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19 Oct 2019 20:07:35
Why has Matip been Liverpool's best player this season? simple he had a rest during the Summer, although we have been winning games we are not firing 100% because we have no legs, simply put we are running on empty.

Jurgen has not helped by continually playing 4-3-3 week in week out. In my opinion when an opposition team plays 5-3-2 or 4-4-2 then mirror image there formation this means that it then becomes man against man and to succeed you have to win your 50/ 50 individual battles.

Why have Napoli beaten us three times out the last four and only for Alisson's last minute save against Napoli we would of not won last years Champions League, they have played 4-4-2 all the time this results in them pushing our full backs into there own half blocking them in other words from going forward, the next time we play Napoli change the formation to there formation i. e. 4-4-2 versus 4-4-2, don't stick to 4-3-3 like we have against them the last three times as it has not worked.

Last year we blew the Prem against man utd because we never went for the JUGULAR, for Gods Sake tomorrow show them why were the European Champions "lets die with our boots on" as John Wayne famously said.

I was in Liverpool One this Morning and Two Israeli's stopped me outside Lewis's, a Father and Son who were going on the Beatle's Magical Tour Bus (£20 Each if they could find were it departed from I duly took them to the Albert Dock for passage) one was incidentally named Avi after the sadly departed Avi Cohen, they are both going to the game tomorrow even though the Son supports our opponents, the Father is a Red whose hero was Ronnie Rosenthal there English was Excellent, the Father worked for Metaldur which I am going to browse on the Internet with his said permission and request as he was proud to work there.

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19 Oct 2019 21:03:59
Sack Klopp!

19 Oct 2019 21:31:41
This stage 9 years ago, We were 19th in the premier League table.
Now we're Top of the Lot, 5 points lead with a Game in hand.

20 Oct 2019 00:50:45
Are you unhappy with klopp or the team 007 am not quite sure what your getting at considering we are top of the league.
You seem to spend a lot of time around Albert docks talks to random people!

20 Oct 2019 02:08:01
I have to disagree with most of what you seem to feel is an issue. Why would changing our approach or tactical set up to start each game as a 50/ 50 man for man battle help in anyway. You wouldn't even see Sunday league managers having those kind of thoughts nevermind the European champions. We go into 99% of games as the favourite and currently our form is superior to every team. Why purposefully look to start games wanting a 50/ 50 match up against the opposition's favourite strongest well practiced formation. Burnley played 442 and we were far superior than them. Arsenal set up with a narrow 442 shape and we ran them into the ground.

So let's say the game at anfield against newcastle a few weeks back, we should have set up with 5-4-1? So let's drop 2 players from salah mane firmino to fit 3 CBs in and a 4th disciplined midfielder. In every single game or situation that you would attempt that approach you are playing into the opponents hands and giving them a big advantage. Where's the issue with 433? We've used it constantly since last December and hage had the best set of results in this period of time than any other Liverpool team has had in decades. We haven't lost a league game in 10 months and also won the European cup. We have 100% maximum points in the league and I see no evidence of fatigue at all that you claim is obvious. We're probably the healthiest squad currently with little injuries.

Matip has a rest every summer as he doesn't play international football so you stating that's the reason for his strong form makes no sense. Considering firmino and mane had by far the busiest summer's and the latest returns of all our players it's funny that they are arguably our 2 best performers .

You're views are kind of confusing me because i don't know what you've based them on. You say we made a mistake in our approach to this United fixture last year by not going hard at them? But you also state we need to set up in a shape designed to nullify them and make it a 50/ 50 battle 😂.

20 Oct 2019 03:05:21
'THEIR' English is probably better than yours! ;)
Seriously though, although I like 4-4-2 for its dynamism, for our historical use and success with it, and the fact that it clearly still works in the Prem (i. e. Leicester's title), you have to admit that the way that Klopp deploys 4-3-3 is incredibly dynamic - it's not like we're never in a formation with two boys out wide and two strikers in the box ever ever is it?

20 Oct 2019 07:54:47
I disagree. if koulibaly doesn't win those diving tackles we will win easily.

20 Oct 2019 11:23:27
I feel that there is some validity in 007’s point.
I’d argue 4-2-3-1 as a more viable alternative than 4-4-2 however.
It suits our team’s versatility and pace and whilst it’s a formation that has been maligned in the hands of Spurs, Man Utd and Everton for instance, the converse example was Bayern Munich recently.
We’ve seen Klopp go to 4-2-3-1 in the Salzburg game and I think it’s a system that will be used again as the season progresses.

21 Oct 2019 00:38:00
Of course we will adjust systems at times when needed but there is a much bigger difference to how we can tweak into a 4231 as opposed to other shapes as it's not too dissimilar to how we usually set up, when origi has come on as a sub we've done this a few times and can adjust smoother. But certain formations mentioned like 442 or 5 at the back would need drastic changes made to our style. Adding an extra defender in place of a forward or switching from a 3 man energetic midfield to 2 would always make us weaker. You have to lineup in a way that best suits your players, you can't just pick a system and try to fit guys into it.

That approach saw Brendan Rodgers show his weakness to me, he was trying to use markovic RWB and emre can CB simply because he was too focused on playing a system of 3cbs and 2wingbacks despite not having the right players. He also used a big target man in benteke while then fitting in the likes of lallana, ibe, firmino, coutinho around him, all players not suited to feeding him the supply he needs which was clueless management. That was a clear example of why you can never just pick a shape and fit people into it, you have to look at your players strenghts and weaknesses and play a system to get the best from them.

21 Oct 2019 19:06:29
Mr Bond, so what you are saying we should sack Klopp then cos I don't know what anything in your post actually means?



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