsjkaer in more recent times.

29 Sep 2019 23:26:22
Is he origi happy enough with that role do you know ed?

Tough one, as I’m sure he knows he’s not good enough to push for starting berth, although he could get a handful of starts. He will need to keep sharp so a few sub appearances help, but is that enough for him?

{Ed001's Note - he wouldn't be here if he wasn't. He wants more but he knows he has to earn the right.}

30 Sep 2019 19:11:14
Thought he was great when he came on. Looks so dangerous cutting in onto his right foot. It gives tired defenders a nightmare and I bet the rb sobbed inside when he saw divok heading for the left wing.

30 Sep 2019 21:19:54
I simply LOVE our Divvy. I have loved him way before his heroics last season. The boy is, for a massive physical unit (he is as tall as Klopp who is NO slouch) that he is, he is super fast, great dribbling and tech. ability and eats rips CB's for fun when on form.

Origi could have left us several times before YET he is still here and that is not just a testament to his a fantastic attitude, his laid back approach and his determination and will to succeed. He is a CL winner and an LFC legend. PL winner? We can only hope.

{Ed025's Note - hes still at liverpool because no one else wanted him..

01 Oct 2019 04:03:06
he would walk into the everton side Ed025, still you bought iwobi for £40m. I shall leave it at that.
Speaking of players nobody else wants: get rid of pickford and buy yourself a goalkeeper that can organise a wall and stop the shot that comes his side.
How he is englands number 1 goalkeeper is beyond me.

{Ed025's Note - i have never been a pickford fan KK so you are preaching to the converted mate, he would not get in the everton side though even though we are desperate for a forward, hes a sub in most teams and comes on when everything else fails, basically as a lampost to hoof balls to and get a flick on..

01 Oct 2019 20:19:53
Ed25, Origi is at LFC cos he rejected a host of clubs and decided to stay and fight for his shirt and heavens bless him for that cos he is now an LFC legend. Wolves was going to pay over 27m in Jan to take him off our hands BUT let's not let facts get into the way of good and bitter rant from you, lol.

Also, You posting that one-lined rant is just you drowning in your sour grapes cos Divvy (who clearly triggers you the same way Pavlov used to trigger his dogs with the bell) has ruined your life during the derby days too many times before and to crown the mother of all beat-downs for you and your lot, Origi won us the CL. Origi's name will be written in LFC folklore for ALL eternity. Your pathetic divers namely Ritchie and Calvert-Lewin? Don't hold your breathe. And If no team wants him with that resume then LONG may his stay with us continue. Peace and Love, man.

{Ed025's Note - thats just a load of usual crap from you im afraid redwolf, your glasses are not so much tinted as brain numbingly biased, you cant see the bad in any liverpool player even if they deserve it which takes away any little credibility you had left my friend im afraid, loads on here wanted the likes of divock and lallana binned last year yet now you are telling us hes the best thing since sliced bread...amazing, and could you please stop sucking up and hanging on every word ED001 says please, it must be very embarrassing for him having you licking his boots after every reply or article he could well be suffering from cherry blossom poisoning mate, peace and love to you as well and i hope you see this as help rather than stick..

04 Oct 2019 20:57:33
True to form. Another bitter an mindless bunch of word salad. You think Origi is bad. I think he is good. Those are opinions, end of. I am happy to debate you on the merits of this difference in opinion w/ o sounding like as unhinged and triggered as you are sounding right now, calling me all types of names with the petulance of a high-schooler. Clearly, the art of debating is not your strong suit cos it seems to trigger you into spouting utter drivel and childish insults.

You say many on here wanted Lallana and Origi binned last year. I wanted Lallana binned BUT not Origi. So cos I disagree with those opinions and yours on Origi, I am now a rose-tinted glasses wearer who sees nothing bad in any LFC player (clearly, you don't read my posts) and am an Ed01 boot-licker cos you make no sense and he does? Again, you are sounding more unhinged by the minute. Ok so If I criticized Origi once, would that make you feel better and less triggered? Ok, I pledge to slate Origi just to make you happy, ok Boo-Boo? Peace and Love.

{Ed025's Note - im happy for you to have opinions redwolf just dont try and force yours down other posters throats thats all, and stop bullying people into your way of thinking just because you can use big words its very belittling, im sorry if i hit a nerve there but im a purveyor of the truth...its just my thing, love peace and happiness to you my friend..



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