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03 Nov 2019 14:51:53
Just been reading kammys view on bobbys var yesterday. He basically calls Atkinson a cheat.

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03 Nov 2019 15:30:49
Basically Atkinson is a cheat with that VAR decision. If you can't draw a straight line then you shouldn't be using the technology, maybe more IT training required.

03 Nov 2019 15:35:58
Signed a petition on Change. org to get Atkinson sacked. Don't know how this can allowed to happen?

03 Nov 2019 15:48:33
When Andy Gray is supporting Liverpool over a decision you know it was a bad one.

03 Nov 2019 17:05:03
I honestly thought it was onside at the time and was incensed when it was overturned. Now today Cammy shows us that Atkinson basically drew the line at an angle so as to make it appear that bobby was offside! 😤😤 Thankfully Robbo and Mane still got us the result even when dirty cheating ####s like Atkinson try to rob us!

03 Nov 2019 19:54:06
Evertonians will hate him as well after today. Blatant penalty for a handball denied.

03 Nov 2019 20:54:45
He's corrupt. It's been PROVEN that he's altered the line to Cheat Liverpool out of a goal. Its manipulating football matches, not only is VAR crap and ruining the game, it's a platform for corruption. Not enough is being made of this I'm sure MOTD/ Sky etc are dodging it as a topic.

03 Nov 2019 21:34:18
Spot on, lads. I know many out there will just wave this incident aside and ask the outraged to move on just cos LFC eventually won the game. Please, do no do so. This is serious stuff that in other leagues could warrant an investigation and should be called out from the roof tops for exactly what it is. Blatant Cheating, end of. What Atkinson did is not just a case of him making an honest mistake.

Let's be clear, here. Atkinson (a licensed PL official and international referee) deliberately manipulated technology in order to rob a team of a goal they rightfully deserved. This is what happened here and it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. If I were LFC, I would lodge a formal complaint to the FA for a probe to be conducted. We clearly cannot have officials deliberately cheating teams out of decisions they deserve for reasons best known to them. Keep calling this out, lads.

03 Nov 2019 23:10:06
Do we have any evidence that Atkinson drew the line? That is an important point . is it not the technology itself that draws the line . I think Liverpool should take the software developers to court for corruption . it's that conspiracy against Liverpool raising its head again.

03 Nov 2019 23:45:31
The excuse I've seen is that the line for where Firmino's feet were was initially placed incorrectly, which on the angled shot that was used effected the placement of the offside line.

To me it looked more like Atkinson didn't want to overturn the assistant ref because he's a bottler.

His decision to send off Son for a fairly weak challenge rather than stand his ground and say "no, that's a yellow and Gomes' injury, though horrific, was not a result of a tackle that would typically endanger an opponent or Son using excessive force. " just reinforces that.

03 Nov 2019 22:24:35
ed001 what's your thoughts on this Var incident do you think anything will happen about it. After seeing this it shows how open it is to corruption.

{Ed001's Note - nothing will happen, they don't care.}



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