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13 Oct 2019 01:35:31
So we're half way into this annoying 2 week international break and I'm cracking up. Thinking ahead to United next week has me very excited but also a touch of nerves. When I look at this current Man U I see nothing to potentially worry me, shaky backline, midfield of invisible quality with Fred, Pereira, matic, lingard never up for a dogfight, . Pogba, rashford, martial supposed to be the quality dangermen are either struggling with injury or off form. Their manager looks lost and out of ideas, fans are fed up and frustrated and old Trafford is now a place where every side is getting joy.

I know this is a derby and we often struggle there but I just can't see where they can pull a big team performance from. No leaders and a less than strong manager who seems to have lost his players, drained of confidence.

Last year they were in form heading into this fixture but still sat deep and parked the bus. Mourinho no longer there to use his frustrating tactics that often stifled us. I think we might just spank them heavily. Be funny if we could put the nail in oles coffin and make it 2 managers in a row get the sack from United after we smash them.

I don't want to sound arrogant or cocky but can anyone see where they could possibly cause us problems? Last year firmino got injured, sturridge played. Salah was off form and Shaw got MOTM for man marking him. Milner played RB instead of Trent. Our midfielders were off form, We were out of sorts at that stage last season. Our pace has often given Maguire nightmare over the years, our midfield will dominate theirs no doubt and they can't buy a goal or even create chances against weak sides to be fearful of our defence having too many issues. They've scored 3 goals in their last 6 games against Astana, Rochdale, az alkmaar, Newcastle, west ham, and an arsenal side leaking goals. In oles 20 games since permanently signed they've only scored more than once in 3 of those games which is dreadful.

I just can't see how we won't walk all over them by the time next weekend arrives, I really can't.

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13 Oct 2019 08:39:32
Never underestimate the opposition. Every team has the ability to pull a performance out from nowhere. We can't afford any complacency this season if we want to be in with a chance of finally winning the league after such a long wait.

I am more nervous about this game then other any game so far this season. I just hope we come out with a bang from the start and can put the game to bed as quickly as possible. If we score early I think Utd will lose their heads a bit and don't have the mental strength to dig deep and win it for Ole.

Red Sandman.

13 Oct 2019 09:30:10
I understand where you are coming from Har but some of that isn't quite correct. Man U had serveral in game injuries but still created 3 or 4 good chances. We didn't create any chances whatsoever - nothing in 90 mins. Henderson and Gini were awful and Mctominay was MOTM. Klopp should take a little blame as well he never pushed them on in the second half he seemed happy with a point. Also we allowed their crowd for once to get up by how bad we played.

An even bigger factor for me was Mane's poor performance in last years game. Mane carried the team since January going forward but had 2 poor games v Man U, and Everton.

We are better this season and just hope leasons have been learn't. I really hope Milner plays for me even at his age he offers more going forward than Gini and Heno put together.

13 Oct 2019 10:00:56
Man Utd will sit deep and look to hit on the counter, I think.
They’ll look to their first game, and win, over Chelsea as a blueprint.
Maguire certainly presents a danger at corners and set-pieces.
If Man Utd score first it could be problematic, if we score first we could tear them up.

13 Oct 2019 10:45:27
Huge game, if we win and force city to come to Anfield still 8 points behind the place'll be on legs, City'll be under huge pressure and we'll fly at them. the utd game itself is a toss of a coin, on form we should beat them but how many times during the likes of Rafa's and Houllier's reigns did we see superior United sides getting turned over at Anfield?

13 Oct 2019 11:01:39
We score first we win. Difference this year is Klopp is going for wins not draws away after only losing one game but not winning title due to too many draws.

13 Oct 2019 12:43:47
OP, I see where you are coming from BUT I think you are jumping the gun here. In the last 2 seasons, we have been the in-form team going into OT and some of our fans saying we were going to roast them. What happened, again? Ah yes, we have lost 2-1 and last season drew a game we could have lost in spite of all the favorable moments we had.

Moral of the story is that this is a HUGE rivalry game where form goes out the window. I mean, how many times have Utd in the pas, come to Anfield to face an LFC team in midtable and gotten slaughtered or won by a squeaker? Lots of times. Last season was a great example of this, as Mark says cos we created nothing and with Utd parking the bus, it was a tough game.

I propose that you and those who share your opinion, pipe down with that arrogant streak you have on now and get ready for a real battle cos even tho OGS is having a stinker, he would not want to lose to LFC and OT will be rocking for this one. Tay humble, my friend and all will be fine. Peace.

13 Oct 2019 18:08:49
I don't think it's arrogance RW, utd (that's Manchester utd) look like a mid table teM atm and we are flying at the top of the league having broken records with our winning streak.
It's odd, but we have been poor a few times this season yet still won. Signs of champions I suppose.

That said, I totally agree, utd have some top quality players, they just have a poor manager. He looks completely out of his depth and I think he knows it. In fergies time they barely needed coaching. The players all knew the drill. Anything could happen at old Trafford. They could get the win that kick starts their season. We will have to put in a good performance to win. I think there will be plenty of goals in it.

Don't we equal the city record if we win? Utd would love to stop us doing that, and we would love to make that landmark at the theatre of screams. I can't wait for it. I think it's our biggest test yet this season. If we can keep that 8 point gap, or even increase it!

Every season for 30 years I've had a feeling. A feeling it could be our year. This season I haven't had that feeling. Now it's an expectation. I fancy mo to put in a proper shift and get a brace, and hendo to finish them off, rashford gets one. So 3 1 I'm going for.

13 Oct 2019 20:09:41
I love your optimism Robbie but I keep telling you Heno will probably only scorce his usual one league goal, so you could wait all season for that. I will be wrong one week so hope its agains't the Manc's. We haven't won in the last 6 seasons away to Man U so everyone needs to be respectful. I remember an exact thread like this last year, how we would beat them easily and it was the same before the Everton Match. Some posters don't learn let's hope the manager and the players have learned something. This is Man U's Champions League final.

Man U were all over the place last year but they were far better on the day and deserved to beat us, we were awfulon the day. I just hope we remember to turn up this year and play to a high level. Mane will be the most important player IMO.

13 Oct 2019 20:53:54
I know marko, lol. But it's quite often big goals. And a third against utd would be massive.

I think it could light something in those new players at utd. When they experience that atmosphere. Players like maguire. I really think it'll be a test. Although we have won every game in the league that's not the case in Europe. Away at nasty atmospheres has different effects on different players. Hendo gets more wound up, mane can go missing, as can gini. Vvd, milly and firmino always handle It well. That does seem to have changed. Burnley was hairy, Leicester get in your face I suppose. We haven't played as well as we did last season, the football hasn't been as attractive but the tally is better.

The reason why the next league title is so massive as it'll be the floodgates opening. We'll dominate again. I think everyone over 35 knows it.

Hendo is in illustrious company as lfc captains who won the European Cup. And its for a reason. The engine, the speed, the determination, the hunger to succeed. I'm starting to think that hendo deserves the league, almost in a similar way to Gerrard. He's been with us for years, was a big signing, always been doubted, but now looking one of the most robust cms in Europe.

13 Oct 2019 21:48:15
Hope Hendo doesn't play tomorrow but he probably will. If he plays just hope he comes through unscathed, same as our other players away with England. All our other players should be back to training from tomorrow.

Hope he doesn't get his one goal tomorrow Robbbie, lol.

{Ed025's Note - i hope hendo does,nt play for england either mark, not to save him for utd, but because he,s an embarrassment in an england shirt mate..

13 Oct 2019 22:07:37
Redwolf why are you telling me to pipe down with my arrogance when I clearly stated In my post I wasn't being arrogant simply analysing the current situation. My point was that this isn't last year or the year before. United aren't on a honeymoon high confidence like under ole last year or the year before with mourinho always a thorn in our side.

I'm simply stating I believe this United side currently are spineless and the manager is dead man walking who's got none of his players fighting for him. You say OT will be rocking. There's still plenty tickets not even sold in EACH stand of OT for probably the first time ever in this fixture. Don't tell me to hide my confidence and instead show fear and caution when my post was clearly not made with blind arrogance.

Obviously the players and klopp will not be complacent but what's the point in us fans holding this fear and caution when it's only the players and management who need to. This was an issue for a few games with the crowd in anfield when we were letting our nervousness into the atmosphere. As fans we have every right to shout loud with confidence this week and let United know that old Trafford is far from a fortress anymore and we're going there hellbent on hurting them. My enthusiasm won't damage our performance in any way and even if we drop points why does it matter so much to you that me and others need to pipe down? Will we be the ones at fault if the team doesn't perform? This isn't last season or the seasons before, this is now so stop fearing a United side who have no reason to be feared currently.

{Ed025's Note - im with you har..

13 Oct 2019 22:08:02
Mark, how did Hendo (and however many goals he could score this season) get involved in a thread that is about what to expect in the utd game next week? Just asking for a friend.

14 Oct 2019 03:31:31
ED25, if you think Hendo is an embarrassment (captain of the CL winning team) in an England shirt what does that make Keane and pickford? those 2 Leading the England back line having shipped 13 goals in 8 games and dragging the club into a relegation dogfight. those 2 give me hope I might be able to win an England cap. lol.

{Ed025's Note - they are just as bad if not worse swish, hendo does a job at liverpool but should be nowhere near the national side, he does try hard though..



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